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With it being the Salient Women’s Issue and all, I decided to profile two essential sites for women. To provide balance they represent two polar opposites, one is targeted towards anarcha-feminists and the other is for those who have never heard of feminism.


anarcha is a popular anarcha-feminist website that is “intended to create space for the many voices in the intersection of anarchism and feminism, inclusive of all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages, and abilities.”

anarcha started out initially as an info-distribution centre for The Anarcha Project, which is “a people’s history consisting of interviews with anarchist and anti-authoritarian people (primarily women and transgender folks) in the continental US from 2003 to 2005.”

The site now has a weekly average of 1,632,470 hits which makes it the leading anarcha-feminist site. Like most grassroots based networks it has grown rapidly due to its comprehensive content and resources.

The key feature about the site other than The Anarcha Project is the SallyDarity Anarcha-Feminism & Gender Anarchy Resource Page which was created in early 2003.

It includes “all the links pertaining to anarcha-feminism that one could find in a matter of hours, and grew over the last few years to include hundreds of links to articles and webpages that relate to gender issues from a radical/anarchist perspective or are of interest to anarcha-feminists.”

In the sallydarity library are articles and essays on, among other things; the anarcha-feminist movement, body image issues, identity politics, organising, queer and trans inclusiveness, reproductive freedom, self-defense, and sexism in the anarchist movement. There are also numerous relevant anarcha-feminist links.

One good link I found, which illustrates that anarcha-feminism is not just about women, is Jesse in Jail ( which is about the struggle of activist, student and trans man Jesse Carr who “served a three-month federal sentence in women’s facilities connected to protest against the School of the Americas. During that time, friends, allies and supporters rallied to demand the prison meet Jesse’s basic medical needs by continuing his hormone therapy of testosterone. [The] site offers a collection of writings Jesse and his key supporters distributed during his incarceration.”

There is also an image library with links for archives and artists including Radicala-Arkivet, The Jovita Anarchist Image Library and Eric Drooker.

Finally, to sum up the philosophy and soul of anarcha-feminism is a quote from Emma Goldman (1869-1940):
“Before we can forgive one another, we have to understand one another…”


Every girl will remember holiday breaks and sick days during their school years, where they would sit down with their mum to watch The Oprah Winfrey Show – I know that I do. This was usually on after that dusty The Phil Donahue Show and before the dull Sally Jessy Raphael (whom Kerry Prendergast probably models herself on.)

Aside from her syndicated show, one of Oprah’s most popular media resources is her website, which was launched by Winfrey’s company HARPO to provide “resources and interactive content relating to her shows, magazines, book club, and public charity.”

The global queen of intelligent home and living, and arm chair talk shows, her site averages more than 68 million page views, more than four million users per month, and receives approximately 20,000 e-mails each week.

Professional and slick, it appears that Oprah is thin and happy again when you look at the homepage. The Oprah Winfrey Show features on the left hand side and on the right is a section that features her two successful forays onto the newsstands O, The Oprah Magazine and O at Home.

This month the feature articles blurb for the magazine is: “Go behind the scenes of our fashion shoot, plus, four black belts in browsing show you how to shop smart! What do you really want to do with your life? Find inspiration from women who’ve made big changes and other big passion-chasing ideas…”

Back on the homepage there is ‘More on’, which has quick snippets of the juiciest stuff on the site. Some recent helpful gems were articles on the 10 foods that fight aging and “new ways to get it on with the best sex tip ever and more…”

There are also four core areas that are so totally Oprah: Spirit and self (e.g Thought for Today), Food and Home, Mind and Body (e.g. How to finally get a good night’s sleep) and Beauty and Style.

And let’s not forget Oprah’s Bookclub! The goal for every author should be to get onto her reading list, as it will make you a bestseller overnight! Oprah’s website is essential for women who lead busy lives because as she once put it:
“It’s much easier for me to make major life, multi-million dollar decisions, than it is to decide on a carpet for my front porch. That’s the truth…”


This week ‘Metal Friday’. Also, VUWSA candidates if you want a manifesto video (up to 2 minutes) posted on SalientTV then contact Salient ASAP as they can only be on SalientTV until voting starts on September 21.

YouTube Video of the Week:

Ali G Feminism

Ali G talks to a woman from the centre of gender research about women.


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