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April 28, 2008 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Fuck Sustainability

Enormous challenges? Shit, when hasn’t the world faced enormous challenges?

Climate change, peak oil, metal depletion, lack of clean water for humans and agriculture are lies. Lies perpetuated by soulless greenie communists. The only reason they’re on the agenda for political parties, newspapers and the Catholic church are the bleeding heart liberal media outlets have latched onto the idea of green economics and way of life and have raped the hell out of the idea so that most people have subconsciously acquiesced to the idea that ecological issues are the be all end all.

You could be fooled into thinking we are taking environmental issues seriously.

The real implication of the continued economic growth is that we all get richer. Environmental limits to growth? Pfft. Once again another convenient lie for all those who want us to regress back to the Stone Age. Governments and major businesses are taking steps to match concerns. However as these public concerns are only weak, the measures governments and business have taken reflect that.

Talking about the food riots in developing countries is hypocritical. The push for biofuels from parties like the Greens has reduced the amount of land available for food production. Thus in a way aiding shortages. A better option for sustainable green development would be to concentrate on solar, wind and hydrogen fuel cells. The current situation will only be exacerbated by greenies calling for more biofuels as the world’s population increases. Increasing food prices, fuel prices are what the greenies offer us. Blatant economic destruction.

Human history is conflctious, of course it is. Most western capitalist systems are based on competition, which is a mild form of conflict. What we need to do is increase international law and the regulations of how resources are traded, migration is handled, and how countries support each other. If the things that the Greens predict are going to happen, they should stop bitching about it and work on these points.

Like the Soyuz space craft that landed in Kazakhstan last week, it was off course, but when hasn’t humanity been off course. The astronauts got there in the end, as so will we.

Week on the Blogs

Over the long break the blogs were a flurry of activity.

Conrad poked fun at funny pictures of Winston Peters, once again screamed doom and destruction over the global credit crisis, had a dig at Uganda’s chief rebel leader/religious crazy Joseph Kony, gave John Key the big ups for his internet policy, and criticised the USA for building walls in their Middle Eastern Sandbox.

Jackson gave us an academic assessment of the republican debate. Reflected on the EFA and started a debate thread. What an intellectual guy.

Comment of the Week

Alan Shore
April 23rd, 2008 at 3:09 pm

Chris, if you got paid to masturbate you would be richer than John Key.

Chris April
23rd, 2008 at 3:55 pm

I doubt that’s possible. He’s pretty wealthy.


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  1. Matt Donaldson says:

    You, “Dr. Manglethwaite,” are a moron. Even if everything you listed was a lie, sustainability would never be a bad idea.

  2. Wee Hamish (who did not stop crying from Aberdeen to Auckland) says:

    See, when I was crying non-stop from Aberdeen to Auckland, my father pulled me out of the overhead luggage compartment (where I was placed several hours earlier in an attempt to quell said crying) and pointed out over the ocean and said “Son… no mattah wot they seey in AURKLAND about yer accent, just remembah that yer Scottish. Dun let ’em take that away from yer, you goddamn shite,” and that’s how I learned about sustainability.

  3. Dr. Peter Manglethwaite says:

    You “Matt Donaldson”, are a cunt. Even if you didn’t look like a drippy green vagina, the sustainability of your face is a very dim prospect.

    Wee Hamish: How I sympathise with your plight. I remember when I was nout but “Wee Petey”, and every time we’d go for a family drive in the Cortina I would go “Daddy! Daddy! Can I ride up front?” and he would promptly tell me there was candy hidden in the boot. But when I went searching for it, the boot would close and I’d be trapped in there for hours with nout to read but the tread of the spare tyre, which was quite hard to read in the dark. After about an hour of driving on what I guess were the rough roads of the Waikato, I would pass out from the accumulation of carbon monoxide, and when I awoke I would find usually find myself at the bottom of a dumpster, although occasionally I would be stuck in a tree. There was this one time when I woke up in a shipping container headed to Azerbaijan. And that is how I learned about sustainability (and giving head to Sailors. A handy trick to know if you’re ever in need of a quick buck)

  4. HellyeaDr says:

    I LOVED your commentary Dr. The general public is fucking retarded. Green has been mainstreamed so hence everyone is following along nodding but not actually thinking about the politics and resource economics involved.

    Fuck Sustainability and may this post leave a carbon footprint large enough to last a century.

  5. Robert Wymer says:

    Hello students of VU,
    Google led me to your blog by mistake. Appreciate your moderate conservative comments as I am a radical conservative, but interested in worldly views of compatriots as well as enemies of right thinking everywhere. Here in America it appears our cause is lost–unless, shall I be un-politically correct, all the racial bigots turn out en-masse to vote. Of course, this is only to counter the 98% of blacks voting for Obama who are certainly not bigots. Not that I am for bigots. They are a dying breed, to their credit; but why did they have to morph into unthinking, masochistic, guilt-ridden idiots? Any of that persuasion on your isle?
    R. Wymer, cdr/mc/usn(ret)

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