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September 10, 2007 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Salient Speed Dating

The Questions:

1. Why speed dating?
2. How close did you come to finding true love?
3. Best pick up line / experience?
4. Worst pick up line / experience?
5. How likely is it that you will see one of your dates again?

Number 1:

1. Got forced into it (damn Tracey).
2. Soooooo close.
3. “Your dad must be a thief cos he stole the stars out of the sky and put them in your eyes.” And “Girl, you’ve got more curves than a race track”! – Nick.
4. Do you have a boyfriend?
5. Depends…

Number 2:

1. Why not! Was told my name was already down so I didn’t pull out.
2. Semi close – need longer than 3 minutes!
3. None tonight but best ever is: “My name is chicken, do people call you rissoles? If we had babies we could call them chicken rissoles.”
4. None.
5. Yes!

Number 3:

1. Why not?
2. Too forced for true love – perhaps?
3. I got my money’s worth – it was free – so yeah!
4. What else can you do in three minutes?
5. Very likely – in the street. 6 degrees of separation!

Number 4:

1. Got tricked into it by a friend who said I was already registered.
2. Not close. 3 minutes isn’t long. Plus, no brown boys. Ha.
3. –
4. –
5. Ummm…maybe. Maybe.

Number 5:

1. Just for the fun of it
2. Pretty close… I’ll pick out my wedding gown tomorrow.
3. A guy wanted to go to India. I’ve been.
4. –
5. Hopefully. Likely?

Number 6:

1. Why not? Maggie roped me in…but it was fun!
2. Close-ish? If it exists…
3. Fuck me if I’m wrong.
4. –
5. Pretty likely, seeing as most go to Vic.

Number 7:

1. I’m terribly desperate!
2. Two frog-leaps away.
3. Oscar Wilde is my hero, and yours?
4. Nice shoe, want to fuck?
5. Wellington is a small town.

Number 8:

1. Because it was a fun idea.
2. Very, very close.
3. You look sexy, but do you act sexy?
4. –
5. The lesbian girl. She’s hot.

Number 9:

1. Friend talked me into it. Thought could be alright.
2. Close to making friends.
3. N / A
4. N / A
5. Will definitely see No.8 again. No.6 is awesome. Liked talking to No.5 and No.2, too.

Number 10:

1. Because it was there.
2. 3 meters.
3. If I’d said it: “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” / “What do you want for breakfast?” Whichever hasn’t been taken.
4. N/A
5. Very. (Put me down for 1-8).

Number 11:

1. Incredibly bored, why not?
2. Meh, it was fun, a couple of the girls were interesting but I didn’t feel like I made any “deep” connection.
3. Didn’t use any, I just use them as jokes with mates really.
4. –
5. Fairly likely, a couple seemed like good sorts – we could hang in future.

Number 12:

1. Because as a high powered executive, I have no time to fi nd love anywhere else.
2. Dang close.
3. Nice shoes, wanna bonk?
4. Ewww!
5. Fairly likely.

Number 13:

1. Long story, friend of a friend, etc
2. Scale of 1-10, about 2.
3. Are you Greek? Because I thought all Gods were Greek.
4. Actually, all round everyone was quite lovely
5. Hopefully likely?

Number 14:

1. Robbie made me do it.
2. Two drinks away.
3. Practicing with the guys beforehand.
4. Why are you dressed like a man?
5. –

Number 15:

1. Robbie invites Tom invites Rob…
2. Probably the closest ever.
3. I like your pants.
4. Where are you from?
5. Likely – Wellington is little.

Number 16:

1. Because Robbie asked me.
2. A hair’s breadth.
3. Who was the most inspiration person you’ve met?
4. Probably something I said.
5. This is Wellington, like dur.


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