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May 19, 2008 | by  | in News | [ssba]

‘’Free’ printing and internet not really free – Cosgrove a liar, Salient naive

VUWSA President Joel Cosgrove’s platform of free printing and internet during last year’s general election appears to have been a shallow promise, with Stuart Haselden, Director of Information Technology Services (ITS), pointing out that even the incorporation of costs in compulsory student fees would be “not possible.”

Contradicting his promises of “free” printing and internet, Cosgrove is in fact attempting to incorporate these computing costs into the compulsory fees that students pay at the beginning of each year.

However, Haselden explains that because the amount of printing each student carries out differs highly, it would be impossible and even unfair to include a set amount into compulsory fees.

“Usage differs from student to student.”

Furthermore, when asked last week if Cosgrove had approached him regarding his election promise, Haselden replied: “Yes, recently.” Cosgrove had asserted to Salient several weeks ago that he had met with staff from ITS and that free printing and internet were in development.

Cosgrove describes those who have labelled him a liar as “naïve.” Insisting that his election promise is something he continues to strive for, he acknowledged that “printing will be harder to achieve [by the end of the year] than free internet.”

He expressed skepticism at the idea that “free” printing was impossible and referred to polytechnics that allow students to print their first 500 pages without cost.

In the meantime, Haselden is looking at other tertiary providers to see how they have solved this problem in the past.

According to both Haselden and Cosgrove, free internet, or internet usage without chargeby- usage, is likely to be up and running by the end of this year.

Cosgrove believes internet is “more of a priority” to students than printing, therefore “it makes sense [that] free ‘non-user pays’ internet [is achieved first].”

Both Haselden and Cosgrove stressed that they are continuing to make progress with computing services. Haselden said that he anticipates a “general improvement” at the University during 2008.

With reporting from Jenna Powell


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  1. blogette says:

    so, in other words, every prediction made by sane and rational people during the election campaign and since then has turned out to be right, ie

    a) joel wouldn’t do shit; but claim he has;
    b) the university would just try and increase everyone’s compulsory fees to compensate;
    c) it would be unfair to do that; because usage varies from user to user

    Joel has never explained why somebody should be able to print 1000 word IPCC reports on “globall warming” on the back of fulltime students who do all their printing at home and dont use university computers.

    Joel has never been able to explain why being charged for what you use is economically inefficient or inequitable.

    Joel has never been able to explain when he will stop trying to look and be like Karl Marx.

    A-Team looking good right about now? We have a washed up embarrassment of a student President.

  2. sarah says:

    I seem to have free internet …at university , im an undergraduate so im not sure whats going on. hink its a hiccup in the system..

  3. Jenna Powell says:

    yeah a lot of people do have free internet at vic. Not me tho. Is a shame. Why can’t this screw up work in my favour!

  4. Gibbon says:

    if ‘free internet’ becomes policy, I’ll have to pay a fee for it?
    What about those of us who don’t use the university internet system at all? Why should we have to pay?

  5. Seonah says:

    Yes, that’s my understanding, anyway – if “free” internet (as Joel promised) eventuates, a charge will be incorporated into the compulsory fees that students pay at the start of each year.

  6. Josh says:

    How did Joel get voted in? How low is the turnout exactly? Fucks sake people, this is why you should vote! Banks gets Auckland mayoralty ’cause no one can be buggered voting and we get Cosgrove for the same reason, don’t know whats worse.

    Someone like Joel being student president is a disgrace. Certainly not a fair representation of me or 99% of the students i interact with. Can we not just have a regular, laid back representative. I would have thought being able to relate and connect to the majority of students would be essential for the role.

    I object to being forced to being a member of an outfit that is led by Cosgrove. My levies pay him to stand around and hand out workers party leaflets, lead protests and seek the limelight.

    Or is all this just a trait of those involved with student politics?

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