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Salient Blind Dating

It’s been called many things; a force from above, more than words, and an eternal flame. We call it love and maybe you’ll get some with the help of Salient Blind Dating. Send us an email describing a) what you like/dislike about a man/women, and b) what turns you on, and you will be in the draw to wine and dine to the value of $200 at The Establishment next Wednesday night. Please send your e-mails to by Tuesday 5pm.


I was a little apprehensive when I heard that my date was a 2nd year commerce student. Not that I have anything against that Pipitea Campus – it’s just that my idea of the ideal date doesn’t really involve chatting about budgets and the current economic climate. Luckily for me, the current economic climate wasn’t a major topic of discussion during our brief liaison.

I got to The Establishment about twenty minutes before I was supposed to be there – so rather than look like an egg, I decided to take a walk around the block. When I did make it upstairs I found my date sitting at a candle-lit table for two – He’d been there half an hour. He claimed that he was usually late to everything, so he went to extremes by being super early. Which I’m not sure if I believe or not, but it meant he got an extra Corona on the bar tab.

The whole blind date thing was a little nerve racking at first and I think the worst thing was telling the bar staff the reason I was there! There’s nothing more embarrassing than having to go up to a complete stranger and say, “Hi, I’m too useless to get my own date, so I got Salient to find one for me”.

My date was fantastic at calming my nerves. He was interesting and we managed to find a whole lot to talk about. Admittedly, the longer we waited (and the more we drank), the easier the conversation flowed. We started with the basic standard topics – what we studied, what we wanted to be when we ‘grew up’, where we were from. We then moved on to more interesting topics – his business, and interesting ways we could spend the tab. One bowl of wedges and the rest on beer and tequila was our favorite.

Rather than becoming alcoholics and risk getting kicked out before we spent the whole $200, we decided to flash it up with starters, entrées, mains and dessert! The Establishment lost marks with his Caesar salad – no croutons! After much discussion we concluded that a Caesar salad without croutons was breaking the golden rule of Caesar salads. The rest of the meal was okay, but some parts of it took a long time to arrive – possible due to the 80 people function next door. Listening to the lounge music playing in the restaurant and the dance music downstairs (‘Total Eclipse of The Heart’, anyone?) at the same time was a little distracting.

But The Establishment did gain extra marks for our waiter, who was an absolute spangle. After dropping our plate of potatoes all over the floor, he also managed to drop a bowl of corn chips, trip over a chair and nearly make a table fall over while trying to move it. Pure entertainment.

Overall I had a great time, got to meet someone I’d never met before, had a good meal and some awesome cocktails. My advice for future blind daters – skip the starters and entrées and just spend more on booze – you’d be surprised how easy it is to spend $200.


When I was first told I was doing Salient Blind Date at first I was pretty excited at the prospect of spending $200 at The Establishment. It wasn’t really until that afternoon that I started to get a little nervous at the fact that she was a 3rd year student, and was going to be obviously a bit older than me. I arrived at The Establishment twenty minutes early to ensure that I wasn’t fashionably late as usual. Also so I have could have an early crack at the $200 bar tab. After getting a Corona into me (free Corona always tastes better!) my date turned up right on time.

First impression: very cute and not an old hag. All was going well. We started off with the usual “so, what are you doing at uni?” questions, then moved onto hobbies and sports. We had quite a few things in common which provided us with things to talk about. There were also a few other things we talked about that we had nothing in common with. Like rowing. She taught me some stuff about where you sit, and where the cox goes. It turned out that she was, in fact, a cox – for both the male and female teams. She did a pretty sweet job of teaching. After all, she was doing a BTeach. She seemed like a very nice girl and was awesome company for the night. We talked about pretty much everything that could come to mind, including me boring her with talk about my business. The food was pretty good – we decided to splash out and each had a starter, entrée, main, and dessert.

The Caesar salad was okay; however, the lack of croutons in said salad had me pretty upset. We had a good chat about whether or not a Caesar salad without croutons could even be called a Caesar salad. They redeemed themselves with an awesome steak, though. We decided that if we shared a dessert, we would have more to spend on drinks. So we did. After waiting an hour for the dessert, and drinking our $200 bar tab to within a few dollars, the night was over. We both then went our separate ways, meeting up with friends in town to continue the awesome night. I hadn’t been looking for love at first sight – but a chance to meet someone new, possibly become friends, and have a fun-filled night. All of this came true. The highlight of the night was our waiter. He had a tendency to trip and fall over all the time. It provided good amusement whenever the conversation went dry.

To next weeks blind daters – don’t be fooled into thinking $200 will be hard to spend. It’s not. If I were to do it again, I’d spend $7 on bar snacks, and $193 on booze. Cocktails are good, but expensive.

Thanks to Salient and to The Establishment for an awesome night, and allowing me to meet someone I probably would have never met on my own.


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