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September 17, 2007 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Judge Rudy

From testimony taken in June last year in Oklahoma v. Thompson. Lisa Foster was the court reporter for Judge Donald Thompson, the defendant, from 1988 until 2003, when she was served with a subpoena to testify against him. In 2005, Thompson was charged with four counts of indecent exposure, and last winter he was found guilty of all charges and sentenced to four years in prison. Patricia High is the assistant prosecuting attorney.

PATRICIA HIGH: When you were working as the court reporter for Donald Thompson, did you ever notice something unusual in the courtroom?
LISA FOSTER: We were having a jury trial, a condemnation trial, and I heard a noise-it sounded like shh-shh, but I thought it was air coming out of the vent that I sat under. I meant to ask about the noise, but I got busy and forgot about it. A few months later, I heard the noise again, and I realized it was coming from the bench. I looked up at the bench and saw that Judge Thompson had a plastic tube on his penis. I was really shocked and kind of scared because it was so bizarre, and I didn’t know what to do.
HIGH: What did you do?
FOSTER: I could feel myself turning red and I was getting upset, but I kept writing.
HIGH: During the many times you heard the noise, what would be going on?
FOSTER: When I first started to hear the noise, there was always something going on in the courtroom, people were talking, so I couldn’t hear the noise real well, but then later, toward the end, it would be completely quiet in the courtroom and you could hear Judge Thompson pumping. I remember once he was using the pump during a rape trial. Another time it was during a murder trial. A baby that had been beaten to death. The baby’s grandfather was teary-eyed describing the last time he had seen the baby, and the judge was up there pumping. It was sickening.
HIGH: Let me ask you this: How many times would you say you saw the defendant’s penis?
FOSTER: At least 15 times.
HIGH: Are you able to describe the defendant’s penis for the jury?
FOSTER: When I first saw his penis, it was just normal flesh colour, but toward the end, the skin looked raw. It was really red with a purplish tint to it.
HIGH: Did you ever see his penis erect?
FOSTER: A couple of times.
HIGH: Besides using the penis pump, did you ever see him do anything else unusual while he was on the bench?
FOSTER: Twice I saw him undo his pants, pull out his penis, and urinate into a trash can. Then once, during the closing of a murder case, I glanced up at the bench and he was sitting there, holding his penis with his left hand, with his scrotum pulled flat, and he was shaving it with a razor. Not with long strokes. He was just picking at it.
HIGH: During any of the jury trials, were you ever approached by anyone about what you saw and heard?
FOSTER: Once we were on a break and a juror was getting into the jury box; and she said, “Ma’am, do you know what that noise is we’re hearing?” I asked her what she was talking about, and she said, “It’s kind of like a popping sound.” I told her it was the microphone because when you turned it on it would pop. She said, “No, it doesn’t sound like that.” She asked the guy in front of her how it sounded, and he said, “Like shh-shh.” I told her I hadn’t really noticed, but she said, “Well, would you ask the judge to quit it?”

E.T Phone Home

From 100,000 messages for space aliens received by Team Encounter, a Houston aerospace company.

The company periodically beams these “cosmic calls” into space as radio broadcasts and plans to launch them, along with DNA samples from the contributors, on the Humanities First Starship in 2007.

I wish to talk to you. I wish to meet you. I wish to tech you. If you have time travel capabilities come here and take me with you.

I have included a sample of my body so you can track me. I am NOT AFRAID!

Please don’t be hostile because when I am president I will not surrender.

When you receive this, I will probably be dead. I would like you to have this as a keepsake for you and your fellow “whatever you ares.”

Jim Christman was in nuclear business and his quote is, “Buy low, sell high.”

The Cook Family, they are the future. I love everyone and am a very happy dog!

If! die prematurely, my plan is to be frozen in liquid nitrogen at -196°C until future technology can repair and revive my body.

Tweety is a unique bird. Frizzy is nice. Taco Bell is a good fast-food restaurant. Madonna is omnipotent.

I walk upright and travel otherwise in a car. I have personally had six contacts/sightings of UFOs. I look for the day the U.S. government will come clean on what it knows. I love spending money and getting money.

Commencing Countdown. Engines On! -Major Tom

This world isn’t such a bad place, we just have to get rid of all the jerks, then it would be perfect.


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