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Go Ask Alice!

Go Ask Alice! is a really useful site that the hypochondriacs among us will get the most out of.

But if you are just a regular student you might also find it useful, innovative and original. It was started in 1993 by Columbia University for both students and the general public with questions or curiosity about health topics. In on the ground floor at the dawn of the Internet it’s likely to be the world’s first major health Q&A Internet site.

Go Ask Alice! is simple and very user friendly with clear categories and search functions located in the top left hand corner of the site.

Around 2000 questions are asked per week and there are more than 3000 questions and answers in the archive. The site is supported by a team of Columbia University health educators, health care providers, and other health professionals, along with information and research specialists from health-related organisations worldwide.

Here’s a couple examples of some of the questions asked. To read Alice’s wisdom you will have to visit the site for the answers:

I have read about men and women having sex with animals, e.g., dogs (Women On Top, by Nancy Friday, Simon & Schuster, 1991). Apart from it being against the law (I think), are there medical reasons why this is not a good idea? For example, are there STDs that can be passed from animals to humans? Are there immunological consequences from depositing sperm into the vagina of another species? Is this kind of sex common?
-Sheep herder

Dear Alice,
I’m a virgin, and the first time my boyfriend inserted his fingers in my vagina, it hurt a lot, and I got sore down there. I didn’t reach an orgasm, but faked it so he would stop. I didn’t enjoy it at all and I was wondering… is this going to happen when I have sex? Is it going to be as disappointing?
-Touched by a finger…


Started in 1999 this quirky site claims to have the funniest stuff on the web every day. The creators are Grevan Spiridellis (the JibJab brothers Gregg and Evan Spiridellis). It is kind of like a comedy YouTube where users upload their videos, photos and text jokes and other users either Jib it (thumbs up) or Jab it (thumbs down).

Slowly building a cult following JibJab exploded during the 2004 presidential election when JibJab created a Flash movie entitled ‘This Land’, which featured a parody of Woody Guthrie’s song ‘This Land Is Your Land’, sung by animated caricatures of presidential candidates George W. Bush and John Kerry. It was so popular that it featured on NBC and ABC World News Tonight and even made it as far as inspiring the National party’s Taxathon ad for the 2005 election campaign.

But it’s not just all about witty Flash animations as JibJab have introduced a new feature that allows members to compile and view jokes (both text and multi-media) with more than 100,000 jokes stored on archive.

Common victims of parody at JibJab are Paris Hilton, George W. Bush, Chuck Norris and Jay Leno. JibJab is an essential humour site that you should add to the list to join other staples like The Onion.

Do you ever require information and definitions about information technology?

If you do then you should check out The site describes itself as a knowledge exploration and self-education tool about information technology, especially the Internet and computers.

With a mammoth fast reference database of more than 4,500 individual encyclopedic definitions and topics it will leave all geeks salivating. Launched in 1996 gets visited more than a million times a month, serving more than 50,000 visitors each business day.

What makes interesting is that it’s not only just a handy look-up place but a place where IT professionals can quickly learn and master new concepts, technologies, skills and products. This is due to it being interlinked with other information technology web sites. Need to learn about the latest open sourced software and want some links to more in depth data? Then may be for you.

Youtube Video of the Week:

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

This quirky presentation sums up New Media/Web 2.0


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