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Why You Should Read The Film Pages

The reviewers will proclaim what’s hot and what’s turd; what’s good and rad, dumb and preferred.

The reviewers are world-class, hand-picked by me… Well, actually it’s voluntary and the movies are free. (…anyone want to get involved email me)

Compared to theatre, music, and book review pages, The film ones are epic and last through the ages (…ages as in lectures)

The film pages are fun, full of delight and desire; use the rest of Salient to fuel up your fire.

Quitting things smoked, injected or sniffed up the nose? The Film Pages are your withdrawal replacement dose.

It’s another year, and welcome to all first-years, returning students, and old fogies, er…I mean mature students. 2006 is going to be a wonderful, amazing, and brilliant year. How can it not be? FIFA World Cup, Winter Olympics, and my favourite, the Census.

Salient is great because any student that wants to be involved can have their input, be it letter submissions of personal misery and distress, class shout-outs (meow), competitions, or poetry submissions. The reviewers however have declared their desire to be reviewers, and are pretty zealous about films, therefore everything that you read in the film pages will have been born out of love, sweat, and frantic passion.

The film pages will guide you to the fabulous classics out there, build up the anticipation for films to come, and discuss the films you can go and see right now. If you’re not an avid film watcher or just not a film geek, that’s alright, the film pages love you too. Throughout the year those who don’t know a lot about films will increase their film IQ, all by just reading the film pages.

Films are also a fantastic way to burn those extra two-hours or so between classes. The film pages are here to inform you each week of where to head for bargain screenings. Want to make someones day? The film pages will notify you of any great deals out there, like a special screenings, outdoor movies or maybe even free tickets! There are tons of events in the Wellington film calendar each year, with The International Film Festival, the Wellington Fringe Film Festival, and the Wellington Film Festival set to return. If you want to be well updated and ultimately enlightened by these films, read the film pages.

Love, despair, ecstasy, misery…oh how wonderful and self-indulgent our feelings are. Be more self-indulgent I say and watch films to enhance your mood at any given time. Borrowing videos, and dvds is so easy, and with many stores now having daily specials (including student days), every budget can be taken care of. And with the film pages, you will know exactly what the goodies are, and will have recommendations at hand for whatever mood you’re in.

Theatre, music and books are good I guess, but films are continually coming out all the time. If there is a stagnant period there are always classic and modern classic films to be reviewed and shared. I can hardly recall a classic music review, and the classic books take too much time to read, and can the theatre pages do a review on classic theatre productions? Well no, those productions have gone until they come around again. Films are so accessible, and you don’t have to pay as much for classy films as you have to when you watch classy theatre. Reading books for pleasure will take far too much time once uni is underway along with homework and social commitments (unless books are your friends) and music is so expensive (because no one burns them silly, that’s illegal). Read the film pages to find out what to hire and what films you might like to check out at the cinema. Because by watching films you’re spending your dosh on cheaper and more accessible but nevertheless good quality entertainment. There’s nothing like the magic of the movies

Where to watch Films…Cinemas

Rialto: Corner of Jervois Quay + Cable St
Rialto is just wonderful, I love most things about it…food, ice-cream, drink bar and intimate cinema room. BUT the seats are very tiny, and leg room is cramped, and with the growing width of the population, it could be a problem. Having said that, Rialto is one of the better cinemas, and the movie selection is excellent.

Paramount: 25 Courtenay Place
They have 3 screens, good food and drinks, and the coolest balcony EVER to people-watch (or enjoy the sunshine if you prefer). The seats in the smaller two cinemas at the back are just divine (yes, divine). One has two-seater couches to cuddle up with friends or sprawl on alone and the other has high-backed seats with plenty of leg-room.

Hoyts: Manners Mall
I truly love Hoyts now that it’s not the whorey-gold-digger of the cinema market. It shows the same movies as Reading, but it’s more mellow, and the ticket prices are definitely cheaper. They have a nice seating area to bum around in whether you’re there to watch a film or just loiter.

Penthouse: 205 Ohiro Road
They have a pleasant café, good coffee, and three cinema rooms. Penthouse and Empire cinemas (Island Bay) have a similar selection of movies, a good mix of mainstream and independent fare.

Reading: Courtenay Central
Reading boasts the most screens in Wellington, pulls in the most crowds, and is the most expensive. They keep raising ticket prices. It’s so stupid. They show mainstream movies, and sometimes show some independent films. Yep… cool!

Embassy: 10 Kent Terrace
They house Blondini’s Jazz Lounge and Café, and are a player in the International Film Festival in July. The Embassy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cinemas ever, especially since its renovation. Screens standard movies, and the ticket prices are quite expensive, but at least the seats are alright.

Empire: Corner of The Parade + Mersey St, Island Bay
A new cinema that has a licensed café, gelato, coffee, and great food. The seating is superb- they have couches with little tables beside each one so you’re not uncomfortably holding onto your snacks and drinks while enjoying your movie. The movie selection is a mix of mainstream independent films.

Other Places:

Civic Video: 89 Courtenay Place, 99 Upland Rd, 282 Karori Rd
I love the Civic store at Courtenay Place. It’s open 24 hours and there’s $1 Mondays, Tuesdays AND Wednesdays. Civic has a Renter Rewards stamp card where you get a free recent release when you borrow 8 (although the staff are very lovely and are quite generous with the stamps, or maybe it’s just because I’m hot). The Upland Rd store may be out of the way for a lot of you, but they are very nice about late fees.

Aro St Video shop: 97 Aro St
Undoubtedly one of the best video/DVD stores in Wellington. The loan period is usually only over-night or for three days but if you can’t find a film anywhere, it’s almost guaranteed that Aro Video Store will have it. There’s also 10 Trip Concession Card which saves you up to 40%.

United Video: 31 Courtenay Place
The Courtenay Place store has an awesome selection of videos and DVDs. It has $1 student films on Tuesday and Wednesday and they sell cigarettes too. A downside- if you rent their films at any other times they are ridiculously expensive. Be warned: if you are lax with returning films, they leave an automated message EVERYDAY on your phone.

Video Ezy: 59 Adelaide Rd, 31 Ghuznee St, 116-130 Taranaki St
Video Ezy is pretty convenient because they’re everywhere. They have half-priced Tuesday deals, but the deals aren’t as good as other stores. New store in Taranaki St, big selection.

Film Archive: Corner of Ghuznee St and Taranaki St
The Film Archive shows a variety of films- amateur, historic, experimental, classic- which are mainly from New Zealand. The ticket prices vary and there are many screenings where you can just give a donation. They also have a huge range of collections ranging from New Zealand vintage TV programs to Maori collections.


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