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September 17, 2007 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Lucid Dreaming

Last night I had the strangest dream. It involved little box men, me having sex with a friend, and a Morphius/god man making me relive various moments of my past that seemed relatively unimportant, only to have me realise they were truly defining moments in my life that were actually holding me back spiritually, and by facing these again I was releasing and overcoming them.

I am an oneironaut – one who explores the dream realm; I lucid dream. According to my old friend, Wikipedia, “A lucid dream is a dream in which the person is aware that he or she is dreaming while the dream is in progress. During lucid dreams, it is often possible to exert conscious control over the dream characters and environment, as well as to perform otherwise physically impossible feats”. By my own definition, lucid dreaming is wicked-bad.

In various lucid dreams I have time traveled, become an energy being and/or manipulated energy, flown, walked through walls, changed my form, gained mastery of kung fu, shifted between realms, met God, been a god, created a commercial aeroplane from back to front piece by piece with my mind and teleported this aeroplane mid-flight to a new destination. I’ve controlled minds, been a dragon, a fox, been Spiderman more times than I can count, been Batman, been a vampire, been a transformer, fought werewolves, ninjas and secret agents, met beings from other realms, and have had copious amounts of the most intense sex imaginable. Just like Spawn, a lucid dreamer is limited only by the extent of their imagination. The amazing part of these dreams is that they feel completely real, not like the foggy dreams before you wake up where you might be aware you’re in bed but your brain is doing its own thing, or dreams where it feels real and makes sense, until you wake up and realise how weird your dream thoughts were. The feelings and sensations are so intense and lifelike it’s a little creepy, and you are thinking like you would in waking life. Because it feels so real I sometimes think I must be actually awake, or partially awake, and just be imagining it, so I will try to open my eyes to look around or be aware of my surroundings, then I actually wake up, coming straight up from deep REM type sleep, and curse myself because now I’ve lost the dream completely. There is often a particular instant in your dream where you ‘become’ lucid, a kind of snap of realisation, this often requires a ‘cue’ – something that has happened in the dream that doesn’t happen in waking life. In most of the more intense lucid dreams I’ve had, at the time of realisation everything around me shifts to become crystal clear, sharper, and more vibrant in colour and clarity. Things are jaw droppingly beautiful and detailed, you can become lost in the details around you. These are the times it’s good to fly, just soar through the air and look around you.

The most incredible lucid dream I ever had involved me flying along in the New Zealand countryside with an urgent destination in mind. I became lucid after looking down and seeing a river below that was liquid silver and realising I was dreaming. At this point I also realised I wasn’t actually enjoying this dream at all, so I flew down to the ground and concentrated very, very hard until everything around me dissolved away until it was just me floating in this vast void of nothingness. Then I chose a place I wanted to be and slowly created my environment, starting with the hills in the distance and slowly adding in everything in between. I was creating a city and built skyscrapers, cars, lights, people… everything! I then began to change myself into a woman to see what it was like, this was hard, my first attempt was less than satisfactory as I was a bit of an odd shape and my boobs didn’t feel right. After several attempts and numerous alterations things finally seemed correct and, as far as I’ll ever be capable of knowing, I experienced what being a woman is like. I then flew to a bar, flirted with a group of girls, summoned myself a man and proceeded to have wild, experimental sex with him in a room behind the bar.

There are ways of learning/improving your dreaming abilities, for anyone interested there are heaps of books or articles on the topic, and if you havn’t already seen it, Waking Life is a must see movie about lucid dreaming. The basic thing to work on is improving your dream recall, keeping a diary of your dreams is excellent for this – filling it out as soon as you wake up or you will quickly forget your dream, I have been keeping dream diaries for over two years now and if nothing else they are an incredible, and at times disturbing, read. Improved dream recall helps with distinguishing between common ‘dream’ and ‘real life’ events. Another thing you can do is to create compulsive habits for yourself in waking life that if you try in a dream won’t work, like pinching yourself. Waking Life suggests getting into a habit of flicking the light switch on and off when ever you enter or leave a room as you are not supposed to be able to alter light levels in your dreams, though I have twice in the past so I’m not too sure about this advice.

Trying to practice lucid dreaming is very, very, frustrating. For starters you can only try to practice it when you are asleep, and then it’s infrequent. Things I’ve found that help with lucid dreaming are regular sleep patterns, light meditation before sleep and healthy living. Things that help screw it up include eating food, taking stimulants like caffeine or alcohol, or engaging in any sexual activity before sleep. I sure as hell can’t keep down any rigid routine for the sake of lucid dreaming and if anyone else could I would be very impressed. There is also the problem of the dream sex; you become lucid in a dream, suddenly you can do anything you want – fly, bend space and time, recreate yourself or your environment in any way you want, meet God or other higher beings if you’re able, fill yourself with a euphoria that often lasts on after the dream into waking life… or you can have the most incredible sex imaginable with that person(s) over there with no consequences what so ever. You can imagine up anyone, people you know or imagined, and sex them in ways that surpass anything you could do in reality, and I remind you this all feels completely real. You can experiment with anything or anyone and not have to worry about quilt, regret, STIs or babies. I’ve had a dream in which a close but off-limits female acquaintance of mine and I linked minds and had super hot body/mind sex, touching each other in places beyond the physical. Another dream where a different friend and I swapped bodies, slept around with others, then came together and had sex wearing the other’s body. I’ve taken part in all male tumbles, and dreamed I flew inside a darkened movie theatre and willed everyone inside into a no holds bared orgy. I’ve had a dream where two women and I were all werewolves and had a threesome, turning into wolf creatures part way through. Needless to say there was a lot of rough biting, licking and scratching. The temptation of all this makes it very difficult to maintain any conviction to actively experiment and explore the universe through dreams, but when you do it is an experience in and of its own.


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