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August 13, 2007 | by  | in News | [ssba]

Eye on Exec: A city fit for an exec

The exec met this week within the confines of Box City. The excitement of a myriad of pretend hobo homes proved too much for at least two exec members who ran off to smoke cigarettes.

However, despite being surrounded by the Stalinist, vegan and bogan slogans that adorned folks’ boxes, the meeting was conducted at a brisk pace with an almost complete absence of political grandstanding.

In the absence of President Geoff Hayward (who was away on comfort duty in the Hospital), the Vice Presidents passed over last week’s minutes and briefly discussed the progress of their hobo town. Environmental Officer Tushara Kodikara then described the many horribly tedious meetings and committees he has to attend to remind the University to attend to do things environmental.

The meeting then got down to the pressing business of organising poster runs. Activities Coordinator Dusty McLoughlin had put forward a statement that, since volunteers run away and hide from the hours of icky poster-pasting to be done each week, VUWSA should pay the Salient Distributor for 3 hours every Tuesday to do the poster deeds. He wrote that the Distributor was “not adverse to the role extension”, however Treasurer Alexander Neilson thought it inappropriate for one staff member to negotiate extra hours for another staff member. Campaigns Officer Tai Neilson then pointed out that postering is a two-human job, where one human holds paper while the other brushes paste, so the proposal was flawed.

The exec mooted trial periods and voting on motions, but Education Vice-President Joel Cosgrove decided that they should just “keep the dialogue going”, so the matter was left unresolved.

The next item on the agenda was the need for a car-clamping person, to be hired on a permanent 10-hour per week basis to clamp the cars of the naughty persons who use other folks’ reserved car parks. The exec generally agreed that the car-clamper should not be paid on a dollars-per-clamp commission-basis, because this makes them clamp-happy. Eventually they decided to accept a revised car parking policy, but left defining the car-clamper’s job description until later.

Now the exec had to decide whether to approve Salient feature writer Nicola Kean’s request for a $700 grant from Team Vic to help her fly to a UN climate change conference in the USA.

Tai Neilson thought the grant should only be given “on the condition that she stops writing bullshit” about the exec’s behaviour, but Alexander Neilson pointed out that this would infringe upon Salient’s editorial independence. Someone then argued that it is immoral to fly across the world to discuss global warming.

Clubs Officer Melissa Barnard duly put forward a new motion, “That VUWSA does not attend any more conferences and [instead] uses video conferencing.” The proposal would mean no more NZUSA conferences for the exec. It was seconded by Kodikara but found no other support, so was defeated while Kean’s grant was approved.

After the exec voted to give Education Officer Stefan Tyler a $650 bonus for all his hard work, the meeting closed pretty much exactly 30 minutes after it opened. This was generally agreed to be something of a record time, although Cosgrove thought the quickness was only because Hayward was away, meaning the exec couldn’t discuss all the fun items they had planned.

Perhaps the exec was also keen to run off and fetch hot chips for Box City. Either way, while they did get through their motions efficiently, neither the poster-pasting nor car-clamping roles were actually resolved, so the exec still have much more discussion to look forward to.

Opinion by Tristan Egarr


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Tristan Egarr edited in 2008. He threw a chair once.

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