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Trend Micro Housecall

Has your computer been infected by a malicious virus or spyware that even top antivirus software like Norton, Avast and AVG Free, Adaware SE Personal and Spybot Search and Destroy can’t seem to get rid of?

Housecall by Trend Micro is the best free online virus scan. It has a solid reputation for being able to detect and clean computers from the worst possible computer nasties.

It’s safe to use and trust as it was developed by industry leader Trend Micro which is best known for their PC-cillin range of antivirus products. Since 2004, MSN Hotmail has been using Trend Micro to scan messages and attachments in Hotmail.

Universal to most platforms, it works on most PCs from Windows 98SE upwards and Apple Macintosh from G4 onwards. Linux (libc6 supported distributions) and Solaris 2.6 are also supported.

Easy to use, it downloads Java scripts and then does a complete online scan of your computer. This can take time however – sometimes up to an hour – but it’s well worth the wait. It’s a good idea to disable your resident virus protection program or it may interfere with the scan.

This can be important as most viruses are activated by virus killers conflicting with other protection programs. Here’s hoping Housecall might be the answer to your problems. It’s certainly helped me out in those moments of computer despair and frustration.

Google Earth

Bored with that expensive Atlas your Nana bought you for your 8th birthday? Do you have a lot of bandwidth to burn? Well Google Earth might be just the thing you are looking for.

Google Earth is a virtual globe program that maps the earth by the super-imposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS over a three dimensional globe. It’s like having the entire planet inside your PC – an atlas, encyclopedia and flight simulator all rolled into one. Just point and zoom to any place you want to explore. Cities, mountains, and valleys are depicted in high-resolution 3D, along with related information. Find local information and plan trips by searching for local businesses and get driving instructions.

Google Earth is amazing! You can literally go anywhere on the planet and zoom in. The level of detail is stunning in highly populated areas, although tiny villages can be limited in resolution. Stun your parents by using the image capture option and email the image of the family home.

However, there are some issues with using Google Earth – most notably the amount of bandwidth you can use up. It might not be a good idea to have everyone in your flat using Google Earth 24/7.

Censorship is also a concern, with some criticising Google over their willingness to cripple their dataset to cater to special interests. Some governments are concerned that the software provides information about military or other critical installations that could be used by terrorists. Incidently you can find Area 51 with Google Earth.


Getting bored looking at the same old websites day in day out? Are you staring at the Mozilla Firefox homepage racking your brains over what to type into that Google search bar? Well Brainbashers is a good boredom busting site that you might want to sneak a peek at every now and then.

Brainbashers has a large collection of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions. There’s the usual standards like Crosswords, Sudoku, Hangman as well as things like Wassat?, Whosat?, stereograms, riddles and How Low Dare You Go?

You can even do jigsaw puzzles! The pieces are scattered and you click and drag them around just like a real jigsaw puzzle.

But it’s not just about dry puzzles, there is a massive database of games that pack a bit more interactivity and action. There’s the old standbys like Solitaire, Mah Jong, Battleships, Snake, Shooting Gallery, Asteroids, Pacman, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong to more exotic games like Bookworm, Turbo Tanks and Pingu Throw. There are so many games, you could get lost at Brainbashers – a guaranteed boredom buster.

Youtube Video of the Week


Strange Faces and Noises I Can Make –

Yet another of the talented weirdos that populate Youtube making strange noises and pulling faces.


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