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Finding Emo

By night they haunt Glover Park and Sub Nine, and by day they slouch around Manners Mall, scowling beneath thick black eye liner. Strange looking and equally strange sounding “Emos,” wear tight black jeans with long greasy fringes. They ooze teenage angst, spout forth bad poetry and cry periodically. Not to mention the self-harm. Or so the cliché goes, at least.

Every decade has its own maligned sub-culture, be it the punks of the 1970s, the goths of the ‘80s and grunge in the ‘90s. Now, it is the turn of the emo to be the butt of jokes and to be abused in the street. No wonder they cry so often. But are they all fringes and tears? Are the clichés true? And how many emos does it take to change a light bulb? (Correct answer, according to the popular joke: they don’t need to, they can cut themselves in the dark). In the spirit of true investigative journalism, I decided to go undercover as an emo and find out.

My emodification begins with music. “I won’t explain or say I’m sorry/ I’m unashamed, I’m gonna show my scar”, the lead singer from My Chemical Romance bellows from the stereo as I struggle to pull on the black stovepipe jeans I bought two years ago during a fleeting, and ultimately misguided, attempt to go punk rock.

His constant refrain that “we’ll carry on,” presumably in spite of being shitcanned by the “mainstream,” gives me the inspiration to carry on and get the button done up safely.

The emo sub-culture essentially was born out of music, in particular the hardcore punk music of Washington D.C in the 1980s. Far from being a recent phenomenon, the term “emo” was first coined to describe bands such as Fugazi and Rites of Spring, whose hardcore punk music was mixed with emotional, self-questioning lyrics.

Known as “emotional hardcore”, or just “emo” for short, by the 1990s the genre had become more loosely defined, encompassing rock music with emotional lyrics or effects.

However, over the last couple of decades the meaning of the term emo has metamorphosed. Somewhere along the line, the emo label became associated with the pop punk or rock of bands such as My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco and Dashboard Confessional – aptly described by one internet commentator as “punk music on estrogen”. There now appears to be a great deal of confusion in the media as to what actually constitutes emo music, with even one of my favourite bands Bright Eyes being tarred with the emo brush. And that’s just not true.

“Emo now isn’t what it used to be”, says a self-confessed emo named Leroy. “People go around abusing the word, when really it’s just a music genre. Over the past few years it’s turned into more a fashion style.” Which explains the preponderance of tight black jeans, long fringes, dyed black hair, tight tee-shirts and falling-apart Chucks on Cuba Street. Unfortunately, stovepipes are about as far as my own emo wardrobe extends, and I realise I’m desperately in need of emo style aid. Enter my erstwhile colleague Laura McQuillan.

While she disputes being classed as an emo, she was able to hook me up with a tight black Illicit tee-shirt, black fingerless gloves, and studded belts and arm bands. After applying thick black eye liner and brushing my hair into a long fringe, however, my emo-make over is still not quite complete.

McQuillan takes a red sub-editing pen and draws scratch marks on my wrist. The media in particular has made much of the clichéd link between emos and self-harm. An opinion piece in the British newspaper the Daily Mail last year, for example, warns parents of the dangers of the “celebration of self-harm” and the “cult of suicide” supposedly promoted by the emo sub-culture. As Marilyn Manson became the scapegoat for the Columbine shootings, the emo sub-culture seemingly has become an explanation for why some vulnerable young people try to deal with emotional pain by hurting themselves.

Gerard Hoffman of the Victoria University Counselling Service says that self-harm is much more complicated than simply identifying with a sub-culture. While he believes that more vulnerable and emotionally fragile people might choose to associate themselves with the emo sub-culture, a perfectly happy person who identified themselves as emo would not necessarily partake in self-harm just because it was proscribed by the sub-culture. In fact, he says it is “probably harmful” to make such throw away comments about emos.

It’s a view that Leroy agrees with. “People seem to think that we go around cutting ourselves or being depressed, but I know heaps of emos and they don’t cut themselves. I know people who cut themselves but they’re not in that emo genre.” Self-harm, then, is not limited to the emo sub-culture. Instead, Leroy says that identifying as an emo is “more a way for the people who don’t quite fit into crowds to fit into a crowd.” And he says he hates My Chemical Romance.

Meanwhile, my transformation is complete and I’m ready to go out into the world disguised as an emo. It’s mid- afternoon on a hot summer day, and the first thing I notice is that tight black jeans are incredibly uncomfortable to wear in such conditions. Wandering through the University, I glare enviously at all the girls in their floaty floral skirts, and wonder how emos cope in such warm weather. Eventually I come across the answer when I spot a fellow emo in three quarter length tight jeans. Utter genius.

My next problem presents itself in the form of perspiration. I’m sweating like a fat business man in a sauna, and it’s making my make-up run. “You look like you were punched by a panda”, a friend remarks, giggling. “Shuddup”, I spit resentfully. While I’m having issues with make-up, Leroy says he wears the eyeliner and eye shadow for the fun of it. “I wear probably more make-up than most girls. Not all the time, at work I don’t. Say if I’m dressing up, I do it mainly for the fun. Half the fun in that is getting ready with your friends.” He’s also down on my cliched emo style. “A lot of people associate emos with wearing complete black and although I wear clothes tighter than usual, I prefer my colours.”

“Emooooooo…..”, shouts some guy out of the passenger seat window as a car passes me on Aro Street. “Fuck you!” I shout back, but the car is travelling too fast to hear me. Secretly, however, I’m pleased that people are falling for my emo disguise. Patrolling up and down Cuba Street during the day hunting for fellow emos has thus far been largely unsuccessful. They’re probably all at school. Now, however, at 9.30 on a Friday evening they’ll hopefully have come out to play.

First stop is Manners Street, where, accompanied by McQuillan who has also dressed up for the occasion, I scout for emos. Several groups of rowdy young people are milling around, but most are wearing baggy jeans, thus discounting them from emoism. Finally we spot a guy wearing a My Chemical Romance tee-shirt coming out of McDonald’s.

“I’m not an emo, I’m only wearing this so I’ll fit in at Sub Nine”, he says defensively. “I can’t believe they thought we were emo!” he shouts indignantly to his friends as we walk away, dejected. We were, in fact, quite mistaken in our emo identification.

My mission to find some emos to hang out with is proving to be harder than I thought. Next stop is Zeal, an all ages venue across from Glover Park that, according to those in the know, is an emo magnet. However, we arrive to find the park deserted except for some older looking people, who could be classed as either emo, punk or goth, drinking what looks and smells a lot like urine from a cask.

When I asked them whether they are emos they explained they were too old and preferred to known as “freaks.” “Emos have got no sense of their own style,” says another. “If they’re just following what is cool, then they’re probably emo”. We’re about to walk away when a group of probably drunk and loud young men slope through the park towards us.

“Are you guys emos?” I shout. “Yes,” replies one. He’s wearing all black, including the tight jeans. He also has light scratch marks up his arm. “It takes the pain away from your life,” he says when we ask about them. They’re all 15, have already been fined by the cops once that night for under-age drinking, and are trying to find Sub Nine. They boast about a friend called “Duncan” who supposedly swallows razor blades, and one even offers to cut himself in front of us. We decline.

So, are the cliches true? Often there is some factual, although of varying degrees, basis for such cliches. In my short time as an emo I saw a lot of fringes, but not so many tears. I saw evidence of self harm, and tight black jeans. While the meaning of the term emo has undergone massive change over the past twenty years, its re-emergence is not as a musical genre, or as a cult of suicide and self-harm, but as a fashion. A mostly harmless group of angst-ridden geeks.

Perhaps then there is some justification to Emos whinging about being misunderstood.


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Nicola Kean: feature writer, philanthropist, womanly woman. Nicola is the smallest member of the Salient team, but eats really large pieces of lasagne. Favourites include 80s music, the scent of fresh pine needles and long walks on the beach.

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  1. DARK DAMON says:

    I dress all in BLACK
    BLACK is the only colour I wear
    BLACK is my favourite colour
    I also have a emo hairstyle
    I listen to Evanescence, My Chemical Romance
    Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional
    Shihad, Blindspot, Billy Talent, The Killers, Jet
    Muse, The Smashing Pumpkins, Atlas, Tool
    Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, Lostprohets, Disturbed
    Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The All-American Rejects
    Silverchair, Blink 182, Good Charlotte, POD, Green Day
    Snow Patrol, Goodnight Nurse, Thursday, The Starting Line
    Jimmy Eat World, The Misfits, The Smiths, Augustana
    The Get Up Kids, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Rasmus
    Mineral, Hawthorne Heights, Bright Eyes & many more.
    And I’m not a EMO I just like the Fashion!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cameron Johnston says:

    Oi. For my senior english class we have to do a documentary, and I thought of the idea “Finding Emo.” Right now I was just doing some basic research in the idea when I found your article. Which brings me to this: I mean, to find an emo around here is particularly difficult, so I plan to interview “emos” on camera. The reason I chose this to do is because I do not believe that “emos” exist. To ask a person if they’re “emo” and then get insulted by their clearly “emo” outlook on life is very…Draining, I guess. The common “emo” always claims to be not “emo” or they claim to like the fashion or that they’re “scene.” So, I am faced with this challange of finding an honest to God “emokid.” I’m from the states, and I basically want to know if you have any ideas on how to make my film even better. So, if you have any tips, please e-mail me. Thanks.

  3. Nick Archer says:

    Good to see someone wants to do an Emo film will let Nicola know to read your comments and post a reply or email you…

  4. meisha says:

    Emos are so ovarated, kids that are only 15 are out slitting their wrists, getting drunk trying to “find themselves in this misundastood world” its wrong they should be at home or hanging out with mates watching movies, they shouldnt be out on the street on of these days an emo is going to die either raped or murdered. Emo is a music genre not a fashion accesory. I live in NZ in the bay of plenty and there are so many emos even at school standing up in class yelling at teachers making all the other kids lose concentration and even wasting time, emos don’t obey the dress code (uniform) set for our high school they are only young they shouldnt be slitting their wrists a friend of mine slit her thigh and ended up in hospital she had loss of blood and had to have so many stiches she cant handle wearing shorts or short skirts anymore because she cant stand seeing the scars from the stiches!

  5. Lonelyangel says:

    Hey guys!! I LOVE EMO!!! EMO GUYS and GIRLS write me on mail!! I live in Auckland!!

  6. ~Lost~In~This~World~ says:

    Im often refered to as “emo” i listen to mostly “gothic” or “mosher” music but enjoy “emo” music, i wear alot of black but also wear other bright colors such as highlighter green, bright yellow etc. I dont follow any such fashion and dress how i feel, im 14 and dont call myself “emo” or “goth” or any such labels. Labels are for Soup cans not people. I dont get drunk. Ive tried suicide and i do self harm, but i usually hide the scars with wristbands etc. I find my self harming a way of reliease i suppose. Someone pays for the yelling of “sweaty greeb” which is which many people choose to yell at me, just not them its me, i wish people would realise that unwanted comments like that hurt! Im not loud and i dont break rules at school, i dont have many friends and the friends i do have dont really know me. I dont walk around the streets at night getting drunk or publically slit my wrists. I dont like looking at my scars (why i cover them) when looking at them i feel dirty. I dont agree with people becoming “emo” or “goth” becuase of what ever reason. You are what you are. There is a girl at school, she has always been a happy kid but not shes discovered “emo” and “goth” she wears over the top black eyeliner and wears all black. I worry that one day she will discover self harm, but knowing her she would show the scars and tell everyone that she have them. I am aware of all labels but would never label myself and reply to all “are you emo?” questions with “labels are for soup cans”. “Emo” as a person in my opinion is an emotional person. I dont know why im telling you this. Bye.

  7. ? says:

    People should be what and who they want to be. If that means they want to label themselves then let them. Who are all these people who scorn others’ ability to come to a conclusion in life about who they want to be and what they want to do? Whether it’s wearing clothes or listening to certain music that brings you closer to an interesting ideal. Doesn’t matter if that person appears to be grasping for attention or following a craze, it’s great that they can experience different phases and forms of expression before finding there place in the world.

    All for the emotive way of life! Live it love it.

  8. dbkiwi01 says:

    I have a nephew that has fallen under the craze of the EMO cult and that part of the cult that celebrates self harm. I have no issue with it being a fashion statement or that he may be interested in the music, but he is a 15 yr old academically a gifted child, has dropped out of school as he no longer abides by school rules, my brother has now kicked him out of home because he goes missing days on ends, continues to slash himself infront of his father, brings his friends home and drains the food cupboards, has no respect for anyone except his EMO friends. I’m sure that there are alot of children that have the same teenage issues with their children as my brother has but the reason I blame the EMO cult is the issue of self harm. My nephew slashes his body with butchers knives, puts safety pins through his skin and hopes that they will get septic. The more septic the better. I am sure that being a gilfted child had it’s own pressures but where is the support for the parents that have to watch their children go through all of this without any help from childrens Services. Childrens Services would not help my brother until he kicked them out, so they said. The Police would not do anything until the child commits a crime. What does it take for Government departments to wake up to themselves and realise that their is a problems with this group of children and that parents are left helpless. Self Harm is certainly a cry for help so what is their death…… or the death of the parent…..CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP THE PARENTS AS WELL

  9. Not a baby boomer says:

    Help the parents? Here’s some help: do a better job of bringing up your kids in the first place! Dual income families who waste all their time at work and all their money on needless crap deserve to have problem kids to deal with.

  10. Michael says:

    No no, the “self-harm” claim is completely justified. How else could you describe their willingness to listen to My Chemical Romance and AFI?

  11. Arghhhh! says:

    They’re there
    Behindf you! Watch tyour back!
    ARGHhhh! I hate them liteel shites, beedy eyes. Like witches!
    A pox on yours hourses!

  12. sireene says:

    I work in Mental Health and see children as young as 9 referred for self harming, suicidal ideation, sucide attempts. They may come from high, middle, low income families, They maybe high, middle, low academic achievers. They maybe from nuclear, single, gay defacto, ethnically diverse, european, maori, island, asian, eastern, families. They call themselves EMO”S and no they don’t all dress in black and they don’t all listen to emo, music, they don’t all hang out together, they don’t all have a lot of friends. They don’t all have neglectful uncaring parent/parents/caregivers. What they have in common are issues, problems that are very real to them.
    Contact your nearest mental health clinic if you do know of someone. Take their behaviour seriously. Look on the websites, in your local community paper, community services for help. Hope this helps.

  13. doesnt matter. says:

    This is bull crap, just because people dress all in black and have ‘cool’ hair, doesnt mean they hurt them selfs, some do and there losers yea i know, but i dress all in black and have a ’emo’ hair style and it doesnt make me wanna kill myself, its just how sum of us dress these days.
    i listen to My Chemical Romance, Evanesence etc.
    they do not affect how i think,
    and no one can really change anyones prospectives on life,
    a real emo hides there scares, and cuts them selfs in other places so people cant see them, and so they cant attract attention, they keep there misery to them selfs.
    so stop stereo typing people just because you can.

    o and most emos do it because of people like you.

  14. Vilet says:

    i am strugeling with self harm in meny ways i cut i starv myself and sumtimes perg.i even finde myself thinking of killing myself i just wont to be invisibele (thin as air) i hate haw i look haw i feel every thing abawt me i cant stand.I cut to punish myself.It seems every one has to label you thay say your emo or your anorexic well.. im me a lost sad me but im just me!
    from VILET

  15. Vilet says:

    I feel so lost so cold inside. emo? posibly sad? allways. i make my own pane and love the rane its like looking at my ters in the sky.The dark is my cuver i hide in it it makes me feel safe. broken? yes i am im broken to the core.

  16. Syphlient says:

    Your poetry sounds like Steve’s!

  17. ItsJustMe says:

    OMGOSH! that article was complete and utter bullshit. Not all emos cut themselves. Those guys that you were talking to at zeal were fucking wemos. I know a lot of emos and most of them are happy people. Only a few of them cut. Its so judgemental and i cant believe you wrote a poor article about emos. I hang out at zeal.. that doesnt make me emo does it? no. i wear black clothes, liten to my chemical romance etc. and im not emo. People that say there emo arnt. its that simple a true emo hides it and shit. doesnt go around sceaming ohh im emo i cut myself bla bla bla.

  18. ItsNotJustMe says:

    and im not emo. People that say there emo arnt
    hence, you are emo trash

  19. Nicola says:

    Uh, that was pretty much my point. Did you even read the whole article?

  20. Nicola says:

    And by that I mean that my point was emos are stereotyped and misrepresented by the rest of society, not that I’m emo trash.

  21. Michael says:

    Way to read, “ItsJustMe”

  22. trixieann says:

    I think this is a stereotype and that MOST kids are harder to pin down. I know some kids around the 14/15 y.o. age group and most of them have a few characteristics of emo kids, but not all. Most of them follow a couple of the fashions and like a couple of the bands, but they don’t let “emo” dominate their personality. My take is, there is no more or less pressure to be “emo” now than there was in the past to be punk, goth, etc. I think the smart kids think for themselves and aren’t dumb enough to cut themselves just because it’s on trend.

  23. Zack says:

    A rather interesting article…..although i’m surprised you found people admitting to being emo, most either consider themselves “scene” or “hardcore” kids. I truly think that most people who call someone emo have no idea wtf they are talking about. I get called emo all the time, just because i have black hair and listen to metal, hell i dont even have a fringe! MY HAIR IS CURLY! yet i’m still classified as emo. I think that this whole “emo” thing is just a fad and i’m really hoping that it all goes away soon, the sooner the better, still a very interesting and slightly insightful article none the less.

  24. Mel says:

    I think it’s important to look at the self-harm aspect for what it is, rather than confusing it with something these people are doing to fit in with a fashion stereotype. Anyone carving slices off themselves is in trouble, this is not something to be shrugged off as a ‘fashion’. Self harm is a pretty desperate form of self expression that primarily says “I’m not ok”- apt as this is a line from a so-called ’emo band’ song. Teenagers are constantly being told that these are ‘the best years of their life’. They are under an incredible amount of pressure to do well in school, to make their parents proud of them, to assert their independence, to find their place in the world, to decide how they want to shape their adult lives. Not to mention the additional pressure of phsyiological changes in their brains that are making it hard to communicate and empathise with others around them and extreme hormonal imbalances.
    Too often, their very real fears and insecurities are brushed off. The agony of losing their first love is referred to as ‘puppy love’ by the adults in their lives. They are told to cope with some very strong pressure to have sex, drink and use drugs by ‘just saying no.’ With their so called role models constantly belittling the every day events that are causing them to develop alcohol and drug problems and even commit suicide (in much greater numbers than most developed countries) I think we should be taking the time to have a look at what they are desperately trying to tell us when they cut themselves. That they’re in a tremendous amount of pain and anxiety and have absolutely no internal mechanism for coping with it.

  25. Corey says:

    I think emo’s arent that bad, once you get to know them they are very harmless people. I think the article of this was just pointless, pathetic, and utter bullshit. I am an emo, and you don’t know emo’s well enough because YOU haven’t actually taken the time to witness what we go through. You make me sick, i know emo’s, and they’re good people, they’re good friends, they don’t slit, they’re happy and some of mine are miserable but HEY shit happens.

    I go on a friggin bus every day, having to put up with silly high school girls saying “is he an emo?” Do you know how fucking annoying that is? I am who i am, and there’s nothing no one can do about it, guess what, I don’t even CARE what you think. You can shove your article up your ass, low life tard, you got nothing better to do then diss the shit out of emo’s they go through ENOUGH shit already! So why don’t you leave them alone? And actuallyfind something BETTER to do with your life, oh wait, thats right all you’d rather do is make people’s lives miserable by posting lame articles to hurt their feelings.

    Good one.
    Real good one,

    Get a life. Thanks. [:

  26. elli emo says:

    fuck uz

  27. Portsmith the Lonely Turtle says:

    Will you guys be my… friends?

  28. yah mum says:

    ha ha im black mwah xxx

  29. yah mum says:

    get fukt nigah

  30. Sam the angry weird kid says:

    Emo’s go though the same shit everyone else goes through but they add to it by getting them self a fringe and girls jeans, they give them selves bad names, if you want to be “different” then do it in a way that you won’t be discriminated against. The media makes you out to be weird, deal with the teasings you get because YOUR the one that chose to be an emo, the media didn’t make you.

    I think that true emo’s (the cutters and the truly depressed ones) need to get their lives sorted out, we all deal with the same shit, honestly, but I walk around the city when ever I can afford to go there and I see LARGE groups of emo’s sitting around – having fun – what is there to be sad about? You guys can afford your style and afford to bus/train/ what ever to the city as often as you want, wtf is your problem then? What is there to be sad about? We all have trouble at school, we all get judged but other classmates, but becoming an emo doesn’t help you. If expressing how absolutely horrible your life is in comparison to everyone else’s then maybe you need to tone down the drama because only your true friends want to hear it.

    I have Dysthymic Depression and you don’t see me strutting around town in $60 emo pants with cuts on my arms because I can handle it and not show off my sadness to get attention.

    Emo’s that don’t cut or aren’t sad are Wemo’s not Emo’s, or even Scene Kids but I need to ask my punk friends about that…scrub up on Emo-ology or what ever.

  31. I heard emo’s dead (no pun intended) and that everyone’s wearing fluoro this season!

  32. Portsmith the Lonely Turtle says:

    Where are all my friends? :(

  33. charlene says:


  34. PreppyMcPrepper says:

    I go to an all girls private school. A prep school. a couple girls dress in the punk fashion. I wear what I want. I don’t follow anything. I am bubbly person. Very happy and energetic. I have so many friends. but i have be struggling with Self-Injury for 3-4 years. And I am a damn proud sturggler. I am not happy i am doing it. But if someone calls me emo because i do it, or some emo is called a self injurer, or some one makes an emo-cutting joke. I swear i will punch their face in. And its happened. So just stop the stero types

  35. Bob says:

    Join the anti-emo army today

  36. charlene says:


  37. Nic says:

    ur afreak charlene… some1 as dumb as u shouldnt have kids
    maybe your dauhter realises this
    and this is y she wana die

  38. Ronnie James Dio says:

    …but cutting is funz :)

  39. Wow that was a good little ad for the book there, Charlene. Found the caps lock key, I see.

  40. Tits says:

    hahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahaha this makes me giggle. hahahaahha…hahhahaha…… i ish a laugh…hahahahhahahahahhahahaha……hhaha.. AHHHHHHHHH *sighs*

    im done.

  41. wierd so and so says:

    you guys are retards, go wank instead of cutting yourself, trust me its great. seriously get your a into g and realise life is important. and dont wear black clothes, it absorbs the sun, much like tit’s tits, if you are morbidly obese then you will roast and all your fat friends will chase after you, this is called cannibalism, it is indeed forwned apon in most societys.unlike beastality. which is much more ….. entertaining

  42. Thom Yorke says:

    yeah but why cut yourself when you can cut paper huh

  43. bob says:

    up urs dumb emo’s go cut ur throats

  44. alex says:

    the way i see it is theres three groups. chavs, grebos and normals.
    the normals are just normal. current. top 40 clothes in shops styles.
    chavs are anyone who leans towards the more hip hop orientated culture. not necessarily d***head chavs, sworn enemys of greebs.
    greebs are people who listen to rock music. any type, so long as its a main preference. greebyness starts in the youth, and can take many forms including indie emo goth punk skater etc.etc. long hair basically.

    emo is a youth thing. if youre old, youre not emo. youre now a normal, unless youre a goth. older people can get away with it, so long as theyre not dressing up like a 15 year old girl. if youre young and wear skinny jeans, youre an emo. simple as. nothing to do with music, its just the fashion. skinny jeans and long hair. its something only young people can get away with.

    i speak as a 14 year old grebo. then emo, then indie, if youre breaking it down. greebs can be goths or emos. you just have to pick. the chavs have picked up on this, and now shout your correct name at you. im glad they take the time to realise.

    but my pet hate is not being called emo or grebo, not for having things thrown at me because i stand around with people with black hair, not for seeing my mates randomly attacked because they listen to music with guitars in. no. its when the chavs, the b***h chavs and d***head chavs, take the traits which we were once persecuted for; skinny jeans, long hair(boys), side fringes, skulls, polka dots, converse, heavy eyeliner, my chemical romance, and then think its cool. and they can be admired. god damn primark.

    were fighting back with scenes


  45. princess says:

    ah but scars can be beautiful, though only when done out of love, not of pain.

  46. eve says:

    I don’t see why a lot of people hate EMOs. Aren’t they human enough for you guys? They might be doing stuffs most people don’t really do. They can cut their wrists, take their eyeballs out or even cut their tongues for all I care. As long as they’re not doing anything to harm anybody I would not care.

    The first reason why I think they’re being like that is because of their past. I mean, ignore those who are just pretending to be emo and pretending to have a sad past. These people are humans as well. We all have bad memories from the past, don’t we? The only difference is that we never felt what they felt or what they feel. Just let them do what they want to do. To be frank, I am quite problematic myself… because of family, school, friends.. my future –And sometimes I would even listen to earsplitting music (nowadays know as EMO SCREAMO), but I would never let the world go down in my misery.

    Peope who like emo are still PEOPLE.

    Call me a loser, emo, pathetic or whatever you wish to call me. I wouldn’t mind… I wouldn’t get mad or even put it against anyone.

  47. Sar says:

    I agree with Eve. I wear black, listen to dark music and sometimes use self harm. And whatever, so we all have issues. But I don’t sit around crying either, I know their’s hope in this world and I know there’s people out their suffering. I plan to get my ass over to another country and help as much as I can, whatever. Just trying put across the point that you can’t stereotype it, and if you’re able to then it’s probably a bunch of 15 year old
    fakers. You can be emo and wear colors and have a ponytail. It just means emotional and it’s all on the inside anyway.

    Emo isn’t anything anymore. It’s like the word slut, it means nothing now.

  48. gl.weird.chic.94 says:

    i cut my wrists and ppl call me emo hell u could call me emo and i wouldent care. i dont always were dark colors i like neon gree and bright electric blue i hate to say it but i sota even like pink. im 14 and my friends r ass holes but idc i can live how i want ttyl


  49. Diana says:

    A 15 year old “emo” boy hung himself in his cuboard… think about it guys ..
    what a waste of such a young life..

  50. emo boy says:

    emos r the same than u so be nice it ur fult that we r this way but im not going back to the old me im 14 and been emo 4 5 year and its graet

    ps:badat spelling

  51. Happy Cat says:

    oh hai! i can has emo?

    im in ur black, listening ur thursday. attention plz.


  52. samii emo face says:

    hey guys fello emos

    i just cut myself, and now im choking on blood coz i like to eat it im so upset i think i have a desise iiiii…. cant stop cutting self my wrist is so sore i scould die actually i might die i might hang myself…. some people think im doing this for atention but im not OK im just stressed out beacuse i havent finnished my history asignment…. so cut me abit of slack coz im so upset miss hills gonna calll my parents and then ill be grounded and then i cant go see my lesbian girlfriend coz u no i have a lesbian girlfriend you no. OK coz that what emo are all about bisexuality and cutting because SOCITY doesnt acsept it im so depressed im gonna go DIE

    love ya xoxx

  53. samii emo face says:

    id just like to say that emos are so cool OK omg reading these made me cry im so sad i.i.i.i feel like dying i could die right now seriously i thort about hanging myself one time then i just decided to cut omg i love cutting like srsly omg tbh im cutting myself right now and umm like i eat it coz thats how emoly devoted i am DO U GUYS WANNA KNOW WHY IM SAD AS!!!??? because i got introuble for smoking at school today and now im grounded omg i wont beable to go visit my cool friends martin and ummm ronda coz they are my real friends you no they are ok….. im gonna go die


  54. samii emo face says:


  55. lacii the lezzy :0 says:


    im not emo but i just wanna say i feel sorry for emos
    well some emos are just attention seaking eggs
    but i love real emos like samii emo face shes cool
    i think shes great and shes great at alot of things
    ima bogan , even tho i shower five times a month
    and clean my clothes twice a month
    yeah im hot
    i think that emo chicks are really hot but apart from that…
    i think all teen go throw bad things in there life and need a way to express themself and emo is one of them sooo i respect emos yeah and respect all group e.g. goths, punks.

    thats all i have to say :)
    p.s. iam single

  56. Fryn' Pan says:

    id still choose emos over wannabee gangsters any day

  57. samii emo face says:

    yeah gangsters are gay

  58. Tiffany Hampton says:

    Ok first not all emo cut them selfs only the stupid ones do anyone who think needs to be explianed that but joking bout emos is just like joking bout your self emos are just like evne thou they have a different style then you does not mean anytihng.I hate people that say that kind of crap it really pisses me off so please dont anything like cuz i guess im emo and most of my friends are to so i do not appreciate it.well i was just you know what i had on my mind bout this acticle.

  59. ema says:

    So like yeah… this article was interesting, though poorly researched. Should have maybe attempted talking the the older ’emos’ who if they did self harm, arn’t doing it merely for attention. Cutting is often used as a form of art BTW.. and im not meaning wrist slashing but actually cutting images and pictures.. kinda cool lads!!.. oh another thing teens who are depressed etc. arnt because of that because of this ‘cult’ but tend to be drawn to the emo style because of this stereotype people are putting out there. Many people love the image and the idea of being different yet still having a group they fit into. Also one last thing the whole screaming at emos, saying shit, all it does is give them more energy more drive… it feels fucking awesome knowing you are making people look twice and you are creating any emotion, no matter how negative it is…

  60. Laura McQuillan says:

    Heard of satire?

    No, probably not.

  61. A Dog Named Scratch says:

    how does it feel to be so dumb, ema

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