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April 2, 2007 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Ways to fuck with a boy’s head – emotionally:

  1. Flirt outrageously all summer long, before informing him of your chastity vow. Abstinence is so hot right now.
  2. Say “OMFG, I love Iron Maiden too!” – then spend the bulk of your relationship converting him into a nice indie boy
  3. Bitter bitch about his lack of spontaneous romanticism, and consider every act of generosity as a bribe.
  4. Every two months, tell him you’re pregnant. Even if you are a gay couple.
  5. Complain that his masturbation makes you feel alienated.

Ways to fuck with a boy’s head – literally:

  1. Put your cock in his ear
  2. Use his nose as a dildo
  3. Use sci-fi technology to shrink you and a girlfriend down to the size offl eas, then make hot lesbian sex on his tongue. No, wait – that’s a way to fuck inside a boy’s head.
  4. Criticise everything he does. Just so that he has to go down on you to feel like a worthwhile human being.
  5. And after he goes down on you, say “oh, excuse me, I must go to the bathroom to remove my tampon.”

Wrong Ways to Celebrate Easter:

  1. Nail up Santa
  2. Put LSD in the Easter bun stripes
  3. Use fertilized Easter eggs
  4. Rabbit hunting (obviously)
  5. Stick a Crème egg up your arse

Worst Autobiography Titles:

  1. How I Never Did Anything or Went Anywhere
  2. A Life of Eating Poo
  3. Me and My Tiny Penis
  4. My Credit Card Number is 3853866730
  5. First-Name Terms at the STD Clinic

Infamous Last Words:

  1. “Of course it’s not loaded!”
  2. “Come on men, they couldn’t hit an elephant at this dist-“
  3. “Why don’t we taste it and find out?”
  4. “I think it’s asleep”
  5. “I’m driving… but that hand job sure feels good…”

Achievements of Justin Timberlake:

  1. Brought back sexy
  2. Alyssa Milano
  3. Superbowl XXXVIII
  4. Dick in a Box
  5. Dick in Britney

Contraceptive Techniques:

  1. Up the bum no babies
  2. Pull out and pray
  3. Flying solo
  4. Necrophilia
  5. Doing a commerce degree

Reasons to Leave Emos Alone:

  1. They’ll put you on their “list”
  2. They’ll write a poem about you
  3. They want the attention
  4. Evil voodoo emo magic
  5. My Chemical Romance

Manga Sound Effects:

  1. BLOK! – head hitting pavement
  2. TWOON! – firing lasers
  3. WIIZ! – adjusting binoculars
  5. FDD… – the sound of thinking

Celebrity Disguises:

  1. Tape two beach balls to your chest to pass as Rebecca Loos
  2. Put a paper bag over your head to pass as any of National’s backbench
  3. Grow a little beard and glue a shoe polishing brush to your head to pass as Geoff Hayward
  4. Hit yourself on the back of the head with a shovel to pass as George W. Bush
  5. Eat a tube of curry paste and throw up over yourself to pass as Mt Ruapehu


  1. Babanod cloronen blodyn (baby potato flower)
  2. Who’s coat’s this jacket?
  3. You knows I loves you ‘cos I fucks you and buys you chips!
  4. Who’s coffee’s this tea?
  5. Cadwch Cymru yn lan. Danfonwch y sbwriel i Loegr! (Keep Wales tidy. Leave your rubbish in England!)

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  1. Jonno says:

    This shit is lame. Infact, Salient as a magazine completely sucks the monkeys nut. Even worse than Critic – and that’s bad. I know, I know, if it’s so bad, then why am I here??? Because I wanted to give it a chance. Now I’m getting the fuck out of here.

  2. steve emmerson says:

    Im not sure if the post titled >HOW TO FUK WITH>………………..
    , woujld be recieved the same if it were direted at females/
    Fairly sad ……………………………….

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