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General Exec Candidates


Hi, I’m Bernard-Bernard, Your Friendly 2007 Activities officer and general executive member. I wasn’t going to run this year but I just can’t stand new right young act douche bags. There is a reason for Act poling so low. Bernard-BernardBecause their policies don’t make logical or financial sense and neither do the A-team’s. Personally I wouldn’t vote for anyone whose campaign is funded by the business round table at national, local body or even student level! Yeah. So anyway if re-elected I will continue in my efforts to make Salient an interesting read by drinking piss and such like. Etc.

What can you add to VUWSA?
More fantastic party’s and shows to build on this year’s host of acts I have secured with the bonus of sticking to the budget… These acts were… NOFX, The Black Seeds, Katchafire, Juliet Lewis and the Licks, So So Modern and Low Hum X 2, Blindspott, Odessa, Pheonix Foundation and Many More!

If you had to choose between a hot naked person, and doing your job properly, what would it be?
I have been hot and naked while doing my job this year on numerous occasions during VUWSA events this year and will continue to do so if re-elected next year. In fact I consider it to be part of my job. Also for a sneak preview of the make sure you check out my glory hole expose in Salient issue 23!

Christopher Faulkes

Hi! I’m a second year LLB/BA student who is not really from one place in the country as such. I’m running for clubs officer on the general exec. Christopher FaulkesI’ve been quite involved in Debsoc over the past two years and think clubs have a vital role to play in university life. That said, I also don’t think that people who don’t utilise the clubs should have to foot the bill for them.
Please visit the A-Team website,

What can you add to VUWSA?
As clubs officer I hope to change the way clubs are funded, instead of each and student paying for commerce student cruises I will encourage students to direct their refund to their club or group. I will also have more time to advocate and lobby for sponsorship for clubs.

If you had to choose between a hot naked person, and doing your job properly, what would it be?
Though call. Is hot naked person a potential sponsor for a club? No seriously, I’d like to think I’ve got time for both but if push came to shove I’d always put advocacy and accountability first.

Christopher Smith

My name is Chris Smith. I am running for Activities Officer in the 2008 VUWSA elections. I am currently the Academic Board Student Representative and the Fraternity, Beta Omega Chi, President. Christopher SmithSomething I would love to see change next year is the way students view Victoria University and the pride they have in it. I will push to have more fun and interactive events both on and off campus. University is a time in someone’s life not just to learn academics but to grow socially. I want there to be more opportunities for students to grow in both areas!

What can you add to VUWSA?
I believe one of the most important factors in student success is simply “Student Morale”. Next year I would like to see VUWSA planning and hosting more activities for students both on and off campus. With my background in throwing events as the Fraternity President, I believe I can achieve this goal.

If you had to choose between a hot naked person, and doing your job properly, what would it be?
Well since I am running for Activities Officer, I would incorporate the hot naked person into one of the many activities I plan to throw next year! That way everyone wins! But, if that didn’t fly I would do my job … then go find that naked chick!

Daniel Parkinson

Hey everyone. I’m Daniel, a first year BCA (Economics and Public Policy) and BA student. Originally from Christchurch, I spent most of my primary school years in Wellington and then high school in Gisborne. Daniel ParkinsonI’m involved in a number of clubs around campus, such as Toastmasters and UNYANZ and am a keen cyclist. I believe that university is one of the most defining periods in life, and that not only should we come out of it better educated and more thoughtful, but that we should also come out of it as better people, having had fun, developed strong relationships and taken part in many of the unique opportunities that university life offers.
Please visit the A-Team website,

What can you add to VUWSA?
First year students are the biggest group on campus. As a particularly younger candidate, I believe that I can better represent their perspective on VUWSA. I bring a new perspective, with new ideas and a passion for making VUWSA a much better organization for students than it currently is.

If you had to choose between a hot naked person, and doing your job properly, what would it be?
If I did get the position, I would definitely choose doing my job properly. I’m not a muppet and I want to get the best deal for students that I can.

Fiona McDonald

My name is Fiona McDonald and I’m a fourth year doing Law and a BA in International Relations, Religion and English. I want to represent the students of Victoria because I believe that everyone’s views count and should be heard. Fiona McDonaldI would like to see unity within the Exec and a strong representation of our, the students, needs and I know I can contribute to this.

What can you add to VUWSA?
Honesty and integrity (those dirty words!). Equally cliched: a passion for the job and the ability to hold my ground when it counts. No false promises, just an open mind to what may be best for all of us.

If you had to choose between a hot naked person, and doing your job properly, what would it be?
Bill Clinton seemed to manage to juggle both just fine…only I wouldn’t get caught!!

Joe McClure

I intend to represent students’ real interests within VUWSA. For too long the executive has suffered under the effects of personal politicking and infighting; working within a group of likeminded individuals, I will be able to help make students personal voices heard. Joe McClureI have spent time over my studies as a member of a diverse range of clubs and organisations, including cultural groups, academic groups, and noncampus based organisations. Based on this experience I have a broad understanding of what students want and how to best reach student audiences.
Please visit the A-Team website,

What can you add to VUWSA?
As a member of VUWSA I will be able to add my experience to that of the other executive members and help bring about an improved service for students. At present VUWSA is mismanaged and directionless; I will change this and not let the organisation vacillate with indecision.

If you had to choose between a hot naked person, and doing your job properly, what would it be?
The A-Team promise to do the job right, and encourage students to involve themselves with attractive people. If getting the job done properly required turning one hot naked person down, then so be it. I disagree however that hot people prevent efficient work or that doing the job properly involves a permanent conferee of unattractive people.

Katie De Roo

I want to make sure that students are given the best possible opportunities and support to ensure that our time at university is positive and memorable. Katie De RooThis means that essential services such as the creche, free bus tickets and student support services must all be maintained, and well funded. Clubs are a vital part of the university culture and provide a great social outlet for us. Their importance cannot be understated. As a member of the General Exec, I will fight to maintain funding for all clubs, and will make sure VUWSA continues to support clubs in every way possible. We are at a great university, and I intend to be part of a vibrant VUWSA executive that will help, promote and encourage you during your time at university.

Melissa Barnard

Hay I’m Melissa and I represent students. I’ve been the VUWSA Clubs Officer for the past 2 years and I’d like to think I’ve done a pretty good job. Melissa BarnardMy time at VUWSA so far has been educational and constructive. I’ve always put clubs and students first and support their funding. This has been seen by the introduction of Clubs Carnivals down at Pipitea and larger club turnouts at Clubs Days, which allow clubs to attract student members. I’ve also dedicated personal time to sit at numerous grant meetings to ensure clubs get the funding they need.

What can you add to VUWSA?
Apart from two years of institutional knowledge as Clubs Officer, the fact that I’m still here shows that I’m loyal and dedicated to seeing the job gets done. And a great amount of sex appeal.

If you had to choose between a hot naked person, and doing your job properly, what would it be?
The only hot naked person I want to see is Richie McCaw and as he’s out of the country well then… Also any Black blooded person would understand that I can multitask and do I need to re-iterate that it’s RICHIE MCCAW!!

Mike Heine

I am a proud member of the A-Team. I am in my sixth year at university, having completed a degree in politics from Otago and am now slaving away on a BCA in public policy and commercial law. Mike HeineHaving been at uni for – lets face it – way too long I’ve decided it was time I started giving back. As a member of the A-Team I am committed to ensuring VUWSA concentrates on what should be its key goal – ensuring Victoria students are receiving a better education than anyone else.
Please visit the A-Team website,

What can you add to VUWSA?
I am very interested in one of the Education officer positions. Having studied at other campuses I know the quality of education here can (and must) be raised. If elected I would hold the University to account on behalf of individual students and the student body as a whole.

If you had to choose between a hot naked person, and doing your job properly, what would it be?
In a perfect world, I’d be able to deal with both at the same time.

In all likelihood, Hot Naked Person would prefer I just focussed on my job. We don’t live in a perfect world.

Paul Smith

I’m an approachable, energetic, and fun person. I have played basketball at the Uni Games, I go to dress up parties, and I’m often seen in Courtney Place bars. Paul SmithBut when the going gets tough, I knuckle down and get results. I spend long hours in the library, and I engage in debates till the bitter end. I fight for what I believe in. These qualities enable me to be a passionate advocate for Vic students. My main focus will be to make sure that every Vic student knows that VUWSA is here to help them.
Please visit the A-Team website,

What can you add to VUWSA?
My motivation for standing was my concern that recent executives have strayed from the real issues. I will not allow this to happen. I will ensure that the executive focuses on student advocacy.

If you had to choose between a hot naked person, and doing your job properly, what would it be?
Though tempting, and though I don’t often get such a choice, I am committed to doing my job properly. Students elect the executive. We are responsible to students, so we must be accountable, and act professionally. I will not tolerate anything less.

Robert Latimer

Hello, I grew up in Nelson, I have an passion for social equality. I would like to see the student association grow and be seen as a place where students can come for any type of help. Robert LatimerI believe I can represent students from many different backgrounds as I have done in SANITI Nelson Polytechnic Student association. I hope to be given the chance to be elected and make a change for the better in VUWSA. Thank you

What can you add to VUWSA?
I believe I have learned that everyone has a right to learn and be respected. I believe I can bring what I have learned from my time in student association. Also by being able to listen to students ideas.

If you had to choose between a hot naked person, and doing your job properly, what would it be?

I would do the job properly as I think VUWSA needs people with a lot of focus to make it great and reclaim student respect.

Seamus Brady

My name is Seamus. I was torn out of apathy and into wanting to stand for VUWSA I was disgusted at emergence of the A-Team and the implications of their plans for students. Seamus BradyI’m a believer in a student association that serves students, not severs them. Their blatant attempt to butcher what is left of student welfare, activities, campaigns, minority representation and advocacy is a total desertion of the principles that underpin VUWSA and something that I cannot fathom any self respecting aspiring student representative would want to advocate and put their name to. I intend to serve students, not myself.

What can you add to VUWSA?
VUWSA requires people are genuinely concerned about and are willingly to represent the whole student body. I’m neither a Muppet nor a Puppet and have no hidden agenda only the desire to appropriately serve the Association and Students. I also make a decent vegan chocolate cake.

If you had to choose between a hot naked person, and doing your job properly, what would it be?
I like hot naked people. But at VUWSA hot naked people are a glaring rarity and would most likely only manifest themselves once and only when I have done my job properly.

Sonny Thomas

Kia ora, I believe in representation for Students. An active association that makes a difference by campaigning for change – that’s why I got involved in VUWSA. Vic needs a new association free of Muppets and Act Party Puppets. Sonny ThomasI am not new to helping campaigns for change; I campaigned for Civil Unions, Keeping the Drinking Age at 18 and abolishing Youth Rates – at High School I campaigned to get rid of the Destiny Church. No Muppets and Act Party Puppets, vote for me.

What can you add to VUWSA?
VUWSA needs someone who is willing to represent students, and do what’s right by students. Keep Clubs, Rep Groups and increase funding to them. There will be no getting rid of clubs, and no destroying campus culture. No Muppets. And No Act Party Puppets.

If you had to choose between a hot naked person, and doing your job properly, what would it be?
I like to think that I can do many things well, and I would make the combination work. Some things may slip in standard – but generally would be fine. At the end of the day I want to represent students – and their concerns, hot naked students included.

Stefan Tyler

Hi my name is Stefan Tyler, the current VUWSA education officer. With all the VUWSA bashing that’s been going on you may think right a Muppet, but ask yourselves where you have heard my name.Stefan Tyler It is likely you haven’t as I work quietly in the background trying to get things done for students. To me VUWSA is not a step on some political ladder or other way to pursue an agenda just something that to be done.

What can you add to VUWSA?
Any organisation finds hard work and dedication useful, I offer that. In addition I have the knowledge and experience of this year to offer, and working relationships with many of the people need to get things done at VIC.

If you had to choose between a hot naked person, and doing your job properly, what would it be?
Any hot naked woman I care about will be willing to wait.


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