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This quarter Salient will be launching SalientTV. What is SalientTV?

SalientTV is an area of the Salient website for video content provided by Salient and VUWSA. Video footage is uploaded to YouTube and linked directly from the Salient website. So far there has been some beta testing with some of this column’s YouTube’s of the week being posted in the past.

In March 1938 one A.H (Bonk) Scotney founded Salient magazine, professing this straight to the point comment on the established campus newspaper at the time “Smad is dead…” Salient was to quickly assert itself as a weekly organ of robust opinion and student reportage in the face of the Spanish civil war and the rise of Hitler.

Internationalism was to be a recurring feature of Salient reaching a peak in the 1970s when there was much Marxist content. A 1973 series titled ‘Demolitions and Engineering’ (from a United States Special Forces manual), explaining how to build railway bombs and pick locks, would trigger several cyber warning flags were Salient to copy and paste similar stuff using Google today.

The Internet itself was first substantially mentioned in Salient in 1994 with two features titled ‘The Digital Freeway of Love’ and ‘Internet and the Battle Against Geekspeak’ and by March 6, 1995 you were able to e-mail staff at Salient.

On October 11, 1999, Salient faced the future with an article that happened to mention yours truly (due to being the token right winger on campus at the time) as a future Vice Chancellor of Vic slashing services and seeking sponsorship in 2021 as the government had reduced “education funding to zero”. Hopefully the future has been changed and none of that will happen…

1999 was also the first year that a lot of content was provided via the Internet with ‘The Znet Commentary’ each week and an increase in images obviously sourced from the World Wide Web. Flicking through back issues today you get a sense of the zeitgeist of the time as you feel like you are being fed a rich and colourful Ritalin diet of informational splendour – suddenly the Internet was now…

Since then the Salient website was successfully re-launched last year with a significant increase in hits -the most being more than 6300 in one day. Long gone were the days of being linked from the VUWSA website. While the weekly printed version of Salient remains the key focus of the magazine by providing physical copy for you to read everywhere from boring lectures to making a train trip more fun, the website has continued to grow in popularity for those stuck in the SCS computer suites.

Key growth has been driven by the frequent use of the article comments section on the site. While it hasn’t yet grown to full capacity to provide deeper levels of analysis that can’t be met in the tightly worded deadlines of the printed edition, it is however providing an avenue for students to communicate quicker than the Letters pages permit.

Earlier this year VUWSA acquired a High Definition video camera for the purpose, as Treasurer Alexander Nielson says, “to promote VUWSA and VUWSA events. These will range from some Orientation bands, club events, competitions and general student life on campus”.

This was the first step in increasing the media capabilities of VUWSA and of course Salient. SalientTV is on the Salient website to provide an interactive avenue to fulfil this purpose.

First off on SalientTV this week is Box City, this is footage provided by the organisers of the hugely successful campaign highlighting the high cost of accommodation and the fight against fee rises. See the bogans demolish their party house the next morning and take a tour of Sigma Omega Pi’s mansion as their sorority President Melissa Barnard shows off the kitchen and Panic Room. SalientTV’s Box City footage has kindly been edited by Heleyni Pratley. To watch SalientTV, just go to the home page and click on the box ‘SalientTV’.

To borrow some Donald Rumsfeldisms: The Internet may be now, but what is now may not be tomorrow, so therefore we know that those in the now must make the most of now so they will know tomorrow that there was a now… let the ghost of Bonk Scotney live through SalientTV and make the most of it… now.

…or go to and click the link from there.

YouTube Video of the Week: Raging Ryan

Think VUWSA is bad? Well check out this student leader really flipping out over balloons in his office.


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