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April 2, 2007 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Pecking Order

  • Number of weapons that have been turned into tools for African farmers by a British nonprofit organisation since 2001 : 2,200
  • Minimum number of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Iran, North Korea, China, Britain, France and the USA (respectively) : 0, 0, 1, 100, 120, 350, 6000
  • Ranking of New Zealand to other countries for the number of times “dick” is entered into google search : 1
  • Age of an American charged with sexual harassment after hanging around outside a school homecoming dance dressed as a penis : 14
  • Number of half-siblings who have found each other on a website for children of anonymous sperm donors : 1,316
  • Greatest number of them who have the same father : 21
  • Percentage of the world’s cellphone users who say they have interrupted sex to answer a call : 14
  • Percentage of people who can’t do without a cellphone in New Zealand : 48
  • Number of Kiwis who had telephone, mobile, Internet, and electronic-banking services shut down by gnawing rats in 2005 : 100,000
  • Weight in kilograms, of a Florida woman who had not left her couch for six years and died when doctors attempted to separate her from a couch, which was fused to her body : 218
  • Number of Burger King employees who were treated for first- and second-degree burns after they walked barefoot over white-hot coals at a “corporate bonding” retreat in Florida in 2000 : 12
  • Percentage of U.S. corporate executives who admit to having cheated at golf : 82
  • Number of students at Illinois’ Aurora University who have earned academic credit for a course in “business golf” : 29
  • Projected ratio of churches to brothels for Carterton in 2008 (to nearest whole number) : 2:1
  • Year in which a brothel in Nevada was offering free sex to American soldiers : 2003
  • Year in which a spokesman for the Sesame Workshop said “This is not at all humorous,” after an image of Bert from Sesame Street showed up in an Osama bin Laden poster used by protesters in Pakistan : 2001
  • Number of hours government workers spent surfing on trade me, while working, in 2005 : 35,000
  • Percentage of Kiwis who say they belong to the middle class : 95
  • Age of an Indian girl who married a dog to avoid a bad omen in her village : 9
  • Chance that a southern Sudanese woman will die in childbirth : 1 in 9
  • Chance that a southern Sudanese girl will complete primary school : 1 in 100
  • Projected lifespan in years of a Zimbabwean born in 1989 and one born in 2002, respectively : 60, 34
  • Year in which doctors in Croatia removed a carrot that a man’s girlfriend had playfully stuck up his ass : 2002

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