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September 28, 2007 | by  | in Online Only | [ssba]

A-Team suffers defeat en-masse..

Recount going down: Young Labour apparently behind it

The A-Team failed to retrieve any positions on the VUWSA exec during this year’s General Election.

The results, announced moments ago, declared Joel Cosgrove as President.

Melissa Barnard and Reverend Paul Danger Brown are the Education and Welfare Vice Presidents respectively.

Alexander Neilson will return as Treasurer, as will Rachael Wright as Queer Rights Officer.

William Wu is International Officer, Georgina Dickson is Women’s Rights Officer, General Exec is Fiona McDonald, Seamus Brady, Katie De Roo, Sonny Thomas and Stefan Tyler.

Environment Officer is Mark Newton, Council Rep is Chris Bishop and the Publications Committee Reps are Matt Davis and Jordan King.

The A-Team missed out on any positions on the 2008 exec. Welfare VP candidate Anna Duggan says they won’t be commenting until Monday.

A re-count has been called for the position of Council Rep, by Young Labour candidates, according to a source.

Congrats to all candidates. Salient Issue 24 will carry the full results of the election (at time of writing, I was too beerily impaired to read the numbers.)

Oh, and apparently I got eight votes for President. Fuck yeah!


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  1. Chris says:

    Shit, close.

  2. Ha!

    Oh. Joel as President. Kind of an entertaining proposition. Almost as funny as Nick Kelly running for mayor.

    Enough to make me regret being so far away. But I guess, thanks to trusty old Salient and the interweb, I can key into the hilarity every week of the school year.

    Bring back the helmet Joel. Give the people what they want.

    Maybe get arrested again. Who knows though, could actually lead to a popular president. A garishly visible freak’d may be far superior to a worker.

    No one wins re-election. Student politics is kind of callow. The guy who hasn’t made a fool of himself, but will, noses ahead of the guy who hasn’t yet.

    Kind of makes me wish the A-team had stormed in and shut the whole show down.

    Condolensces Geoff. But you’re better off for losing.

    Fitter. Happier.

  3. Chris says:

    More productive.

  4. Bernie G says:

    Lucky number 7. :D


  5. Hamish says:

    I suspect Student Health Counselling Service will be book up for the foreseeable future. Poor Lucas. So hopeful, so self-assured, so virginal, so arrogant and so blind. If he only knew..

  6. Chris says:

    Anyone got details on the recount?

  7. Nick Archer says:

    Video is up allready on SalientTV…

  8. CJ Hunt says:

    So have the voting figures actually been released? Who was the 6th person to be elected to the general exec, since it is likely that they will get on as Melissa will take WVP?

  9. Taco says:

    Peteremcc has the numbers on his blog,

  10. Clint Heine says:

    Pity about the huge amount of apathy.

    How come VUWSA managed again to scare off most of the students from the polling booths?

  11. peteremcc says:

    And in a stunning upset, VSM is victorious in every single position with 15,695 abstentions.

  12. maggie says:

    hehe. right wingers are funny.

  13. >> says:

    Haha, no A team members got in.And thank god they didnt get in.Joel will be an awesum prezzy:)

  14. vinzzzzz says:

    haha, no “A team” members got in.An thank god they didnt. Joel will be an awesum prezy.Hope he does the things he promised.

  15. Pat Squirez says:

    Oh gold-Very happy indeed!

  16. Michael Oliver says:

    Well, there goes that “Now That’s What I Call Music Vol. 14” I planned on getting with my $25.

    The tears…

    … they will always fall…

  17. Max Donelan says:

    Haha! How much money did those losers spend on their campaign! Congratulations Mark! You’re gonna be an awesome Environmental Officer.

  18. Happy Smurf says:

    Yay! The vast left-wing conspiracy is beginning to take effect! Someone give Lukas a hug. Or a Dr. Phil book. At least

  19. Conrad says:

    Or Clint, the voracious and overwhelming A-Team campaigning turned away ‘normal’ voters.

    (I think thats what jordan Williams called them)

    It seems like the A-Team shot themselves in the foot.

  20. blogette says:

    Clint mate you and your mates lost, don’t try and spin it any other way, 10% of the student pop, double last year’s turn out, they all turned out in their droves and it was a landslide to the left

  21. blogette says:

    and if you weren’t based in london you’d know 90% of ppl vote electronically now

  22. Bianca says:

    Lucas’ grandmother (Rodney Hide) will be so disappointed. she (he) might request that $100 ($1,000) back due to the unsuccessful campaign.

  23. Michael Oliver says:

    Clint, this is the funniest sentence I’ve read all week:

    “VSM is coming, and if VUWSA doesn’t wise up, they will be destroyed.”

    Except, of course, if the majority of students elect to be VUWSA members.

  24. “General Exec is Fiona McDonald, Seamus Brady, Katie De Roo, Sonny Thomas and Stefan Tyler.”
    Don’t count on it. Section 45 (h) of scedule 2 means that only the 5 candidates (including Barnard) polling most the votes are elected. There is no provision in the constitution saying that the 6th candidate gets elected if one of the general exec members gets a position elsewhere. Although section 20 of schedule 2 says that no person can hold more than one psotiton on the exec, it doesn’t prohibit a person from being elected to more than one position. It can be argued that barnard has been elected to both positions and has to resign one before the new exec takes office. If this is the case, the resignation will come under section 6 of part 3 of the constitution, which make it clear that a byelection is to be held.

  25. blogette says:

    michael of course as he has all week misses the point

    if the majority of students elect to be VUWSA members then VUWSA will have wised up. thats the fucking point about being able to chose to join or not, dumbass

  26. Nick Archer says:

    O’Kane there was no byelection last year and Chris Renwick got in as a result as being the 6th candidate…

  27. CJ Hunt says:

    Nicholas – I dont think so. I think the 6th candidate will be deemed elected – I will have a read of the constitution at some point and have a look.

    In the meantime – Graeme and Alex (the other constitutional people) – what do you think?

  28. Craig D says:

    You think 10% turnout is a testament that students care about VUWSA?

    9 out of 10 people couldn’t be bothered with clicking on a link and spending 30 seconds voting. You have to try pretty hard to ignore the significance of that.

    Thankfully I won’t have to be around for “our” second Marxist president in the last few years… enjoy your new cabal VUW!

  29. mike says:

    hahahha craig d…. and even less students wanted the A-Team in.. suck it up buddy,, students don’t want VSM or right wing lossers in power

  30. Blogger says:

    blogette, CP, or whatever your name is – you really are a dick. Some people hide behind a pseudonym because it allows them greater freedom to make interesting points. However, you use it lambaste others with your spite. Please, say something worthwhile or fuck off. A little grammar wouldn’t go amiss either you semi-illiterate bitch.

  31. Blogger says:

    …and thank god that numb nuts O’Conner didn’t get in. I bet she’s pissed:-)

  32. Michael Oliver says:

    if the majority of students elect to be VUWSA members then VUWSA will have wised up. thats the fucking point about being able to chose to join or not, dumbass

    What is this garbage supposed to mean? You’re trash, blogette. Throw yourself in the bin The bin, sweetie. The fucking bin.

    I believe the majority of students still favour the existence of a union, the ideals it represents, the inherent good it does contribute to the university at large – regardless of the lacklustre performance of the executive council in recent times.

    Clint’s “VUWSA WILL BE DESTROYED, AND YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS, CAPTAIN PLANET!” prophecy of doom was ridiculous to the point of outright hilarity, and I’m embarrassed on his behalf for it. I’m even more embarrassed, oh-woah-woah sweet pseudonym of mine, for your continued half-assed attempts to ridicule and demean those of us who disagree with you from behind the two-way mirror of your fucking awesome and hypercool choice of pseudonym (you own a blog; you’re female; slap a feminine ending onto blog and holy shit, sugar pie – we’ve got ourselves a ballin’ mask to rile up trouble on ‘ol Salient with!)

    It’s boring, repetitive gimmick that thousands upon thousands of more interesting internet users have done before. You’re trash, blogette. Your posts are boring, and you get angry when discussing student politics on the internet.

    Again; you get angry when discussing student politics on the internet.

  33. The election says that someone can stand for more than one position but can only be elected to one. Therefore once melissa formally notifies her selection of WVP then she cannot be declared a winner of General Exec when the final results are issues and Stefan will be declared elected.


  34. Clint Heine says:

    LOl, you crack me up. You shot your self in the foot already…. if 10% of students voted how on earth will that 90% voluntarily join it if VSM came into effect?

    Still…. it is good to see the few chanting the whole we know best mantra. Wasn’t that what stuffed VUWSA last year? Haven’t you learned yet?

    I’m just waiting for the VSM bil to come into effect. It did wonders in Aussie :)

  35. Clunt Heine says:

    LOI? Does that mean laugh out idiotically? I can imagine you doing that.

  36. Graeme Edgeler says:

    Nicholas et. al. You are looking for Schedule 2, clause 20 – you may stand for more than one position, “but can only hold one”.

    To be perfectly honest, it isn’t clear as to what happens. It doesn’t say that Melissa gets to choose, or that place getting six gets elected, but that has always been the practice – a constitutional convention if you will.

  37. Thanks Alexander and Graeme for your legal opinions on the issue. I understand thats been a longstanding practice and until yesterday took it for granted that number six getting elected was what happened under the constitution. It was only when looking to see the paticular clause that I began to question this practice. The constitution is vague in this area.

  38. Nick Archer says:

    I am more interested in discussion/analysis of where the votes fell, clearly Young Labour have 700 votes across the board, A-Team only 500 with 8 of those voters not liking Lukas, and clubs and rep group members along with reading their weekly email from their clubs voted en-masse against the A-Team.

    As for President, Cosgrove despite what his nay sayers were saying (i.e. pointed out that he got 419 voes of no confidence last year, but overlooked the fact that he got 629 votes) he clearly benefitted from a visible campaign and solid support from the various campus’ and hostels (like every Education VP do if they run for President…). Melissa was always going to be popular, and Neilson too…

    What is evident is that Young Labour cleaned up big time capturing 4 vital General Exec positions putting them in a strong position for seniority on the exec in next 2 years and more stoushes with the A-Teamers in future and clashes with those who come through the EAG in next year’s elections too…

  39. blogette@b says:

    are there ANY right-wingers make it?

    isn’t bishop a bit of a righie?

  40. Graeme Edgeler says:

    “a bit”? I suppose you could say that…

    I wonder if that 2 vote victory is the reason for the reported Young Labour recount.

  41. Happy Smurf says:

    lol a bit if a righty……..

  42. Nick Archer says:

    Yeah, Young Labour would be foolish to not ask for a recount when it comes down to 2 votes, but it will be tough as most of the ballots were electronic, as long as the 2 extra voters were clear on the paper ballots Chris should be feeling confident he will stay elected…

  43. blogette@b says:

    how in hell did he get elected then with the landslide to the left

  44. Nick Archer says:

    He got elected because he is so well networked and experienced. Council is hard work as you have to read mountains of material…

  45. Cracked says:

    I guess not everyone likes Sonny…

  46. CJ Hunt says:

    Bishop’s political leanings dont affect the executive, because he isnt on the executive. He is a separate University Council rep – but his relationship with VUWSA is the same as a normal student.

    From the look of the exec, it is a very similar structure to the present exec – and the year before – left leaning. Bishop is right-leaning, and students elected him on that basis.

  47. Did I mention I also got eight votes? Who are these voters? They’re so crazy.

  48. Wow, this was unexpected. While I consider myself a dyed-in-the-wool filthy leftie, I was absolutely adamant that the A-Team would “piss in”, as a colleague of mine put it, and perhaps deservedly so. The $25 refund was a totally unfeasible concept from the beginning, but the principle was right – students at Vic seem to be paying a hell of a lot more in levies than are strictly necessary, and I personally would have voted Geoff a second term based on his willingness to concede the point and cut his own honoraria. Throughout the year, he’s seemed to me to be the competent host of the Muppet Show, and really deserved a second season with a different cast.

    While I think the A-Team’s policies would have been incredibly destructive in the short-term (poor representation of special interest groups, the push for VSM and the absolute catastrophe of trying to facilitate the $25 refund), it would at the very least wipe the slate clean for the association and provide some measure of accountability.

    I do wonder whether Cosgrove will bring the same traits to VUWSA as he did at NZUSA and SJS. Let’s hope the A-Team managed to put the wind up the new Exec and compel them to provide more demonstrable achievements than their predecessors.

  49. Clint Heine says:

    Theo Q W,

    At last some sort of analysis that isn’t directed personally at anybody. I too feel that VUWSA students pay an awful amount for what equates to nothing but awful representation. I doubt though that students will change that much despite the efforts of the A Team.

    Looking at this thread it seems the students are still angry :)

  50. Lou says:

    Nick, the reason Cosgrove’s no confidence votes last year were significant is because it was by far the highest proportion of all single candidate races by a large margin. That said, he won because he had a highly visible, fair campaign – even if the promises were largely uninspiring. Geoff on the other hand spent too much time trying to diss the A Team and not enough selling himself. People don’t really dig negative campaigning.

  51. A Team supporter says:

    I hope the A-Team decide to become a club, then affiliate and get their $7 a student and then do an en masse conscientious objective – afterall they certainly do not think the elected reps will represent them in the ways they wish which is grounds to be allowed to conscientiously object

  52. Nick Archer says:

    Lou, Joel was associated with Nick Kelly, that said he still got a lot of votes for him, those no confidence votes were this time around votes for Lukas… Yes Geoff had no campaign save for Sonny Thomas and others going around dissing the A-Team…

    So Theophilus that means that Stefan, Paul, Alex, Gabrielle, Genevieve and Tai who weren’t embroiled in controversy are muppets and Geoff is the ONLY competent one out of a centre left-left exec that had no right wingers on?
    yeah right…

  53. Tushara says:

    Nick, so are you trying to say that I was embrolied in controversy? yer right.

  54. Nick Archer says:

    Sorry, forgot to mention you Tush! I was just mentioning some who came into my head at the time who definitely aren’t muppets (not to suggest that the others are muppets also) Take back any inference that you were embroiled in controversy!. My main point is that any suggestion that everyone but Geoff is incompetent is highly unfair as Theophilus seems to be suggesting, even most of those who were embroiled in controversy aren’t incompetent…

  55. Tush says:

    I think it is fair to say that most people (in which I don’t include you Nick) have little idea of what VUWSA really does, or how successful we are. This is in part our fault of course, but I believe that the whole exec have done a really good job this year. Even Bernie, who is labelled the VUWSA piss drinker, has out performed in his role. The events that VUWSA have hosted have been really successful. Of course, you can’t really blame us for the punks at NOFX (we can’t control people’s behaviour, now can we).

    VUWSA is sticking to budget, something that has been unheard of for years.

    Just because Salient reports on the fun digs and jibes that are said during exec meetings (a group of friends having fun, something common amongst all groups of peoples) does not reflect on what we actually do during the week, Anyone that disagrees with this, and then comments, should first read all our work reports this year (I dare ya), and then you have somewhat of a leg to stand on. Noting that a lot of the time, I do not include everything I do on my work report, and I know that is the story with the rest of the exec.

    If you do comment before reading our work reports, this means you are ignorant. Ignorance may be bliss, but shows that you have learnt nothing while being at uni. Imagine writing an essay, making a grand argument, with no research, you would surely fail.

  56. Graeme Edgeler says:

    “VUWSA is sticking to budget, something that has been unheard of for years.”

    Serious? I suppose two years qualifies as “years”, but it’s really not difficult to come under budget the year after a 25%+ increase in the per student membership levy…

  57. Alex says:

    Fuck. The A Team lost, now what am I to live for?

  58. Sam says:

    Well the results just proved how fucked up VUW is. What a bunch of left wing fucking tree huggers

  59. Squishy Monkey says:

    I knew it. I bloody knew it. there was no way A-team was going to get in. there was nobody i wanted to vote for this election except that environmental dude. what a shame. rachel wright is a pompous prat and joel cosgrove needs to go shove his head back in his helmet. these guys sure as hell dont represent me.

  60. annabell says:

    screw vuwsa

  61. sam says:

    Fuck you joel. Just remember how you got laughed out of our class.

    I bet you will be spending all our shitty wasted money on getting mashed.

    Down with VUWSA

  62. Through a Glass darkly says:

    It is pleasing to see the voter turnout increase.
    It is interesting that A-Team promises were exposed as democratically unpopular
    It is concerning that VUWSA staff interfered.
    It is annoying when a guy with a novelty Helmet thinks he has the sand to run a million dollar organization.
    It is funny to hear Clint Hiene (how many votes in ousa elections?) preach about low voter turnout
    It is still funnier to hear so much about the glory of VSM when voter turnout is dramatically lower at AUSA.
    It is disappointing that the future executive is still underwhelming.

    For those that were just looking for smart leadership and not necessarily left/right idealogical factions its just a big …..sigh
    Though there was debate… controversy and electronic expression. I suppose the silver lining.

  63. Edmund Barker says:

    Can’t we all just get along? The A-team lost, which is fine, hopefully they learned what students really want from the successful candidates’ policy and hopefully the successful candidates do a decent job and represent the student body as accurately as possible.
    Why do we have to be so advesarial?

  64. JC says:

    Come on is anyone really surprised. 10% voted … the 10% that benefit most from taking others money to finance their interests and agendas. They would be crazy not to. As for those who didnt vote, the cash is paid back ~10-20 years down the track so is not a big concern right now. Nice try A-team, but you must know you were never going to win.

  65. Returining Officer says:

    Actually it’s closer to 14% of students who voted.

  66. Returning Officer says:

    Wow, so much for reporting the facts….

    General Exec is Fiona McDonald, Seamus Brady, Katie De Roo, Sonny Thomas and Stefan Tyler – no, at the moment it is Melissa Barnard instead of Stefan Tyler!

    A re-count has been called for the position of Council Rep, by Young Labour candidates, according to a source. – ?? Really! That’s amazing how you seem to know that when nobody else does, including my self, the scrutineer, the election committee and three impartial arbitrators who, at the moment haven’t been appointed as there have been NO disputed made.

    Oh, and apparently I got eight votes for President. Fuck yeah! – Lol well really two students voted for you and by them expressing their desire to try and vote for you, their ballots were discounted as they were breaching the rules set out on the front page. Looks like you got some smart followers!

    Some advice… If your going to argue that your reporting the FACTS, maybe you should get the REAL FACTS first rather then publishing a load of crap.

  67. Returning Officer says:

    Returning Officer – there are over 21,000 vic students, and there a little over 2400 votes. That’s less than 12%. If you were only able to find 18,000 eligible students or so it means you’ve disenfranchised 3000 people – a bad thing, not a good thing.

    Really, I think its strange that you seem to know better than the University how many students (entilted to vote) there are! I also thik it’s amazing that you know how many paper votes were made.

  68. Irma says:

    “Returning Officer – there are over 21,000 vic students, and there a little over 2400 votes. That’s less than 12%. If you were only able to find 18,000 eligible students or so it means you’ve disenfranchised 3000 people – a bad thing, not a good thing.

    Really, I think its strange that you seem to know better than the University how many students (entilted to vote) there are! I also thik it’s amazing that you know how many paper votes were made.”

    Many staff members are also students, but are ineligible to vote. That could explain a chunk of those “disenfranchised”.

  69. Returning Officer: For someone who has refused to comment to Salient or cooperate with our staff and volunteers in any way whatsoever, you sure have a lot to say on our website..

  70. Happy Smuf says:

    Stick it to her Laura, I bet she is writing her comments from her Mossad built bunker in the depths of Upper Hutt. Silly woman.

  71. Graeme says:

    I don’t claim to know better than the University how many students there are.

    The University itself says there were 21,076 last year. There’s no way there are 3000 fewer students now.

  72. Kerry says:

    Don’t be so sure of that, Edgeler.

    10% rise in post-grad fees in 2006, 12% rise in International Students’ fees, a lot of people didn’t come back after that.
    Undergrad fee rises are only the tip of the iceberg, and Fee Maxima doesn’t address Post-grad or International fees.

    The University is not going to publish figures that show negative effects of policies that they are welded to at the hip, now, are they?

    I know for a fact that post-grad student ID’s weren’t on the database given to the returning officer, so that post-grad’s didn’t receive the voting e-mail, and most didn’t bother to chase down the relevant proof’s to show that they should be enfranchised.
    Plus a great proportion of post-grad’s are also staff, thus can’t vote.

    These are issues that the VUW administration controls, not the returning officer, who has this problem to deal with at every election, due to database management by VUW.

  73. Returning Officer says:

    Invitations where sent to the e-mail address students supplied to the University. Invitations were sent to VUWSA’s constitutional members. Not all people who turn up to Vic everyday are full members of VUWSA.
    And of cause I am happy to place my opinon on this forum and not talk to you. What I say here is published how I say it, and isn’t twisted so far from the truth just to make people look bad.

  74. Caven Stott says:

    “I guess not everyone likes Sonny…”

    Sonny Thomas is the embodiment of the idea that those who seek power should be the last to get it. He is a two-faced, politicallty cynical professional brown noser.

  75. Lou says:

    I can imagine it now: Laura and Steve sitting in the Salient office after everyone else has gone home, plotting over whose reputation they should destroy, laughing manically as they pick the next helpless victim….

    Get real. And learn how to spell.

  76. Returning Officer: Since you are happy to comment on the website, do you have any further comment to make on the fact that you told me you have had no issues whatsoever during the election, despite candidates, voters and the University saying otherwise?

    Take, for example, issues with some students not receiving the vote email. The University said: “The Returning Officer has raised approximately three examples of ‘missing’ students. These students were only enrolled for the first trimester and therefore had no current enrolment. Central Student Administration staff did offer to provide a new listing of all 2007 students regardless of the end date of study but was advised by the Returning Officer that this would not be required.”

    And compare this to statements by both candidates and voters that they were unable to stand or vote because they were only enrolled in first trimester papers – which you had to sort out.

    Yet when I mentioned these issues and asked you what other issues you’d had during the election, you responded: “No, I have had no problems and I’m not sure where you got your information from but it is incorrect.”

    It makes you think.

  77. Nick Archer says:

    Whatever Lou… and does any actually spell correctly on comments to blogs?

  78. Returning Officer says:

    Not really, The way I see it is if you want accurate information you should get it from the top. That is where I got the current student association members details from. For the whole duration of the election I only spoke to one staff member of the University, he happeneds to be one of the only people with full access to all student details (current, past, full time, part time, internal and external), and the only thing I spoke to him about that regards your comment is how to make sure post-grads students get the invitation (which as far as I am awear most of them did) .
    As far as students not recieving the e-mail, It is not my problem if the information they have provided to the University is old or wrong. It is not my problem if a student has a gmail, hotmail or yahoo account and was sent to their junk inbox (whick is what did happen for many students).
    As Returning Officer I see the only real problem I had was the weekend of the 22nd September I spent the majority of the Sunday dealing with candidates trying to convince them to not get an injuction against a paticular news paper. (NOT trying to injuct it myself!!) – You say you report the news, the facts. I think in the future you should talk to a source that actually knows what the real story is.

  79. Peter says:

    Yer Salient… take that

  80. Maybe you could be so kind as to pass on facts to Salient in the future, instead of us having to find second-hand sources, if their information isn’t up to scratch..

  81. Michael Oliver says:


  82. Michael Oliver says:

    This comment section is being hijacked – sorry, guys. It’s now a Student Politician Ongoing Story.

    Student Politician yells into megaphone in quad, is obviously pleased with the reaction “Fee-Friendly Fiona: The Fappable Flapper” gets whenever she performs the dance of the indebted student. Misses his 4:10pm POLS 201 tute. To be continued.

  83. Michael Oliver says:

    Student Politician kicks down Salient’s door, demands to know who was responsible for dropping his name into last week’s “Top 5 People Who Are Dumb-Dumb Heads”, brandishes poorly written letter to publications committee, leaves by screeching “YOU. WILL. REGRET THIS!” and rips copy of Salient up, fails to notice it’s a spare copy from May 2002 . TBC

  84. Actually half of that HAS happened this year, in the world of Vic student politics.. It’s like you’re psychic!

  85. injunctivitis says:

    Returning Officer: I’d like to have seen you try to injunct Salient. You obviously don’t have a clue.

  86. Returning Officer says:

    Lol thats assuming I was trying to injunct them in the first place. Which I wasn’t. If you had read my last comment you will see that I never tried to injunct them, I was only trying to convince candidates to NOT injunct them themselves. It is my responsibility to listen to candidates and utilize the laywer if needed. It is not up to the returning officer to even lay a dispute – you obviously have no cule either (o:

  87. Bill@ says:

    I heard a rumour that the RO didn’t even know what Facebook was? pretty comical.

  88. Dental Dam says:

    That was Bebo. ZOMG

  89. Returning Officer says:

    Lol, please forgive me for not having a life on the comouter. I prefer real conversations. Each to their own comes to mind.

  90. CP says:

    I think it’s really inappropriate for the RO to be commenting on here. It seems pretty petty…you’d think getting down and dirty in these forums would just make her job harder…having said that those who are choosing to criticise her perhaps you should stick to something thats relevant to her performance. Who gives a shit if she doesn’t know whta Bebo/Facebook is?
    P.S. I’m not a post-grad, nor did I only enrol in first trimester but I didn’t get an email…I always have to email the RO and demand one…I know lots of people who enrolled ago (circa 2003) who never get one either
    P.P.S I hope Pippa is back from the US by the time the inevitable by-election rolls around…

  91. Michael Oliver says:

    In the world of Vic student politics, parody and reality don’t have separate forms; they are one and the same. Forever.

  92. Happy Smurf says:

    Great, David Farrar has finally jumped on the VUWSA Election bandwagon a week after the event.

  93. Clint Heine says:

    Through a Glass darkly:

    It is funny to see you try (but fail) to bring up my voting numbers at OUSA. The 2 times I ran I ran on issues and did remarkably welll. Put the shits up OUSA for many years and can safely say I will be laughing at people like you when VSM is enacted in NZ. VUWSA had a chance to change and rejected it. Love it or hate it – VSM will be here and you have had over a decade of warning about it. :-)

  94. Michael Oliver says:

    Yes, from on top of his Tui box throne, Cline Heine casts his hand over the stolen Give Way Sign of Wisdom, searching through its murky depths for a vision of a future where students are given the right to choose whether or not they care about not caring about who they have representing them. With a flick of his cape, he saunters towards his cobblestone lookout, and with arms raised to the thundering heavens he screams, “THE DAY OF RECKONING IS UPON YOU! LET’S SEE YOU FUND THE SPANISH FILM CLUB NOW! MUHAHAHA!”

    Meanwhile, back in Wellington, Joel Cosgrove awakens in a bush somewhere in Brooklyn in a cold sweat…

  95. Mike says:

    “VUWSA had a chance to change and rejected it. Love it or hate it – VSM will be here and you have had over a decade of warning about it.”… What do you mean Clint.. are you talking about when VUW students said no to your brother and his loser mates, or the 1999 referendum, when VUW students said no.

  96. Clunt Heine says:

    Almost every pro-VSM person I know is an über geek who desperately wants to be involved in student politics. However, they realise they don’t have a hope in hell of being voted in and instead of doing something about their hopelessly lacking personalities, they bitterly lash out by campaigning for VSM.

    These piss weak turds have allowed themselves to be tools for far right wing business and political leaders that want to remove as many rights as possible from consumers and employees. Do they really think students will be better off without adequate representation? No, I doubt they do – but what’s best for the students isn’t what it’s about for these guys.

  97. mike says:

    I really hope that Clint Heine hasn’t admitted that the A-Team were all about VSM. Well at least, he is being honest about it.. stupid fool. What a sad git. If I was in the UK, the last thing I would obsess about would be NZ student associations. What a tool!

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