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March 24, 2008 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Nikki Sixx and Kat Von D get a piece of each others action

So celebrity hook ups are interesting because, well let’s face it, celebrities are interesting, and hook ups are interesting – put the two together and they’re even more interesting. But what makes this particular story so newsworthy is the amount of stuff that’s gone on, online about it. With anything like this you’ll get the internet all in atwitter, but this one takes the cake – the Nikki Sixx (bassist of Motley Crue if you’re to young to know/care) and Kat Von D (ex Miami Ink/now LA ink tattooist/reality tv star) hook up, that is.

This ‘relationship’ is interesting for a lot of reasons. First of all there’s the age difference – Mr Sixx is 49 while Miss D is 26, but hey what’s a couple of decades between friends. Second of all is the exes – last I and everyone else heard Kat was embroiled in an uber public affair with ‘Orbi’ (Roy Orbison’s son) who she was all mushy-eyed over until five minutes ago, and whom she has like a lot of tattoos for/with on her body (her and Nikki also got bro tats, and she has a picture of previous husband ‘Oliver Peck’ tattooed on her thigh – oh and she somehow dated Jackass’s Steve O somewhere all in the middle of this). Nikki was married to a playboy playmate until last year and has since said, “This time around I’ll take the bimbo list and burn it. Let’s take the strippers and get rid of that list too. I’ll never make those mistakes again.” Haha, funny! But even more interesting is the three ring circus fuelled by media that this has all become.

I mean their relationship is just so Myspace. Nikki and Kat apparently ‘went public’ with their relationship by posting pics of each other with captions like “MY OTHER HALF, I LOVE THIS WOMAN….,” “Never thought I’d fall in love like THIS. He OWNS my heart,” and under a photo of them together on Nikki’s profile: “NEVER SAW IT COMING, BUT IT MOWED US DOWN LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN… HELL YEAHHHH, LOVE IS IN THE AIR…” Wow you know you’ve made it big when you feel you should make announcements like this on your Myspace pages for all the world to see… and in capital letters no less. Fuck press releases, why not just post a bulletin? And so they did. Kat Von D’s bulletins are truly awesome pieces of work to read, I just had to quote her so that you can understand the situation on her terms: “Nikki’s been my friend before I met Orbi, remained that way during our relationship, and didn’t unexpectedly turn into something more, until after Orbi and I had already split. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, this I know – but without sounding like an asshole, some people need to chill the fuck out and learn to be happy for others! No point in exhausting yourself with all that bad energy… ON THAT NOTE! I am truly happy with Nikki, and the feeling’s mutual. Nothing feels more amazing then making a connection so deep with someone who understands you, inspires you, supports you, and truly loves you AND what you do.” Amazing, she even posted a blog about it ( if you actually give a fuck).

After all the Myspacing about it and the following coverage in magazines, on talk shows and in various other internet blog type places, it seems that instead of just ‘chilling the fuck out’ everyone has preferred instead to add their two cents, like this guy who left a wonderful comment on blabbermouth:

“Wow, fantastic age difference. Nikki Sixx was banging chicks while Kat Von D was being born.” – mankvill

Or this dude:

3/7/2008 7:03:36 PM She is so F’n HOT! What does she see in him? There’s no room left on him for her to tattoo. She’ll lose interest soon.” – rycheskull

You know, these weird internet dudes with stupid names probably do have a point. I mean, who knows, maybe they are each other’s tattooed soulmates and ‘other halves’ and I’d almost like to think that was true. But the journalist and ex-media studies student in me just sees a relationship cooked up for the cameras by a team of $500 an hour PR and marketing people (as much as I’d like to say to the happy couple – fire your publicist, who needs them when you’ve got Myspace – I’m pretty much unconvinced they came up with this advertising gold themselves, what with a rumoured new Motley Crue record suspiciously timed to come out soon and all it’s just all a little too perfect). Will they stay together and slowly have their bodies turn into one giant canvas for tattooed portraits of each other whilst Kat kickstarts Nikki’s heart forever, or will she turn out to be just another one of those girls girls girls who is too young to fall in love? (Yes I’m sorry I had to write that, it’s Motley Crue, cheese is what sells records…and terribly trashy celeb hook up stories that really only belong on the E! channel. You’re just going to have to deal). No one really knows, but one thing’s for sure, whatever happens, it’s going to be all over Myspace.


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  1. Kathryn says:

    The awesome new Motley Crue album is out in NZ next week – check out the ‘Saints Of Los Angeles’ clip on youtube for proof that the Crue still have serious pulling power!

  2. jolene says:

    Ok, I agree with the people that say let them “Be Happy”..but come on people, I know when Nikki’s happy and hes not..I believe he’s drinking again, which just rips my heart out…I LOVE THIS MAN!!!,

    to you people calling him old he isnt, hes a loving father of 4 beautiful children, hes hard working..and I dont believe she deserve him, I mean if Nikki would just wait, she’ll come, but Kats just not his Soulmate..

    I love this man sooo much I was willing to put him on my body forever..Yeah, you guys can call me nuts..but I feel so strong about this man, its not even funny, when I found out these two where dating I went out bought a 1.5L of wine and just bald my eyes out, I met him once and we shared a Glance and it was love at first site, and I dont care if he makes million she might but I dont, theres just something about him that makes me smile, laught and feel so many feeling at once…

    I just dont like her never really did, and I can bet you his kids dont nither, how is she suppout to take care of 4 kids when she cant take care of herself without a life coutch, I feel for them babies, and how is she goin to descuss the big life changes his 7yr old girls goin to be goin threw, the whole reason Nikki wants a women back in his life is to guide his girls in the right direction, shes not the right women to do that..I prey everynite this end soon,

  3. jean says:

    with all due respect, Jolene, you sound insane. You balled your eyes out for a stranger? How in the hell can you know Nikki isn’t happy? Look, I don’t disagree that he might’ve fell too hard for Kat out of dispair but really you sound like a psycho. I don’t care nuch for KAt. For one thing, she left her fiance for Nikki and that’s not a good start. She’s also cheated on her husband which prompted the divorce.. She falls in love at the drop of a hat and you know the rest, I’m sure. My point is, Nikki doesn’t sound like an angel either. For one thing, he’s sounds nuts. Secondly, he has 5 children. He abandoned his step son and alienated their step mother from the other children. I don’t care if step isn’t blood. He raised him so its his son. Does a good man abandon an innocent child to get back at his ex and not allow their step mother to see them? No. Also, how do you know that Nikki actually never gave up booze? Just because he says so? I’m sure he’s a good father and a tries his best to be a good guy but he has issues and you’re making him out to be this saint and Kat to be this devil. In my opinion, they’re both screwed up and flaky and can’t seem to seperate lust and love so hey maybe they can learn from eachother. You also don’t know how his children feel about Kat. This is something that is private for a reason. You don’t know if she won’t be there for his daughters. That’s what’s making you sound crazy. You say he makes you smile? Well, I’ll be damned. HAve you lived with him? How do you know you’d still be smiling then? You don’t.

  4. Ra says:

    Everyone is so fucking alone, struggling with their huge ego. Why in the name of fuck can t you just shut up bout it and just take them as an example. Face your personal demons first, fuck your selfish ego and just give into passion. Buy!

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