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October 15, 2007 | by  | in News | [ssba]

Queen of Salient crowned

Tristan Egarr has been crowned Queen (or Editor) of Salient for 2008.

Egarr says he wants to take Salient in “a slightly new direction” next year.

Egarr has his Honours in History from Otago, and helped Salient win the Best Feature Content award at the ASPAs recently, as well as placing second for Best Humour Content.

“It’s election year [next year] so I plan to fully utilise the Salient [Parliamentary] press pass,” says Egarr, who plans to send a journalist to report on the goings-on in the Beehive. He says “even if you don’t care about politics it should be a good read.” He also wants to expand the ‘funny’ sections by including more cartoons and hiring new columnists to entertain students.

“A more political student magazine” is Egarr’s vision for Salient, but he also highlights the importance of “not taking itself too seriously.”

Editor Steve Nicoll says that Tristan is a great choice for editor and wishes him good luck.

“Tristan has impressive skills as a writer and has produced clever ideas and initiative as part of this year’s Salient team. He’s a top bloke. Go and work for him”

Nicoll described his journey as Salient Editor as “challenging, but altogether rewarding and is thankful for the large number of contributors who have played a part in Salient 2007”

“I’m particularly pleased by the high interest with Salient by outside media this year.”

Egarr is “really enthusastic” to take the reins of Salient but concedes “Steve will definitely be a hard act to follow.”


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  1. The REAL Phillip says:

    fuck, i hope he gets rid of perigo otherwise i’ma have to open a can of whupass

  2. Tristan says:

    I was thinking of getting him to write Opera reviews…

  3. more like says:

    more like oprah reviews

  4. Evee says:

    but concedes “Steve will definitely be a hard act to follow.”


  5. Informed Opinion says:

    “Steve will definitely be a hard act to follow.”

    Salient is fucked.

  6. blogette@blog says:

    the smart money was on nicola kean, what happened there?

  7. Evee says:

    she was too much of a tall poppy

  8. Tristan says:

    I notice a statement accusing me of being an easy-to-control tool has been removed from this comments thread.

    I would like to voice my disapproval of the censorship of any criticism against the magazine or myself.

  9. Evee says:

    voice your disapproval then, see what good it does

    you can’t change the system

  10. Adamm says:

    I don’t think my comment was removed because of the Tristan comment:

    “Also, Tristan is a more easily controlled tool (not such a threat to an easy target like Cosgrove).”

    It was removed because of the prior sentence which would have been particularly embarrassing (but true) for Steve.

  11. Evee says:

    reprint the comment in full so we can all see it

    in the interests of freedom of speech

  12. Evee says:

    Which staff did he harass?

  13. Adamm says:

    I think young and female was the criteria. Though his “friendship” with Archer seemed a little dubious.

  14. ron paul says:

    it’s not exactly like salient could get any worse

  15. Keen on Kean says:

    Wait. Nicola didn’t get the job? Tristan Egarr did? The one who wrote about the joys of getting stoned and listening to Sublime? Oh, man. Cosgrove is President?

    Steve Nicoll was the worst Salient Editor, in the world. “Hard act to follow” made me choke on my tea. Salient was awful this year. And what good bits in there were lost by the fact that Steve didn’t have a fucking clue how to order a magazine, and the design sucked.

    He dresses like a prison inmate too.

  16. Evee says:

    Wow that comment got removed again … the one about Steve having to go to the Department of Labour for harassing one of his female colleagues. Nice editorial policy by the way

  17. Tristan says:

    Steve, if people want to talk about you then they will talk about you.

    Censoring only confirms their suspicion that you’ve something to hide.

    fuck censorship

  18. Evee says:

    Steve stop manufacturing consent

  19. Douglas says:

    who cares steve is gone burger

  20. Evee says:

    ‘Those that do not learn from history’s mistakes are destined to repeat them. G. Asgar Mitha can be reached at Leave A Comment …’

    gone but still censoring

  21. Sieve says:

    Sexual harassment, starting fights, getting kicked out of pubs and generally being a loser – Steve Nicoll you are a joke.

  22. Golly gosh, that’s a wee bit embarassing.

  23. Douglas says:

    That’s our Steve!

  24. Joanna says:

    Err, Sieve, I think the specific link you were after was, not the Wellingtonista in general. You don’t represent us, we don’t know who you are, and your comment could have been confusing in that regard.

  25. Joanna says:

    And double errr, I meant , no comma.

  26. Nic says:

    Steve I like you and you have been a good president of VUWSA

  27. Steve says:

    so this is how i am remebered..

  28. Nic says:

    Steve I thot you were dead!

  29. steve says:

    I am

  30. Steve says:

    my bones now lie rotting in the mount s t cemetery

  31. Steve says:

    every hour my former readership come and defecate on my crypt

  32. Steve says:

    poor steve :<

  33. Nic says:

    steve’s got the wandering eye do do do do doo

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