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April 2, 2007 | by  | in News | [ssba]

Eye On Exec: Where is the love?

Shit gets weird at VUWSA

Last week down at the VUWSA Office was extremely fucked up, complete with wall-art, resignation threats and a smashed door.

Following last week’s exec meeting, Welfare Vice-President Heleyni Pratley went on an alcohol-fuelled rampage around the VUWSA office and stairwell with a permanent marker, sparing no wall or window from scribbles of ‘Love’, hearts, and ‘I realized VUWSA is our canvas’.

Union Manager Rainsforth Dix said that she wasn’t angry or upset by Pratley’s doodling, but that VUWSA would have to fix the damage and repaint the entire back stairwell behind the Salient, Union and VUWSA offices (because just painting over the ‘Love’ won’t blend in with the old faded mint green paint) as well as most of the VUWSA office, which was only repainted late last year.

Pratley put her wall-decorating effort down to the fact that her role as Welfare VP has been enormously stressful in recent times, particularly due to the lack of support and work received from Education Officer (Welfare) Chris Renwick. Pratley announced last week that she intended to carry out a recent threat to roll him (get him booted off the exec), when she gets a chance to type up a petition.

Pratley’s exterior office door also received damage on Wednesday night, with exec members alleging that Acting Women’s Rights Officer Clelia Opie had threatened to hit them for asking her to get off the phone, and that she had thrown a bottle at Pratley’s door, the glass window in which was only held together by wire.

Education Vice-President Joel Cosgrove, who doubles as Pratley’s boyfriend, was overheard last Thursday night berating President Geoff Hayward, insinuating that Hayward was to blame for the scribbles, saying “this wouldn’t have happened under (2006 VUWSA President) Nick [Kelly]”, and claiming that Pratley, Renwick and Opie are all considering resigning.

As Salient goes to press, VUWSA exec members Clubs Officer Melissa Barnard and Education Office (Education) Stefan Tyler are spending their Thursday night cleaning the walls with some really potent spirit which eats through vivid, paint and their rubber gloves.

And so anyway, back to the meeting. I left about a third of the way through to do important things elsewhere, and missed pretty much everything good.


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With her take-no-prisoners, kick-ass attitude, former News Editor Laura McQuillan adequately makes up for her lack of stature. Roaming the corridors (and underground tunnels) of the University by day, and hunting vampires and Nazi war criminals by night, McQuillan will stop at nothing to bring you the freshest news.

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  1. anon says:

    President’s report into the events at the VUWSA Kelburn Office on the night of 28 March 2007

    This report is the accumulation of interviews with each person present at VUWSA during that period. I will not add any item that has been not confirmed by another person. I make this point, knowing that there will still be dispute with certain individuals as to what transpired. It would not be in the best interests of the association for anyone to challenge what I have tried to do: to give each person an equal chance to recall the events as they saw them, to check the validity of each event against each other, and only report back what has been confirmed by others independently. I plead to you to not pick at this report.

    It is important that rumours and scuttlebutt are removed, not just for the working relationship at VUWSA, but to our constituents, who need to know that VUWSA is acting responsibly. However, this report is for internal use only, and I will work on a statement that should it be required, be released to Salient as well as the VUWSA website.

    After this report I will detail what I have done, and what I recommend to be done

    Events confirmed

    After the executive meeting, Joel, Melissa, Heleyni, Clelia, Bernie, Stefan was in the VUWSA office. All staff had gone home. Alcohol was consumed by everyone except Joel.
    Joel and Melissa were busy at work (either on VUWSA or school material).
    Stefan and Melissa were in the Staff area, Clelia in Heleyni’s office and Joel in his office.
    At a point in the evening, it was discovered that Heleyni wrote on the walls with a marker pen. This was done in the Hallway, Reception (including the Wong Sing Tai picture) and the top floor of the internal staircase, adjacent to the Salient building. During this time, Bernie was also writing on the walls.
    Joel and Melissa were able to stop Heleyni, cleaned up some of the writing (on the picture) and were able to consul Heleyni.
    Heleyni was fine after this, and was ok for the period afterwards.
    At approximately 12.45am, it was decided for everyone to leave. Clelia was at this time still on the telephone, and had been for a considerable time over the course of the evening. She was asked by Heleyni to leave and go home. Clelia wanted to stay on the phone and was given a five minute grace period. There was concern that the phone calls were toll calls.
    After this period, Clelia was asked again to get off the phone, leave the room and join everyone else to go home. Clelia refused and threatened to hit Heleyni should she try to remove her. She also threatened to Kill Melissa.
    While the next period is not clear in its entirety, there was a real fear that Clelia, who at this time was unable to be talked down, and making Heleyni and Melissa fearful for their safety.
    Clelia had intended to stay the night in the VUWSA office. Eventually, everyone left except Clelia (who was left in the workroom, and the other rooms locked). Clelia left the room, and approached the others outside the building (who were leaving shortly after) demanding to get her laptop which was in the staff area, and locked up.
    Clelia was accompanied by Stefan and Joel, Joel retrieving the Laptop. In the process, Clelia damaged the external door of Heleyni’s office.
    Everyone then left the VUWSA office.

    Actions taken

    I have talked to the executive members in action, asking for their recollection of the events.
    I have apologised to nearly all staff members as the Employer as to any inconvenience or discomfort as employees in the office.
    I have talked to Rainsforth about what measures are to be taken regarding the door and painting over of the writing. Free paint is available for the VUWSA office walls (or is being acquired), but the grey stairway paint is not available, and if nothing can be found, there will be a charge to get the entire stairwell painted.
    Several staff members have come to me, disgusted with the state of the office. I note that a staff member has begun filing a complaint to VUW for a breach of student conduct for “vandalising university property” I couldn’t as VUWSA president stop this action.
    Asked for an immediate report into the calls made in the workroom, Heleyni and Joel’s office over the past two days.

    Actions to be taken.

    Contact Jon Everest as to how to have an executive member’s session, to voice issues that they may have which precipitated the events above.
    Check what is the process for a complain for a breach of student conduct (and see what VUW will be undergoing as well as )
    Urging all executive members who feel that they are having problems with stress while at VUWSA to see the counselling service at student health, and as well, extra help with community and city support services. To that end, I will be contacting citizen’s advice bureau as to how this is available at low or no cost.
    Report to the VUWSA Executive on progress at Monday’s special executive meeting.


    I urge executive members and staff to refrain for making comments in public about the event, and any questions on the events to be referred to me.
    I urge those who are having serious problems dealing with this situation to seek either counselling with a professional and neutral provider immediately

    I have had without doubt the worst day of my presidency in trying to find out what has happened. I know that some of my fellow executive members will probably be having a worse day that me.

    Geoff Hayward


    Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association

    Phone +64 04 463 6986

    Mobile +64 027 5636 986


  2. Bob the Builder says:

    Geoff the Maori
    Can he fix it?
    Geoff the Maori
    no he’s stuffed it

    Geoff the Maori
    Is president
    But under his leadership
    nothing gets done
    Geoff the Maori
    just gets really drunk
    whilst the student union
    turns to crap

    Geoff the Maori
    can he fix it?
    Geoff the Maori
    not bloody likely…

  3. Executive Stress Relief says:

    Bring on voluntary VUWSA membership.
    That such a bunch of whiney incompetents should be leeching fees from students is beyond reason. Somebody get them into treatment, I’m afraid they may end up in parliament if they don’t get help!

  4. Umm says:

    If VUWSA pays for the repairs, then it is a shame. The persons responsible for doing the damage should pay, otherwise – bring on VSM.

  5. Clint Heine says:

    What a wonderful argument for VSM.

  6. Clunt Heine says:

    VSM? Yeah, students will still pay the fee but it will go to the university instead. People like Hellyni, Opie and Cosgrove might be fucktards but it’s better than no-one. Did you stand for Exec election Clint? Or are you just one of those people who like to bitch about what a bad job other people do while you have your finger up your arse?

  7. cunnt Heine says:

    Nah, Clint is a sad mofo that left and went to England, and still can’t give it up… how pathetic it is… he moves half way across the world, and still cannot find a real life

  8. Seamonkey Madness says:

    “People like Hellyni, Opie and Cosgrove might be fucktards but it’s better than no-one.”

    Except it looks like the VUWSA might have to stump up for the painting of the stairwell. So would “no-one” have scrawled all over the “canvas” then? Get a grip, these managerial retards need a collective VSM bullet.

    And whats this talk of getting “free paint”?? In the real world, if some schizophrenic be-arch is responisble for thousands of dollars worth of damage and psychic quackery phonecalls, then she bloody well pays for it.

  9. Laura says:

    – VUWSA wouldn’t be paying for the painting, this would be up to Heleyni
    – ‘Free paint’ refers to leftover paint from the previous painting of the Building – there would be no charge to VUWSA for this paint as it’s just sitting around waiting for an occasion like this to make its debut on a wall.

  10. Seamonkey Madness says:

    – “‘Free paint’ refers to leftover paint from the previous painting of the Building – there would be no charge to VUWSA for this paint as it’s just sitting around waiting for an occasion like this to make its debut on a wall.”

    Fair enough.
    Do you also know if this free paint is going to applied? Will Ms. Pratley be doing the decorating in her own avant-garde style, or will she bepaying for professionals to come in and do the job properly? (and in my mind, apply an anti-graffiti coat too, in case she goes on the rampage again)

    I’m genuinely not trying to be snarky but if this is what VUW students are paying for, then they surely deserve an explanation for this ludicrous behaviour and a thorough detailing of the (recommended) actions once taken.

  11. Old Story says:

    This happened a few weeks ago, its a boring old story. So what, people do stupid things when they are drunk. Including the majority of students at VUW. The walls were painted in a matter of days. The job was completed in less than 3 days. It was done ar night, so no exec time during the day was take up. Come on painted walls which were cleaned up, or someone whose crazy who rang psychic line. Come on know one (apart from Geoff) know what was happening. Geoff should of done something, but was hitting the piss too many times, to do something about it…. so I heard

  12. CIJAWA says:

    Goodness – a student President that drinks – who would have picked it? Jeff must be so out of touch with students, because everyone knows students don’t drink… or do they?

  13. New Story says:

    Joel Cosgrove aka Old Story

    Give it up mate. We all know you and you’re girlfriend (the drunken painter/vandaliser) are actively trying to discredit the president. Do you realise everytime that you and your cronies talk Geoff down you’re simply undermining VUWSA? I realise you probably want to be president next year and that task will be easier the more you fuck it up for Geoff this year, but please, get your head out of your asshole and start thinking about us students instead.

  14. Greg says:

    Have i got the story right here, I’m just checking: The girl who got on the psychic hotline and ran up the bill is being made to pay out of her own pocket (well, she is being pursued for costs at the veryt least), but the girl who vandalised the walls and offices isn’t. Is that correct? Can someone confirm that?

    Can I just ask 1 question? Why is the girl who ran up the phone-calls being expected to pay out of her own pocket, when the girl that vandalised the building isn’t paying out of her own pocket? What would the difference be–they both knowingly and willingly incurred costs upon the assn.

    They should both be required to pay out of their own pocket, and if they don’t then a debt collector /police should be brought in.


  15. Soon-to-be-VSM-advocate says:

    Maybe painter girl should be fired as well. Maybe someone should put it on the agenda for the General Meeting.

  16. Laura says:

    Greg: what would the point be in buying more paint when the Union has leftover paint? ‘Tis simply wasteful. Any further paint/scaffold etc needed for painting is meant to be paid for by Heleyni Pratley. Hope this clarifies that for you.

  17. Madas says:

    Do you still think you are the future nof this country, when you are all too self absorbed to look at the damage you are doing to a democratic movement.
    No wonder people dislike politics and politicians when examples like this are presented.
    Losers.. Every single one of you, the trouble is you stuff it for a whole heap of great Students Associations that work hard look after there students and keep there councils honest.
    You should all resign before you cause any more damage.

  18. Tushara Kodikara says:

    It seems to me that far too many people are generalising here, when they say that “Losers.. Every single one of you” and “You should all resign before you cause any more damage.”

    This shows that students really don’t know what most of the exec do. Most of the information that the students receive about the exec is from eye on the exec, which, to be honest, is funny. However, this is not a true reflection of what most of us do. So I feel that students have a right to know what I do, as I am here to represent students on environmental issue.

    I am the environmental officer at VUWSA. I am supposed to work 10 hours a week, but instead work 20-30 hours a week. I sit on both the VIC Commute board and the environmental committee. I always push for student issues, such as better public transport and services for students.

    I am a very active member on Gecko and help Just Action out when I can. I helped organised the University Students Environmental Forum at Easter (with over 7 uni campuses attending and a national student environmental movement formed), and am organising Environmental week for the end of July. So far, I have both the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment and the Head of the Ministry for the Environment coming to speak. There are many other events, and actions that I have planned this year.

    I am also working with the uni on how to make it carbon neutral. This is an advantageous move for the uni. A campus that is sustainable campus is better for both students and staff. It is a win win win situation.

    Look, I am sorry if you all feel that VUWSA has done too many mistakes already, but you can’t blame me for Clelia however. I am trying to do the best job possible, as are most the other exec.

  19. Tushara Kodikara says:

    Sorry… typed this out way to fast… didn’t even proof read it and can already spot the mistakes

  20. Umm says:

    Tushara – that is exactly what VUWSA needs to show itself doing. If some exec members were doing what they are meant to be doing, rather than doing silly shit, then the hard work put in would be highlighted. Thank you for all the work you do.

    Laura – sure VUWSA should use the resources it already has, but significant disciplinary action still needs to be taken, and a financial cost should be included in that. It is unacceptable what she did and there needs to be consistency between the two instances.

  21. Graeme Edgeler says:

    “Maybe painter girl should be fired as well. Maybe someone should put it on the agenda for the General Meeting.”

    Motions of no confidence cannot be raised at the Initial General Meeting (or the Annual General Meeting), you need a special general meeting called specifically for the purpose of raising a motion of no confidence if you want to sack an exec member

  22. Soon-to-be-VSM-advocate says:

    Hmmm… Maybe we should have a special general meeting. How do you do that?Salient could do a feature detailing what each Exec member has done this year (good and bad) and then students could vote on who goes and who stays.

  23. Michael Oliver says:

    I do like the idea of a “see what your fucking Exec does” type of article.

  24. Jono Newton says:

    To call a SGM, you need a petition with 10 students signatures stating a motion, for example.

    We the undersigned wish to call a special General meeting to bring forward the following motion:

    “A vote of No-confidence in the entire current VUWSA executive”

    or any members whatever :P

  25. jon fisting says:

    The motion “A vote of No-confidence in the entire current VUWSA executive” would never work. To remove even one exec member would be a mission. If the wording of a motion was this, it would never be passed, after all, it includes exec members such as Mellisa (who has a whole lot of support from clubs), Tushara (who has support from Gecko), all a few others who do a good job.

  26. Newer Story says:

    What Salient fails to tell you all, is that Geoff and Alex both knew of what was happening with Clelia, long before everyone else (over a week!). It was only when Clelia refused to leave the office that night, and instead threatened to kill people, the exec found out what was going on. Geoff let Clelia continue to make calls without doing anything. Roll Geoff before anyone else on the exec. This is the true scandal!

  27. Clint Heine says:

    Nice work on insulting me guys :) Stick to the facts eh. They are simple enough, even for you to understand. VUWSA dropped the ball big time on this one, and students are forever having to pay for this nonsense.

    I suspect those attacking the messenger are in denial about how out of touch VUWSA is these days.

  28. CIJAWA says:

    I love the fucking spin going on here. Voluntary, compulsary – who genuinely gives a fuck? And the girl that called the hotline has been dealt to (sacked?).

    Now it has to be time to roll Heleyni – willful damage to a workplace would get you sacked anywhere else regardless of whether you cleaned it up or not – should be the same at VUWSA.

  29. Greg says:

    (putting on the horse-hair wig for a few seconds)

    Ok so the the girl who vandalised VUWSA and VUW property gets to keep her job, so long as she pays for any leftover.

    That is not how it should be working: she should be paying for the paint used regardless of whether it was “leftover” or not. That paint was being kept–obviously for general maintenance of the buildings. What tyhis girl did by vandalising the walls was to cause VUWSA and VUW (whomever owns the paint) to use up one of its assets for a purpose for which it was not intended, thereby incurring cost to the assn. Forcing someone to use an asset for a purpose for which it was not intended is just as bad as stealing it.

    The net result is that now, when there is normal, general damage to the walls VUWSA will not be able to use the reserve paint that it had because it has been used and will have to fork out again. Heleyni Pratley should pay for the paint used–not just any surplus.

    If we apply the same rationale to girl who used the psychic helpdesk then we should be saying that we will welcome her back/keep her on the exc as long as she pays for the calls.

    What is the difference between the two? both knowingly, willingly and deliberately incurred damage and cost on the assn: one with a telephone, the other with paint. the intent and recklessness is the same. Why is one of them being treated with kid-gloves and the other having the book thrown at her?

    Or is the Exec now so subjective that if you’re a member of one clique you have to pay for your conduct, but if you’re a member of another then we’ll turn a blind eye at anything you do?

    Again: BOTH of them should have to pay the FULL costs of their actions, and BOTH should be removed for unacceptable conduct.

    (wig removed)

  30. Laura says:

    Maybe you should take this up with the Student Union, who have already provided the paint free of charge? If it is bothering you so badly that you have to constantly repeat yourself in the comments section of this page, then maybe it’s time you take action.

  31. Nick Archer says:

    Talk about a month after the event!

    Salient reported about this on April 2nd.

    Fact of the matter is Clelia is gone and the process of her being made to pay back the toll calls is ongoing, Helenyi has been required to clean the grafetti off the walls. The Studen Union is providing paint for the walls to be repainted (that NO ONE EVER SEES becaue they are in the stairwell behind VUWSA, STUDENT UNION and SALIENT).

    And to roll someone you need a SGM, this can be a complete waste of time unless you have the numbers. An attempted rolling back in 93 was a waste of time and any other attempts this year would be as no one has the numbers…

  32. Lou says:

    Isn’t it obvious? Because Heleyni is Joel Cosgrove’s girlfriend. She couldn’t be given the boot without kicking up a massive stink.

  33. Greg says:

    ” Student Union, who have already provided the paint free of charge? ”

    Yeah they just went out to the back yard and picked some money off the money tree.

    There is no such thing as a free lunch, it’s just a matter of who pays.


  34. Joel Cosgrove says:

    I am not old story or newer story. If I were comenting I’d put my name to it. Talking shit about VUWSA affects me just as much as Geoff.

  35. Tristan says:

    Violent? So… writing love on a wall is violent? To who? The concrete?

    Walls are not sentient objects mr fraternity. Don’t forget what the Dude once said:

    “He treats objects like women, man.”

    Destructive, yes. Violent, no.

  36. Geoff eh? says:

    Mr fraternity, the real problem is that Geoff knew about the phone calls which Clelia were making, a week before she was found out on the fateful night. He could of told others (apart of his young labour mate), so the others (who I know well, and are the reason why VUWSA is holding up, NOT Geoff) could have stopped her making more calls during the follwoing week. This ending up costing thousands and Geoff did nothing to stop it.

  37. Sean Gillespie says:

    So what conclusion are you drawing from this? Are you trying to suggest Geoff was trying to protect Clelia? I doubt it mate. He was probably just trying to deal with the situation as profesionally as possible – accusing someone of theft and firing them is a serious issue.

  38. Greg says:

    I feel sorry for Geoff, by the sounds of it, if you were to go through the campus and hand-pick the most incompetent, dysfunctional, insane, immature and destructive people you could find, they would still be less dysfunctional than the lot in there now.

    I’m reserving my judgement on Geoff.


  39. Kind of Agee with Greg... says:

    Oh my fucking god – Geoff is so not the problem here – whoever posted the first comment here seemed to think it would embarrass him (just like when they posted it on indimedia under the heading “The email Geoff doesn’t want you to see” or something), but it actually shows how he tried to deal with the issue professionally for everyone’s good – VUWSA, the exec, and the vandals (fuck knows why he wants to stand up for them though).

    Get rid of Heleyni – she’s escaped scott-free so far – she should pay for this “art” – she’s making everyone else pick up after her when she’s fucking everything up. Seen the front page of the Wellingtonian today? She’s ruining VUWSA through her fuck up and her arogence.

    By they way, let’s keep this on topic for a second here – everyone has gone and acussed Joel of being connected here because of his “girlfriend” (are they really an item or is that someone trying to smear his name?) – Joel hasn’t even been mentioned in this so far, so stop trying to lump blame on him.

  40. Clint Heine says:

    Im with Greg on this too. I suspect Geoff has unfortunately realised the kind of company he is now stuck with during this year as President. Little surprise that VUWSA is once again falling apart due to the selfish actions of a few.

    I would think every student would be happy that BOTH of these silly women pay back every penny of what they owe the student body for their illegal actions.

    I am going to remind you that if VUWSA was voluntary we wouldn’t be having this problem simply because people like Heleyni and Clelia wouldnt be attracted to join VUWSA as it wouldn’t cater for their self interests. As I said before, opponents of VSM are the very same people who have a lot to lose if they lost their gravy train.

  41. Dave Hall says:

    Clint: Admittedly, there are some self serving muppets within some students’ associations, but overall, there are a large number that are involved because they want to do good for others. Believe it or not, VUWSA even has a few of these this year. VSM isn’t the answer here – the only people that it would serve would be the University. The students would be better to have a Special General Meeting and vote off the Exec members they don’t want to be there.

  42. Uter the Scooter says:

    Yep – Clelia sounds like a fucktard. How come all exec members whose names end with ‘elia’ are fucktards? I saw Delia Timms, one of last year’s fucktards, when I drove past her on Lambton Quay this morning!!! She has become really fat since I last saw her.

  43. Greg Edwards says:

    ” …. The Studen Union is providing paint for the walls to be repainted (that NO ONE EVER SEES becaue they are in the stairwell behind VUWSA, STUDENT UNION and SALIENT).”

    That’s both brilliant and pathetic at the same time. Obviously you wouldn’t mind a bit if I were to vandalise it then with grafetti? Hmmm let me think….”VUWSA sucks” …or: ” Rodney for PM” …..” Ya mutha” ….

    After all, no one will see that wall, ergo it’s not vandalism.

    Also, it would be OK because a person wouldn’t be directly harmed. If we take that argument to absurdia then it would be perfectly fine for me to blast a hole in the walls up there, so long as no-one got hurt. that would be fine!

    Let me also say that I’m not an ACT lacky–they’re far too commie for me.


  44. Clint Heine says:

    Dave, voting people off via a dodgy SGM won’t solve the problem at all. It will still send a message that the executive represent the entire campus, which we all know is not true. I agree, there is a tiny minority who do work n execs for the greater good, but they last for one year at the most and are fed up by the antics and people they have to work with.

    Let me ask you. Would you freely associate or allow yourself to be represented by the current VUWSA executive? That includes you handing over $120 a year to such an organisation.

    VSM *is* the answer, as VUWSA would be obliged to do exactly what their membership asks of them in order to attract members who choose to join. VSM will attracta higher calibre of executive because they won’t have the trappings of office or the problem of being unaccountable.

    If you think that VUWSA is that important, and that students agree with you then it should be problem making it voluntary – as everybody would join. Right?

  45. Dave says:

    Clint: Under VSM, what Exec members look like and how they market themselves would end up having more influence over membership than policy and ability to represent students would. It should be more than a popularity contest.

    The true benefit of students’ associations isn’t particularly obvious to many and with the typical short attention span of today’s society it would be hard to convey it to them. (I’d hate to see what motions would get passed at council without student representation.)

    Would you really prefer that students money went to the University instead? At Auckland University – where they have VSM – students continue to pay a student services fee, but it goes directly to the University.

  46. Laura says:

    Another point worth mentioning is that Vic not only has a students’ association, but also a student union. Does anyone know or care what the union does? You pay their wages too, fyi.

  47. Nicola says:

    Yeah, those guys make VUWSA look industrious.

    And they’re not accoutable to students either.

  48. Clint Heine says:

    Dave, I’m interested in how you think there would be no student representation on the council under VSM. When and where did the Vic council ever say this?

    VSM isn’t about looking flashy at all, it is the underlying statement that students SHOULD have the freedom to choose whether or not to join it. Churches and the AA provide membership services and representation and I don’t see you equally telling me we should join them.

    Having worked with associations for years I know the actual core services don’t cost that much at all. However the amount of “other” costs like NZUSA conferences, NZUSA levies, travel budgets, decolonisation retreats, repainting union buildings, grants to education action groups and various other things do add up. The people who benefit mostly from the million plus a year VUWSA get from every student are the same who are against VSM in any shape or form.

    AUSA is a different kettle of fish. They have maintained a zero levy through their business interests that allows them to keep it at zero, and by proxy everybody joins because it’s free. I wouldn’t say it is pure VSM by name or practise, but I don’t see compulsionists asking for it to change back because they still get what they want.

    If you push aside all the emotive language and look at the facts, VSM is all about freedom. If an association is unable to operate without forcing its members to join then it is the associations fault if it folds.

    Laura/Nicola – I am interested in this student union… please elaborate or pop me an email. Cheers. :)

  49. Nick Archer says:

    This has to be the longest list of comments on Salient website (2nd only to the comments on my ‘A Waste of My Time at Another ‘Dime a Dozen’ Gig’ Visual Arts review in Issue 3). Looks like the ghost has not been given up, VSM vs CSM still relevant topic…

  50. jon fisting says:

    Relevant, or is it just that only four people in the entire world give a fuck?

  51. Ummm… Actually, the smacking bill debate on Bran’s Sue Bradford went to well over 150, a column on Emo’s from 2005 rocked over 80, and some of the VSM debates when VUWSA raised the levy went to well over 60 or 70. Also 2005’s piece on pole dancing got to over 80 at last count.

    Sorry to bump you down the list Nick. Also, was sorry to hear about what happened with you and New Zealand First. Good that you moved back into Student Media. I bet they just didn’t appreciate you. Fucking Winston man. Fuck that guy.

    And also, you know it’s different when people are actually discussing, and debating an issue on this sight – not just talking about how you’re moronic shit stain of a reviewer. Bring back Thomasin. She was pretty too, as well as actually knowing something about visual arts.

  52. Bernardo Galaxy says:

    This has to be the lamest thing I have read on the internet for awhile.

    Congratulations, you are all Lame. oh accept tush, I love TUsh Ta Rah!

  53. Dave Hall says:

    Bernard: Shall I take that as a “please add my name to the list of people getting rolled at the next SGM?”

    You aren’t doing much to give us (the students who you represent) much confidence in you.

  54. One of the tousands of fans of Galaxy says:

    Hey Dave, leave Bernie alone. You have been warned!

  55. Bernie lover says:

    I love bernie, you could love him too

  56. Boondocks says:

    If VUWSA went voluntary the university would lump on the (increased) cost to students anyway. It increased quite a bit at auckland after AUSA went voluntary. They’re also getting fucked over by the Uni management (god bless stu) at the mo in relation to the SLA they’re forced to sign to get enough money to cover costs. They’re asset rich, cash poor…
    Go back to the press releases from the late 90’s by the VC’s committee to see what they said over the VSM debate then.
    God. Enough with the personal insults already. Wonder why these apparent ‘good’ candidates don’t run? Everyone who stands gets character assinated.

  57. Soon-to-be-VSM-advocate says:

    Hey Bernie, give up the self loving psuedonyms and do some real work ;-)

  58. Bernie lover says:

    HEy Soon-to-be-VSM-advocate aka Anna Dugan, give it up.. you lost.. you can’t be part of the VUWSA exec action… late night orgies and drunken fun

  59. Soon-to-be-VSM-advocate says:

    Bernie lover: Guess again. I give you a clue – I’m male.

    Late night orgies with VUWSA geeks wouldn’t be anyone’s (with a life) idea of fun either.

  60. Bernie lover says:

    Soon-to-be-VSM-advocate – you have a life… really? Anyone with a life would not read the salient website or be a VSM supporter.

  61. Ta Rah.

    If you try to roll me I will Still manage to uphold my “POSITION” but instead of working while doing it I will do nothing and just take the honorarium.

    immmm Gravy Trainnnn… the Best thing about it is its your money I will be wasting… a very small percentage of that $120 goes towards paying me remember.

    Oh and Bernie Lover. Thanks for the E-Hugs.

  62. Tushara says:

    Berine, you are just in it for the gravy

  63. Tushara says:

    Geeky Alex just figured out that out of the $120 each student pays to VUWSA, only 46c of this goes to each exec memeber as payment for the work we do. This includes full bonuses, which aren’t always given. Including the Prez and V.P’s, it totals $8.83 per student to cover the entire exec’s honorarium.

    Berine, if anyone complains, you should give them 50c. That should keep em quiet.

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