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April 7, 2008 | by  | in Music | [ssba]

Here’s to Future Days – Live Review

Night 1

You guys are dicks. I completely blame you for why I didn’t have a better night. 7 bands for $10 – only $1.43 per band! The ticket was the price of about 16 minutes of a lecture. 5 hours of original, appealing music or a quarter hour of that media lecture you never turn up to? Here’s to Future Days (Night One) had everything – a really good line-up of local bands, an awesome venue, good beer, even the appearance of the illusive ‘warrior poet’. Only problem was the severe shortage of people. Throughout the night, the crowd never exceeded 50, and that’s being pretty generous. How do you have a good time if everyone there is capable of pitching their own tent on the dance floor? I mean you can, and I did have a really good night, but it would have been better if more people had shown up.

The festival started off with ‘Secret Act 1’, aka Grusome (the brother of Future Days organiser Bernie Galaxy) with his awesome electronic/nintendo/drum n bass vibe. Despite some technical issues, and a crowd he could count on his toes, Grusome put on a really great show. He was followed by Palace This! (featuring Salient music co-editor Sophie Barclay on drums… so everything I say is totally my own opinion) who never fail to put on a really decent, fun set, largely due to their lead’s amazing vocals and their ability to write solid music. Hiccups plagued them as well, but like the preceding act, a broken bass string in the first song and a well-masked stick fumble weren’t able to faze them too much. Then, the flaming, red-headed, Mad-Butcher-endorsed “Warrior Poet” put on an impromptu ode to the Auckland Warriors of ‘95 out the front; truly a once in a lifetime experience. The rest of the line-up was an interesting mix of hardcore, metal and punk, Due to a week of self-inflicted sleep deprivation I can’t remember too much in the way of specifics, but I do know they were all worth seeing, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Of course, live reviews are pretty much useless, but I really hope all of you to go out and see these local bands before they either explode into a supernova of drugs and bitter conflict, or sell out and start writing jingles for Welcome Chicken. This little city has a lot of musical talent; all it needs is a bit of support.

Night 2

“Here’s to future days”: the title for the three-day music festival was an idealistic and optimistic toast to the undercurrents of New Zealand’s music culture that are supposedly going to flower into beautiful things. Thought Creature, Malenky Robot, Cherry’s Gemstones, Bastard Sons of Greypower, Big Flip the Massive, This City Sunrise, and Dial all featured in the line up, and by the end of the festival had worked me into a state of near alcoholism.

I had to admire the spirit behind the event, as it truly was a good attempt at promoting small bands that (for the most part) show promise, but honestly I was shit-bored the whole time. The music offered was at times ridiculous and degrading to the intelligence of the onlookers, and most of the few dozen people that were there had left Bodega well before the 1:30am finish.

Heat Like Me, the synthesised dance quartet were the apex of the entire ‘festival’, playing early on the second day, but after that the experience of “Future Days” was one giant fucking fingernail screeching over a blackboard. I don’t know what two-piece Goodbye Galaxy (feat. the event organiser Bernie “Galaxy”) would describe their genre as, but it certainly isn’t anything near music. Their awful synthesised space sounds, and vocals of a girl screaming “you mother fucking slut” as shrill as possible, wasn’t ‘art’, it wasn’t even a novelty, it was shit. Tommy Ill’s effect on the Wellington scene is also wearing off. You can only witness him attempt irony at rapping about how famous he is, to an audience made up entirely of his friends so many times before what used to be “fun” just becomes stupid. The majority of the rest of the sets passed without really offering anything special. Malenky Robot, however, are always a treat and the bland acts surrounding them made their set all the better, although I was a little sad to realise that their once quirky post-punk has now dissolved into plain hardcore. This City Sunrise were another highlight, if just comparatively.

Honestly I don’t know what else to say about the festival except I felt deflated and incredibly cheated. If these really are to be the ‘Future Days’ then I thank Thought Creature for composing music so insipid, bland and depressing that spectators will kill themselves before these bands are ever popular. ‘Here’s to Future Days’? I’d sooner say ‘Here’s to Global Warming’, at least that will be a quick death.

By Chris Gilbertson


Fanuc Man, Fighting the Shakes, Goodbye Galaxy (Heleyni’s stage antics), Dial (awesome hardcore band), Big Flip the Massive (fucking rule), Sets of 57, Flick (one man beatbox/ guitar/vocals and an amazing cover of Dizzy Rascal’s ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’, Rifles and naked frontman Tom, Volcana, KittyHawk, Moron Says WHAT?! (and their ode to Wikipedia), Bang Bang Eche!……… in fact the whole line up basically ruled. The Warrior Poet, a 50 something poet who demonstrated her skills to a lucky few out the front of Bodega.

30 bands, 35 bucks.
Things that were not so good:
The fact that no one braved the rain to see the Saturday night line up which kicked some serious ass. In fact, the general lack of people was incredibly disappointing.
The Warrior Poet only coming on Thursday night.


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