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August 13, 2007 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Pecking Order

Number of Kiwis on antidepressants in 2007 and in 2001 (respectively): 1,004,471; 697,574

Chance that a legal antidepressant will alleviate severe depression: 1 in 2

Chance that a placebo will do the same: 1 in 3

Number of Kiwi toddlers who have swallowed party pills in the past five years: 5

Percentage of British children aged seven to eleven who say they “Worry about global warming”: 34

Percentage who believe their own parents are to blame for the problem: 15

Estimated chance, worldwide, that a father is unknowingly raising another man’s child: 1 in 25

Number of deaths of Kiwi males aged 25 to 34 years in 2005: 207

Rank of this in terms of number of deaths compared to any other age group: 1

Ratio of Americans killed by lightning since January 2002 to those killed by terrorism: 3:2

Percentage of the 651 fatal or wounding terrorist attacks in 2005 that took place in Iraq: 32

Ratio of the estimated U.S. cost of ratifying the Kyoto Protocol to the cost of the Iraq war so far: 1:1

Days after her coronation in April that an Iraqi beauty queen resigned, citing death threats: 4

Average number of litres of blood spilled to produce one mink coat: 6.25

Year in which residents of a mountain village in Fiji apologized to the descendents of an English missionary who made the mistake of touching a chief’s head and was cooked and eaten for the insult: 2003

Amount lost by the Fiji Visitors Bureau after cancelling the first week of a new tourist campaign to attract New Zealanders: $2000

Percentage of Fiji’s gross domestic product earned by tourism: 20

Number of the world’s top ten English language scrabble players who are not native English speakers: 3

Estimated number of different languages spoken at home by Alaskan school children: 110

Number of positive responses TVNZ and Salient have received for their use of Te Reo during Maori language week (respectively): 1023, 0

Number of complaints (respectively): 23, 5

Weight, in grams, of all the information that passed through the Internet last year: 0.001

Cost per minute last spring for callers to the Vienna public library to have literary erotica read to them: 63c

Average number of minutes callers listened: 4

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