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Revenge Of The Nerds: The War Between 4chan & Scientology

If you’re a real nerd, and not someone who just sits in Mount Street Bar and constantly refreshes the Salient website to get the latest gossip, then you will be familiar with the storm that is sweeping the internet. I’m talking about Project Chanology – the internet’s united vigilante attack on the Church of Scientology.

It’s slightly hard to explain exactly what it is, but your author will try his best. Why, you might ask? Well, it’s a brilliant piece of grass roots activism, transposed into the 21st-century communication driven world — with an urbanised post-modern twist. Also I think it’s fucking interesting; if you don’t, go read a film review or something.

There are places on the internet where one should never go. These are the dark internet alleys with content of questionable legality, where one would not browse without the combined protection of Nod32 Antivirus, Norton and Zone alarm firewalls, a padlocked router, the shield of Achilles and the spear of destiny.

One such place is know as 4chan. Based on its earlier Japanese equivalent 2chan, its an image board full of pictures of weapons, gore and badly drawn cartoon pornography. A famed section of the site is the random channel, known bizarrely as /b. The allure of the board is that contributors post anonymously, allowing for extreme examples of absurdism. Over time prominent posters suggested that like-minded users band together to “raid” other websites — an act of frivolous and harmless internet terrorism. Calling themselves “Anonymous” they attacked popular sites such as Gaia-Online, and even enacted a racist raid on the popular game Habbo Hotel — citing as their main motivation the chance to exact “epic lulz” (layman’s translation: a bit of fun).

Anonymous kept their fun to the internet, being perceived as an annoying menace, comprised of immature fools and shut at home geeks. Their main public interaction was being dissed by internet cultural repository However, at the end of 2007 all of that was about to change. An in-house video from the Church of Scientology was leaked onto YouTube. It depicted Tom Cruise ranting to fellow members about the direction of Scientology, the inspiration behind his belief, and his vision for a scientologist utopia. Cruise’s fervour was palatable. The first memes described poor Mr Cruise as “bat shit crazy.”

That in itself is never a justification for religious persecution. However, the Church of Scientology has always struggled with its image as a group worthy of its religious title. Every RELI student knows that there is a difference between a religion and a cult. It is unclear if Scientology is the former or the latter. The American Government thinks the former – it granted the Church tax exempt status, allowing it to rack up a fortune of biblical proportions. The German Government was not so easily convinced, as an application to grant the CoS tax exemptions failed.

The Germans were wary of the Church’s strong focus on commercial payment for services rendered. Like a Tony Robbins mail order tape, followers were encouraged to buy, buy, buy.

Except, this time there was no money back guarantee.

If the Church of Scientology can be deemed a religion, it seems strange that the most active part of the CoS is not its PR department, but its legal team. Oddly named “The Office of Special Affairs,” it has been responsible for countless lawsuits and legal actions — against detractors, former members, and the media. This led to the creation of a media doctrine espoused by the Church named the “Fair Game” tactic. If anyone criticises the church and its actions, they are to be hounded relentlessly. Don’t just take my word for it: the Founder of Scientology (the science fiction writer) L. Ron Hubbard writes in The Scientologist, a Manual on the Dissemination of Material:

The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than win. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well knowing that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly.

The above quote hardly epitomises the more alluring facets of the Scientologist movement.

So what the fuck does this have to do with the internet? Surely the Church of Scientology doesn’t care about YouTube?
Well evidently they do. At the end of 2007, Tom Cruise’s crazy rant got pulled from YouTube — due to a copyright claim by Church. This incensed the lurkers of 4chan and even the goons from There’s one thing you never do on the internet – and that’s get in between a g33k and freedom of expression. Prepare to be spammed with hidden links.

The battle lines had been drawn: Scientology was to suffer the revenge of the nerds. On 16 January Anonymous attacked. First the main Scientology websites were hit by Distributed Denial of Service attacks (nerd translation: so many requests for information from the website in such a short period that the site crashes, or becomes inoperable). They supplemented the website attacks with physical annoyances, such as continuously faxing Scientology offices black pages of paper, and ordering them large amounts of unwanted fast food. These attacks continued until 21 January, when Anonymous released a video on YouTube, announcing their manifesto with a scary computer voice and officially declaring e-war on the Church. The next day the Church was forced to switch their web hosting to ProLexic technologies, a company specialising in ultra-secure website hosting. Yet still the attacks continued.

Up to this point one could dismiss all of the above as just the crazed actions of a bored sub-culture. All they had done was raise awareness of an issue among the internet community and gain a few epic lulz along the way. Joe Bloggs didn’t know about it, and therefore didn’t care. The war could have ended; the hackers could have got bored and given up, leaving the Church of Scientology shaken but unscathed. Rightly or wrongly, Anonymous didn’t retreat. They took their fight from darkened basement LANs to the streets. A brave step: it’s not often Anonymous are brazen enough to make the transfer from hentai image boards to RL (translation: Real Life).

The results were dramatic. On 10th February protests were scheduled around the world in over seventy cities. The largest of these was London, where a rumoured one thousand people came out to protest. Garbed in masks to protect their physical identities and wielding placards, they picketed Scientology buildings with a vengeance.

Let’s put this into perspective. These protests were not directed at a government building or a construction site. They were not barricading an APEC conference. They were specifically targeting a local HQ of the Church of Scientology, which (in London at least) has a street presence slightly larger than a storefront. Imagine one thousand costumed, loud and obnoxious protesters outside the Cuba Street CD and DVD Store. That would be pretty fucking intimidating/sweet.

This extra step by Anonymous certainly had an impact. The London protests alone gained media mentions in both The Guardian and The Sun. The BBC World Service ran with a feature about the pickets, and local media from Cleveland to Dublin reported on their local raids. An active leaflet distribution campaign, both before and during the scheduled events helped spread Anonymous’ anti-Scientology message.

It’s far too early to tell if there has been any positive impact. At the time of writing the e-war was still in full swing. The more interesting question is whether such an attack is positive at all. On the one hand, the active admonishment of a group who have had obvious and documented harmful effects on people should be supported. Critics have likened the Church of Scientology’s Dianetics courses to the Catholic indulgences of the 16th Century. Aware of this, the Anonymous movement has made it explicitly clear that their ire lies not with the Church’s members, but with the money-making and litigious structure of the Church itself. But isn’t that poking your nose in where it might not belong? If the Church is providing a quality service to help those in need, regardless of how irrational it might sound to outsiders — it should be afforded some degree of respect, and its money making would be justified. If its operations are more in place to brainwash and extort, then a public awareness campaign is healthy. But a group of vocal vigilantes should not be judging the distinction. The depravity of the CoS may be evident to you or me, but it’s an observation one forms personally. If you let others form that opinion for you, then you are doing yourself an intellectual disservice.

That being said, if you wish to believe in a universe where every person is infested with Thetans — ghost-like remnants of the souls of humans who were exploded into oblivion when an intergalactic race of aliens led by the overlord Xenu dropped hydrogen bombs into active volcanoes — then feel free. I’d rather stick to Battlestar Galactica. It’s much more gripping.

There is something positive to come from this epic internet conflict. The ability of Anonymous to mobilize and co-ordinate signals the coming of age for internet activism. In a globalized world of shrinking democratic borders, grassroots activism has suffered. The enthusiasm of these armchair warriors is heartening. We can only expect more of this form of truly global political action in the future. In the grand scheme of things the methods of Anonymous in their opposition to Scientology may be dubious, controversial and draconian, but no-one can fault them for trying.

Conrad Reyners


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Conrad is a very grumpy boy. When he was little he had a curl in the middle of his forehead. When he was good, he was moderately good, but when he was mean he was HORRID. He likes guns, bombs and shooting doves. He can often be found reading books about Mussolini and tank warfare. His greatest dream is to invent an eighteen foot high mechanical spider, which has an antimatter lazer attached to its back.

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  1. A few fine points you missed:
    -Anonymous does not only compromise basement dwelling internet geeks, it contains persons from all walks of life, from sundeprived hackers to longstanding Scientology critics.
    -Anonymous does not attack the religion of Scientology, but the corrupt antics of its Church, with its many crimes ranging from suppressing of free speech to abuse and mistreatment of its own members.
    -Anonymous has long since ceased (and now condemns any use of) DDoS, black fax and prank call working methods, trading them in for peaceful protesting. All these protests were without incidents, except for London, where two Scientologists were arrested for assault.

  2. Concerned Anonymous says:

    Like so many poorly informed writers, you have misrepresented Anonymous and the point of the protests. Anonymous comprises people, not hackers. Nor does Anonymous attack anyone’s religious beliefs, except insofar as anyone can claim to be “Anonymous” and say anything. Regardless of the views of the individuals therein comprised, the official position of the group is not difficult to find, the websites are not secret, and you should do your research before you write. If you want to write a balanced article, you need to look at what Anonymous has to say: then look at the other pages and go to the forums at For although the movement had the most rudimentary of its stages on sites like 4chan, it has moved on. I was actually banned from 4chan for posting graphics to use on protest signs.

    In short: do more research before you write. Anonymous protests not the beliefs of Scientology, but the criminal acts of the Church of Scientology.

  3. Concerned Anonymous says:

    There’s a link missing from the middle of my post. Here it is:

    This is the Press Information page from one of the websites Anonymous uses.

  4. Terryeo says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful article.
    In future please do a little research before writing such biased articles.

    I am not a Scientologist, but I must point out a few inaccuracies.

    Project Chanology is actually just a massive bigoted campaign run by a loosely connected alliance of the German Secret Service, the FBI, Communists, Zionists, Psychiatrists, neo-Nazis, and the Russian Mafia.

    The thousands of protesters were not motivated by outrage at well-documented abuses committed by the Church of Scientology. They were there because they have crimes, and they are afraid.

    Please DO NOT look up Scientology on the internet. The internet is full of lies. Do not take any notice of court documents, criminal convictions, judgements handed down by officers of the law, testimonies of victims, the Lisa McPherson wrongful death case etc.

    These might all be biased, influenced by the conspirators named above.
    Anyone posting comments anonymously are similarly biased.

  5. Jack Parsons says:

    Terryeo is a notorious and hilarious $cientology troll who infests the comments box of any vaguely critical article about his fascist brainwashing corporation.

    Hey, Terry, one question – you $cilons can talk to anyone about anything, right? So – where is Michael Rinder?

  6. anon says:

    The internet is not full of lies. Regardless of how much the Co$ has tried to stop it, the internet is full of free thought and free speech. This is why there is so many things against the Co$. The FACT is that they are a business pretending to be a religion and there is so so so much evidence for it if you actually look.

  7. Terryeo says:

    More importantly, Jack Parsons, what are your crimes? Mike Rinder has not disappeared because he knows too much about the inner workings of the Church of Scientology and the abuses of its leaders.

    Your lies will not stop us in our war against psychiatry. We will expose to the public that psychiatry has been brainwashing people into thinking that drugs can help them. Psychiatry is, contrarily to our own organisation, a scam meant to line the pockets of its leaders. The fact that David Miscavige, our leader, leads a life of luxury is not pertinent. The many studies conducted in the field of psychiatry mean nothing in the face of our incontrovertible evidence – our obvious happiness. See, I’m happy. And you are not because you’ve been brainwashed by Psychiatrists and are a drug-addict criminal. We are the only ones who can provide adequate care.

    The not inconsiderable amount you will pay in our care will be nothing in comparison to the good we can do you. After all, why would all those people in our Orgs happily work their days away until well into the night, eating shitty rations for a shitty pay? BECAUSE THEY ARE HAPPY. Not because they’ve been completely disconnected from the rest of society outside the Church.

  8. Terryeo says:

    In reply to Jack Parsons, don’t assume I am the same Terryeo, i think the one you are referring to is a scientologist, I am just an objective observer.

    I would also like to know where Michael Rinder is.

  9. Terryeo says:

    Can I just clarify that the terryeo two posts above is NOT me, he has as his website, which is full of misinformation written by Germans and Psychs. However It is good to see that his message is accurate.

  10. Terryeo says:

    I feel it is my duty as the only completely objective commenter on this article to point out that the person above is impersonating me and is in fact not the real Terryeo. I am unfortunately somewhat of an internet celebrity, having made important contributions for example to the Wikipedia articles on Scientology and Dianetics in an effort to guard their NPOV by removing information critical of the Church of Scientology, ie hate speech. The fact that these criticisms linked to other hate sites with testimonials of ex-scientologists as reference just reinforces that the Germans (NAZIS for those of us who know the truth) and Psychos are actively trying to supress the rights of the Church of Scientology on the Internet.

    My impersonator above correctly points out that the group running Project Chanology, who are nothing more than basement-dwelling hackers on steroids, are funded by the Germans and Psychiatrists. They hide behind their masks and withhold their names so that Scientology cannot defend its rights by suing each one of them for perpatrating the hate crimes of picketing in front of the Churches and singing Rick Astley songs. They are obviously criminals and drug-addicts.

  11. criticalthinking says:

    “our Orgs happily work their days away until well into the night, eating shitty rations for a shitty pay” — Terryeo 1

    “It is good to see that his message is accurate” — Terryeo2

  12. matt the truck says:

    Who the fuck are these guys? Get a room!

  13. Hans und Dieter says:

    We Germans aren’t all smiles and sunshine, you know.

  14. cvanony says:

    Thank you for this timely article. The nexr raids are planned for 15 March; the Wellington raid will (I think) be held at Cuba Mall at 11:00 am. There will also be raids in Auckland and Christchurch.

    For more information, visit

    One piece of information that is lacking from your article – in NZ, the CO$ enjoys the tax status of a charity.

  15. Is there a church of scientology in cuba mall? News to me…

  16. Terryeo says:

    >>We’ll settle this once and for all. I’m up for OT III. Talk to you soon.

    Enjoy your Xenu

  17. Terryeo says:

    I like to frap while looking at pictures of L Ron Hubbard.

  18. Terryeo says:

    I am Terry E Olsen and I’ve never been able to get past clear because I have so many out-ethics from reading sex books on that I have to sell them on Craigslist under the name Boy am I a winner!!!!

  19. Terryeo says:

    Disregard that I suck dix.

  20. Another Anon says:

    I was some what disheartened to find the was no presence from the CoS at clubs day yesterday. I was quite keen to get a “personality test” done, my entheta are off the fucking charts man!

    Legion indeed.

  21. Seebs says:

    Terryeo is a troll who posts misleading comments on pretty much every web article he/she/it can find about Scientology; just do some web searches to find out more.

    I object to the characterization of Anonymous. Not all of us are from the chans. Furthermore, as more people get involved, more and more of us are from wholly different walks of life.

    And no, poking into the litigious and often criminal abuses of the CoS is not poking my nose where it doesn’t belong. There are preteen children being held hostage to keep their parents from leaving the organization, there are people being physically abused, there is torture, and there are people dying. That is my business, and everyone else’s too.

    I don’t care about “weird” beliefs; that’s not my problem. Behaviors which harm other people are, in fact, everyone’s business.

    Yes, I am my brother’s keeper. I am alive today because random strangers cared enough to take action in things that didn’t directly involve them. The chances are you are, too. Here is something that may not directly involve you; here are thousands of people whose lives may be in danger. Get informed. Get involved.

  22. Terryeo says:

    I am the real Terryeo.

    And I know for a fact that the only reason this group of hackers on steroids is stalking us with their bigoted hate speech and German Nazi Psych Marcab money is because they hate to see happy children. They hate children. They hate the fact that we find foreign-born children and give them amnesty at our weekly-rent roach motels, and teach them good values, like working 16-hour shifts.

    Young children love to work. They love discipline. We teach our children discipline with the backs of our hands and the toes of our boots, and this “group” that “calls” itself “Anonymous” hates to see happy, well-adjusted children.

  23. Terryeo says:

    No I am the real Terryeo

  24. Terryeo says:

    @Seebs:- You have obviously been brainwashed as your post is not logical. Why would you want to concern yourself with the supposed wrongdoings of the Church of Scientology when there are other groups out there doing much worse. You speak as if the biggest infiltration of the US governmental organisations in history is a reason to supress our freedom of religion.

    Well, newsflash for ya: nothing trumps freedom of religion. NOTHING.

    On an altogether unrelated note, I would like to warn anyone reading this who might be interested in Scientology to stay away from the FreeZone. They have no right to practice their religion because they are modifying the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. To learn the real tenets of Scientology, read nothing but Church of Scientology approved materials (only, be careful to buy the latest versions as they are different from the originals, which our leader David Miscavige discovered had been modified by Supressive Persons. We wouldn’t want our tech to be modified, would we?).

    The FreeZone also goes against the basic principles of Scietology by providing Scientology materials for free, citing the following LRH quote: “THE WORK WAS FREE. KEEP IT SO.”

    This is such a perversion that I cannot even comment on the quote.

  25. Anon says:

    My crime is caring and not doing something sooner, so now that is out of the way.

    What about Lisa McPherson what were her crimes?

    What about the members of Sea Org who have been forced to have abortions while out at sea? what were their crimes? what was the unborn child’s crimes?

    The list goes on and on so i ask the institutions that run Scientology, what are your crimes? your people are free to worship, you are not free to murder and destroy a fellow Human being.

    Expect us.

  26. Terryeo says:

    I am the real Terryeo and I think Scientology is a cult.
    A very dangerous cult that preys on people that are in vulnerable positions and harvest whatever monetary resources their victims are in possession of. The Cult of Scientology is responsible for numerous documented cases where families have been torn apart as a result of the Cult of Scientology’s disconnection policy. The cult is also responsible for many human rights violations in their mistreatment of their members, particularly staff and “volunteers”. The same human rights their self congratulatory “human rights” front organizations CCHR and YFHRI keep repeating ad nauseam in various self important and completely hypocritical “infomercials”.

    The media is generally too scared of getting caught in one of the many lawsuits that the Cult of Scientology is famous for. The kind of lawsuit that is not about winning but exhausting the media organization’s fiscal resources to the point where the media organization is forced to give up. This has got to stop! Along with the disgusting amount of censorship that media organizations put on themselves to prevent getting sued. Why is the Cult of Scientology able to scare news organizations in such a way? Where is the self respect? Where is getting the truth out to the public in all of this? By being silent you concede of the abuses that the Cult of Scientology conducts, and paint yourself into an accomplice. Step up!

  27. Kira says:

    Nice article Reyners! Ofcourse you have got somethings wrong about the whole Anonymous movement but others have pointed them out.

    I have to say that Terryeo the troll needs to gtfo because he is not a thetan and probably SHOULD go an fap at his Ron Hubbard pictures.

    Reyners: Interesting fact before you go back to your college, Scientologists cannot say the full name of L. Ron Hubbard so if you meet someone who cannot say it you know who he is.

    Very nice article though and I hope that you keep up the good work.



  28. Terryeo says:

    I can’t stand it any longer, I’m leaving the church.

  29. Terryeo says:




    wait.. oh shit wrong one.

  30. Terryeo says:

    I’m not Terryeo
    Hey, did you guys notice that one of the posts has been deleted??!!
    It had a whole lot of links on it…

    Salient is censoring!! How absolutely gutless of you Salient

    Anyway, I’d already read it and had visited some of the links.
    Here’s one of them, can’t recall the others! – Will be interesting to see if this post stays up!!! KEEP AN EYE ON IT!!

  31. “did you guys notice that one of the posts has been deleted” sorry, we haven’t deleted any comments from this thread buddy. why the fuck would we do that?

  32. not Terryeo says:

    Dude, I posted a set of links here thismorning.
    That post is now gone.
    Why the fuck would anyone do that?!

    If your some sort of sys op here, and you didn’t nuke it – then you got troubles *buddy*

  33. Are you the guy that put up links to whyaretheydead and signed with some anonymous “expect us” shit?

    I saw that, where the fuck are they now???
    Somebody HAS deleted them WTF???!! Salient….

  34. Marie Caldwell says:

    The Anonymous vs Scientology is not at all what it seems. I see too much hate here and way too biased and slanted information to really take Anonymous seriously. For instance if they aren’t against the religion of Scientology why do they have a secret programme to try and convert members of Scientology. If they are only against the management of Scientology and not the members, then why is there a hate campaign encompassing all of Scientology and anyone associated with the group.

    No, this is something else and strikingly similar to what happens inside Germany to Scientologists now and what happened in the 1930s to the Jews, Gypsies and Jehovah Witness groups. Is there anyone in Anonymous who is humble enough to look critically at what is happening here and question their motives and motivations? Does anyone from Anonymous know a Scientologist?

    I suspect those who belong to Anonymous cannot see that they themselves have formed a cult to attack what they perceive to be a cult. What they are attacking has become a mirror to their own actions and therefore Anonymous is getting stained by what it is spitting out. Unfortunately however, these words will be lost on those who harbour hatred and consider it to be right.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous isnt against the religion of Scientology as Anonymous doesn’t believe Scientology is a religion (Tony Robbins on crack anyone?).

    Anonoymous isn’t trying to convert members nor does Anonymous hate members (perhaps there are a few exceptions here, I’m looking at YOU David Miscavige). Anonymous started for the laughs, and continue for the people, to repair the damage done (Disconnects etc).

    I note the typical Scilon tactic of citing persecution in the past inside Germany. I see your tactic and raise you this: For the most part hate is wrong; hate put Hitler in power; hate resulted in the holocaust. Yet at the same time it was hate that ended Nazi Germany. We can tar you with the same brush with which you tar us.

    If we forget the lessons of history we are doomed to repeat them.

    Do not forget.

  36. The Salient office has a policy of never, ever, deleting posts. Not even if they are borderline hate speech or are defamatory.

    We haven’t deleted anything. Seriously… perhaps the user deleted them, or the post was never posted?

  37. Marie Caldwell says:

    To “Anonymous”
    It seems that some Anonymous people would like some censorship on what is said about them as well.

    You invite people to view your hate-filled websites and then if they criticise the hate speech used (plus all the childish gabble) they must be from Scientology.

    You might not think Scientology is a religion and use this to justify your actions, however your knowledge of history is sadly limited. Most persecuted religious groups (including Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, Spiritualism, to name a few) were all denied the label of religion during their time(s) of persecution.

    If you met a Scientologist what would you say to them?
    Would you hurl insults and attempt to belittle that person or would you discuss your concerns about their religion, what it is and why they belong to it?

    We all share a common humanity, but like many fascist groups in the past, Anonymous are attempting to dehumanise a relatively small religious group. If you cannot see the hate and invective your group is putting out, then you are blinkered to your own acts and this is a dangerous place to be in. Like I said in my previous post, if you harbour hatred you will not see this, and you don’t.

  38. DEADFORWEEKS says:


  39. Not_Marie Caldwell says:

    Hi, I am a faggot. A secret scifag in disguise, of course, hoping I’d fool others through my use of rational thinking and communication. However I have overlooked the fact that I am an absolute faggot which this undermines anything I have to say. I’m going to go end my life now, thanks.

  40. Anonymous says:


    First… hate filled websites. Funny you should say that considering the link I posted was to part one of the full International Assoc. of Scientologists film of Tom Cruise’s award. For people to see what I see for themselves.

    You can say what you like about Anonymous. You should realise that whilst they move forward as a group ~ generally speaking you are engaged by one, and this one isn’t bothered by what you say though it is my right to rebut it much like it is yours to rebut me. All I did was to merely point out that Scientology is very quick to cite the holocaust, justified or not, and Scientology has done so for a long time, it is an expected tactic on their part. So whilst I didn’t outright call you a Scientologist, due to your citation I do suspect you are one. So Marie, are you a Scientologist?

    We all share a common humanity, but like many facist groups in the past, Scientology is attempting to dehumanise a LARGE group of humans. They refer to non-members as “fresh-meat” and “wogs” and dissentors as “Suppresive persons” who Scientologists have an inalienable right to harass and destroy. Scientology’s ultimate goal is to “clear” the planet ~ that is convert every single human to their cause.

    As I said what is said about Anonymous can just as easily be said about Scientology. Though I will give them this. They have better practise at this than we do… give us time, we’re just into our second month.

    Marie, I do see the hate and thought I had indicated as much, I also see the concern and love. Hate cannot exist without love as hate is borne out of hurt. It is my opinion that a little hate is necessary, and in this case justified. Hate gave birth to Nazi Germany ~ but hate also killed it.

    If I met a scientologist now (I have met one or two in the past but that was before my interest was born) I would discuss my concerns about their “religion”. I would inform them of what I see it as and listen to their answers. I would ask about Bridge progression, I would ask their opinion on psychotherapy. Bottom line I would be civil, but honestly I would have my doubts about whether the scientologist would.

  41. Anonymous says:

    To my other anon’s here ~ please think before you post, be calm and articulate.
    Don’t go off on a tangent calling people “faggots” and the like. It doesn’t help it only hurts us. If you cannot do this Anonymous does not want your “help”.

  42. Marie Caldwell says:

    Thanks, you are starting to understand what I am driving at. Anonymous (the group) use language to describe Scientologists that degenerates and is invokes emotive responses, such as hate. Your note to other posters from Anon is appropriate.

    Yes, I am a Scientologist, but I am not going to make this a forum to question my beliefs. I am entitled to my belief, I think you can agree with this.

    I am curious why you think hate defeated Nazism. In that you are entirely wrong, but history surrounding the fall of Germany tends to be a bit vague when the US and the Russians split Germany’s spies between them and used them throughout the Cold War. Nazism in a sense has not been defeated inside Germany and indeed it has reared its head in other places through ethnic cleansing in Ruwanda and old Yugoslavia. There are curious strains of fascism in the go old USA and England even now. Wars generally aren’t won, they might end, but that is all. The old conflicts in Europe are still harboured there.

    Scientology is a mirror to many things. To understand this you have to truly study the subject, which I’m sure you won’t do at this stage because you are not ready for it. Yes, as a group of people it has made mistakes, but the matters you talk about above have been reformed many years ago. You might want to flog the old lines against Scientology, but these have been put to rest. Of course we want to “clear” the planet, but this is about removing war, crime and insanity from the planet, not about religious conversion.

    You might not be able to rid the world of hatred, but you can remove it from within yourself. If you harbour hatred for anything it is really a reflection of yourself. Love works the same way. These are old teachings and for me they are true. Scientology is an effort to revive this wisdom that we have within ourselves, but to walk this path it will be attacked–we know this. It will continue to go forward with its message into the world and it will continue to help people.

    So to you, my questioning Anonymous person, I truly wish for you the happiness you long for and hopefully will find. When you do, you will also understand the spiritual search and many paths people walk to get there.

  43. Anonymoustoo says:

    Well said Anonymous.

    Marie Caldwell
    Anonymous has no quarrel with you or Scientology. It is the “Church of Scientology” – Co$, we fight against. We all have nothing but care and concern for you.

    You sound like a gentle and caring person, have you thought about practicing Scientology in the Free Zone? It’s open and free and will allow you to advance up the bridge without bleeding you dry, without fear of disconnection and without the consequences of Fair Play.
    All of which you will experience within Co$. We know this for certain, attested to by full and detailed accounts from Scientolgist who were inside Co$ – in some cases for up to thirty years.
    Read their accounts, contact them, talk with them. You’ll find the answers you are looking for on the FP at Xenu (or just about anyplace on the interwebs)

    If you are infact a Scilon you’ll be downstating just by reading this – I’m sorry.
    How far up the Bridge are you?
    Have they told you about Xenu yet?
    Why are there no OT’s? no super powers, no nothing – just a “church’ that want’s nothing but your money.
    Think about this when next you are audited.

    If you must, practice in the free zone. It’s ALL there.

    David Miscavige is squirreling the tech – really he is
    (sorry – couldn’t resist)

    Take care, look after yourself and I hope that you do infact find peace and enlightenment


  44. To Conrad says:

    Dear Conrad Reyners

    I can absolutely assure you I made that post.
    it started:

    ppl educate yourself google scientology.

    I ended it with

    We are legion
    We do not forget
    we do not forgive
    Expect us

    I posted it after Terryeo February 28th, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    And before:

    February 29th, 2008 at 5:35 am

    “My crime is caring and not doing something sooner, so now that is out of the way.”

    It was there for a few hours, now gone.
    I also sent my post to Salient via your story email submission page. Check, it should be there – unless your mole has nuked that too.

    SO – If you don’t delete who does?

    Because someone has…


    We are legion
    We do not forget
    we do not forgive
    Expect us

  45. Jett Fuller says:

    Hi guys! I’d just like to say that as a Scientologist I have had to put up with HATE for years, and this is just another go at it by the uninformed. When I was a kid at school parents would tell their kids (my friends) not to talk to me or be my friend. A little sad, but all based on what they had read in some gossip column! Now I’m a big boy, successful business, happy family and still there are people with their messages of hate. I have studied Scientology and gained much understanding about myself, others and life and have to say it has been worth every minute.
    Perhaps some vested interest is spending money to create and forward this hatred. Its possible. Or perhaps its just a phase. In any case if humanity is to come forward at all it will progress by creating more harmony not less.
    I am very willing to talk with anyone about Scientology if they are actually interested and not just engaging in conversation to twist and malign and spread hatred. The claims have been that Scientologists are not allowed to associate with family or non-Scientologists, however this is not true. It is interesting to me that no matter what the accusation is, the moment this is shown not to be the case by Scientologists, the accusers come up with some new complaint. This signals, no, not that there are many faults, but that the accuser is not telling us about a disagreement with some particular doctrine or idea. What is says is that the person just HATES. Nothing gets solved by hatred.
    As a Scientologist I enjoy helping others in many ways and try to better myself too. Seems to me you can spend your life hating or you can try to do positive things and try to be happy and help others to be happy. I have learned through many years that it is better to make the world a better place and Scientology has gone a long way in doing so if you really care to find out the actual accomplishments of Scientolgists over the years…not all the natter but the improved conditions in many countries as a result.

  46. Anónimo says:

    Scientology has infiltrated governments, killed people by negligence, ruined their critics lives and destroyed families by their policy of disconnection(it exists no matter what you say). Just go to the internet and do some searching, you will find plenty of information just using the words Snowwhite, Freakout, LisaMcPherson. Scientology has a private army(SeaOrg) and a private secret servide(OSA).
    You talk about vested interests, there are none and I dare you to prove me wrong.
    You talk about hatred, where there is love and care for a group of people that is being mislead and exploited. No one here wants to assault people nor destroy proprerty, public or private.
    And if you talk about hatred, then tell me:
    What is a Supressive Person and what should you do about them, according to Hubard´s teachings?
    What is fair game?
    What was Hubbard´s stance about homossexuality?
    What did he say about negroes?
    Or else, just keep thinking we are all just a bunch of biggots payed by the german secret service wich is controled by psychiatrists.

  47. Marie Caldwell says:

    There are a lot of accusations here, so let me put some to you:

    Is Anonymous a religion?
    Where does the phrase “We are Legion?” come from? (Clue, its from the scriptures of another religion)
    Is there an inner core of Anonymous people that you are not aware of?
    Have there been any acts of violence or willful destruction by Anonymous people?
    Does Anonymous have its own language and what do they have to say about Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Negroes, homosexuals, Maoris, Pacific Islanders et al?
    Does Anonymous kick detractors and dissenters off their websites?
    Do you believe everything you see on the Internet and then pass it on as if it were gospel truth?
    Have you read any Scientology books or studied any of its literature?
    Who funds Anonymous?
    Take a look. Think about it.

  48. AnonyMOUSE says:


    Why don’t you answer Anonimo’s questions?

    I’m be very happy to answer yours.

    And you havn’t answerd Anonynoustoo’s Q’s yet either

    “How far up the Bridge are you?
    Have they told you about Xenu yet?
    Why are there no OT’s? no super powers, no nothing – just a “church’ that want’s nothing but your money.
    Think about this when next you are audited.
    If you must, practice in the free zone. It’s ALL there.”

    A Scifag tactic – answer nothing. Paint a rosey picture. Your cult is crumbling around your ears “Marie”

    BTW, Jett Fuller, is obviously a troll, how lovely. OSA?
    “As a Scientologist I enjoy helping others in many ways and try to better myself too” – Blegh

  49. Jett Fuller says:

    Before you go dreaming about who I am, Mouse, why don’t you ask me? Or do you just get all your knowledge by osmosis and misinterpretation? Actually I am not a “troll” as you put it. Is that a special term? You don’t have to make critical remarks when I say I enjoy helping people. Don’t you?
    I work for myself, thank you very much.
    Have you ever done a Scientology course?

  50. Marie Caldwell says:

    I am OT. Yes I do have super powers.

    Your other questions don’t concern me. The reason for this is because they are purely designed to denigrate Scientology as mine are designed to denigrate Anonymous. In other words anyone can try and rubbish anything through methods such as this.

    I don’t expect you to answer my questions, just as I don’t expect you to actually study Scientology from the viewpoint of discovering what it does have to offer in terms of spiritual help and also practical help. I don’t think you like the idea of Scientology helping people. I might even hazard to guess that you could cringe at the idea of people helping others (especially religious people).

    It does concern me however that you could be so thoroughly convinced by what you read on the Internet and not challenge it. I have seen much of the criticism about the Scientology church and I have also seen some very good objective criticism as well
    (eg book Cults of Unreason). There is a big difference. Criticism can be objective to try and improve things, but too often it is subjective and even emotive and driven by a desire to destroy things. I see quite a bit of the Anonymous criticism as the latter.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I cannot speak for my fellow Anonymous only from my perspective as a member of Anonymous.

    I am familiar with Anonymous and the assorted /b/tards and g00ns from various websites on the internet. I have been a part of the culture for the past 6 years. I have taken part in actions against Habbo hotel due to the rascist actions of its administrators and against Hal Turner for spewing bigoted hate speech.

    The current fight against the Church of Scientology started because the DMCA was used as weapon to try and remove information that cast the Church in a negative light. I ask how a religion can claim copyright and ‘trade secrets’? The Church of Scientology should either be a business or a religious organisation – it should not be both.

    Initially Anonymous used DDoS attacks against Church of Scientology websites. This has previously been a standard strategy of Anonymous. But, the Anonymous that you see now, the members of the Enturbulation forums and those taking part in the peaceful protests are not the same as the group that DDoS’d CoS websites. I do not doubt that there is some crossover between these two groups.

    I personally have spoken to Mike Ferriss, I have read the statements made by the Church of Scientology, statements made by members of Anonymous and watched many youtube videos from both sides of the situation. I have read the 1969 Commission Enquiry into the Church of Scientology in New Zealand, I have read court documents, leaked emails and documents from the OSA.

    I believe that members of the Church of Scientology have used Ad Hominem attacks against Anonymous. I do not believe Mike Ferriss when he tells me that the Church of Scientology has never hidden links between itself and front organisations in New Zealand (Narconon, CCHR and Drug Free Ambassadors).

    I believe that the Church of Scientology has sued and harrassed critics that opposed it and has committed numerous human rights abuses.

    For these reasons I protest against the Church of Scientology, not the church or the religion or beliefs.


  52. Tom Cruise says:

    Did you attack Comedy Central for pulling down material for copyright reasons?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Oh, you mean when they were sued by the Church of Scientology to remove a particular episode of Southpark?

  54. Terryeo says:

    Thanks to encyclopedia dramatica (don’t you wish YOU had thought of it), I have found the source of my increased google hits. You realize you might be helping someone’s stats, hmmmmm ?

    I’ll tell you what it is, people.

    Scientology is a study of knowledge, to understand it.

    But that is too simple a statement to understand unless you’re so high toned that you can tolerate that much simplicity. But if you want it all in one line, there it is. A study of knowledge, to understand it. That’s essentially what Ron Hubbard said on March third, 1952 when he introduced the term but you’re not going to get it unless you can tolerate a whole lot of simplicity.

    HA! Leading the antagonistic horse carefully to the water, the owner watched the horse refuse to drink the water because the exercise was too simple. There was no struggle, no argument, no Lulz and no antagonism. But then the horse wasn’t owed the water, anyway.

    Here, as long as I’ve just discovered the source of the extra google hits and I’m feeling particularly friendly, Scientology is:

    A study of knowledge to understand it.

    There is its logical jot, beginning, cornerstone, foundation and bedrock. Its logical path begin with Dianetics. Many people making recalls of previous lifetimes led to Hubbard sorting through the chaff to find the salient, workable element, preserving and carrying it foreward as Scientology. Hey, ho all day. I’m glad to finally say it as simply as possible, too. But no body is going to get it except Scientologists because it is too simple to grasp unless you are high toned enough to tolerate the simplicity. Ohhh, the Lulz !

  55. Not Anon says:

    Scientology is so dumb. I tried it out. Stupid

  56. Another anon says:

    Marie Caldwell said: “I don’t think you like the idea of Scientology helping people. I might even hazard to guess that you could cringe at the idea of people helping others (especially religious people).”

    Incorrect, Marie. Remember that we do it for the lulz. So Anonymous’ targets usually have one or more of the following properties:

    1. Inability to handle criticism
    2. Overblown sense of self-importance
    3. Panicky reaction when private information on them is released
    4. Frantic attempts to cover up the aforementioned information
    5. Fondness for threatening legal action
    6. Hypocrisy
    7. Love for spouting repetitive, idiotic rhetoric
    8. Suppression of free speech or free will

    Guess what? Scientology ticks every box.


  57. anonymous says:

    scientology is one of the most corrupted things on earth,

    to Marie Caldwell- why dont you google “operation freakout”, “lisa mcphirson” or “fair game” and educate yourself, these are just the few that i thought of right now though, there are much more.

    but 4chan is an abomination of god, and i dont care if some people say its a sence of humour, they cross the line in so many ways, i can understand some hitler gas jokes or whatever but commets like “too bad hitler diddnt finish the job” or “needs more swastika” isnt funny and you need to understand that 6 million people were brutally murdered and its a discrace to any moral level to treat the issue that way

  58. Anon and on and on says:

    “they cross the line in so many ways”

    The ‘line’ is only in your mind. Now excuse me while I go creatively edit some wikis.

  59. Jojo Bandarez says:

    Fuck sakes.. it’s just the Internet. Misinformation aside, 4Chan is a website for no-life rejects who deeply hate the world in which they live in. All this ‘Anonymous’ and ‘epic raid’ bullshit is merely their retaliation for all their years of being excluded by society’s norm.

    As for Scientology.. everyone is entitled to their own beliefs… you guys are all talking about each other’s side brainwashing people, yet you fail to realize that BY TAKING A SIDE, *you* are being brainwashed yourself. It doesn’t fucking matter, the world isn’t perfect.. there are problems everywhere in the world.. the Internet included.

    Now, can all you nerds please return home to your otherwise anti-social lives?


  60. exonymous says:

    Fact is, Scientology blows. So does anonymous. Let them eat caek.

  61. Insert Name says:


    It seems I have found a suitable thread to fight against evil.
    We shall smite those who stand against us with our violent puns, deal them lashings of our sharp wit and belittle any whom feel that logic can defeat the purity of the lulz.

    At the end of the day, GTFO my internets!

  62. Insert Name says:

    Also, for the true history of the world. Check out the scriptures of the lulz.

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