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May 14, 2008 | by  | in Online Only | [ssba]

Hillary Rodham Clinton. You are a very Silly Girl.

Hillary Clinton went up against Barack Obama in West Virginia today, and as predicted won a landslide victory in the predominately white lower class state.

Supposedly this has given her that extra kick to stay in the race, a strange move given the signals her campaign was giving off earlier in the week, with a “thank you” video. Never mind the fact that in an odd faux par Hillary refered to the new president elect to be, as a ‘he’. Hillary has said, I am more determined than ever to carry on this campaign until everyone has had a chance to make their voices heard, This race isn’t over yet.”

But dear Hillary, it is. Cant you see that? Super-delegates are turning to Obama in droves. And those that havent are only doing so out of fear that there would be a clinton backlash. As I blogged about earlier, every second you stay in this race, further harms the ability of the democrat party to present a united face come november.

Sure, her win today does indicate that she can win the ‘swing states’. But thats acting on the assumption that swing states are going to be so crucial this time around. Obama leads McCain in the polls so far. This is not yet a Gore/Bush situation. If Clinton is going to move on this campaign, she needed to do it yesterday. Its time for her to stop being such a silly girl, and bow out gracefully.


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Conrad is a very grumpy boy. When he was little he had a curl in the middle of his forehead. When he was good, he was moderately good, but when he was mean he was HORRID. He likes guns, bombs and shooting doves. He can often be found reading books about Mussolini and tank warfare. His greatest dream is to invent an eighteen foot high mechanical spider, which has an antimatter lazer attached to its back.

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  1. Chris says:

    Sadly they are called “swing states” for a reason. The Dems need to win those states in the general in November or they will lose to McCain. Obama can never win Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Hilary has at least a fighting chance.

    Hilariously the Dems seem to have been stupid enough to nominate the one candidate who doesn’t have a hope against McCain in the fall; hence they will probably lose the unloseable election. The Republicans, for all of the left’s slagging, have managed to nominate the one man who can beat either Hilary or Obama. The former would have been a lot tougher, and the Dems have now condemned themselves to four more years of the GOP in the White House.

  2. Chris says:

    If you think the swing states don’t matter Conrad, you must mean that Obama will win states (aside from the trad. swingers) that Bush won in 2004 and 2000. What ones would they be? Because I think McCain has a decent shot in California (massive latino community), as well as other states. What ones will Obama win this time that Kerry/Gore didn’t win?

  3. Racist and sexist, Mr Reyners? What a hater.

  4. Stephen J. Llama says:

    Chris: Obama is actually ahead of McCain in PA by 5% at the moment (that’s from the RealClearPolitics polls average)

  5. Brunswick says:

    I agree that this undignified and ridiculously drawn-out nomination process is likely to prove fatal for the Democrats, but there’s no way that one of the sharpest and most ruthless political operators in the world should be characterised as a ‘silly girl’.

  6. Nick Archer says:

    The race is OVER! John Edwards it has been announced that John Edwards is officially going to endorse Obama, expect Gore (no love lost with the Clintons), Pelosi etc to weigh in also. This also rubbishes Clinton’s Nuclear Option (as termed by NY Times) of trying to shift the goal posts from 2025 to higher goal post including Florida and Michigan (where Obama wasn’t on the ballot as he followed DNC rules to the letter there, though he did some soft money campaigning in Florida however)…

    Obama’s super delegates are turning into a flood, in 24 hours he picked up yet 2 more super delegates, Clinton 0! Even if Clinton was to get all the delegates from Michigan and Florida she will still come short as she will need more super delegates to secure the nomination and no super delegates are going there (the Nuclear Option).

    Obama’s total lead in delegates (pledged and super) is now 166. With lets say Clinton got landslide in Kentucky next week (51 delegates up for grabs) and 80% of latino Puerto Rico (55 delegates at stake) that would give her 84 more pledged delegates, and even if she got 80% of Montana (16) and South Dakota (15) she will still go backwards next week as Obama will win Oregan (52 delegates) so she will still be say 100-120 total delegates behind.

    As of about now there are about 241 super delegates left, Obama is currently on 1884 total delegates so needs 141 more delegates to reach the magic number so take away conservative estimate of say Oregon (currently polling 55-35) and say measly 20% in other remaining races he will need say about 100 more delegates. So with the flood about to REALLY begin (with Edwards’ endorsement) there is no way he isn’t going to get over the measly 40% of those 241 super delegates that he will actually need.

    Mark my words this race is unofficially over, the media even killed it last week with North Carolina (notice how the media turned immediately?).

    Clinton however has a point, Obama has a lot of work to do to win certain voter demographics (elderly, poor) and to connect with them without being intellectual and snobbish (i.e. those poorly timed bitter comments he made recently).

    He is in similar boat as Clinton the skirt chaser (as opposed to the pants suit wearer) was in 1992. Clinton in 92 had Gennifer Flowers as his Primary controversy, he like Obama had the X Factor (something Hillary lacks, which is unfortunate for her, but she has other stronger political abilities) and similarities are endless in terms of their charisma, charm, political abilities.

    You have to remember that being President of a country like America is mythical as the Executive position of President has been made larger than life by some of them (Lincoln, both Roosevelts, Kennedy, Reagan and even Clinton Mark I).

    I am not convinced that Obama is the messiah, but it sure aint Clinton or McCain. I’d preferred a race between those eeirily similar but idealogically diametrically oposed cranks Dennis Kucinic and Ron Paul, that would have been fun. But hey at least we still have Nader. And whatever happened to Ros Perot, did he marry Anna Nicole or was that someone else from Texas?

    Let’s hope the Klinton spin machine turns itself off after the last primaries on June 3…

    Is there anyone out there on Salient blog who believes that Clinton has any chance left to be the Democratic nominee for President this year?

  7. Brunswick makes an excellent point. She’s still in the race because she’s a determined opportunist; not because she thinks it’s sooooo unfair and really really thinks girls should get a turn.

    I suspect the reason that Clinton won West Virginia, as with most other swing states, was identity politics. I’m not calling West Virginians bigots, mind you, but when only 3.2% of the population are black, it’s kind of a done deal.

    In any case I think the biggest story at the moment is that the Republicans just lost the Mississippi First Congressional District to a Democrat. Admittedly the winner adopted a pro-life, pro-gun stance, but this is just four years after Bush won it by 62%. That’s a big shock for the GoP, and I wonder whether their old tactic of focusing campaigns on core constituencies is really going to cut it this time around.

  8. Karl Marx says:

    Nick Archer, do you just want your own blogger login. Seriously.

    Chris — I dont think conrad meant that the swing states in and of themselves are not important. Its just that on current polling they wont be AS important as the past election.

    That could change however, and probably will.

  9. Brunswick says:

    Nick, come back and do some writing for us! It’s really nice in the office now.

  10. chris says:

    I stopped when got to Barrack Obama.
    FFS, can you learn how to spell!

  11. Nick Archer says:

    Yeah might write again, if I have time (am too busy at work to pop up to Salient office), I still get on well with last year’s editor and rest of the Salient team and I am pleased that office is going smoothly this year although comments section on Salient website still feral at times, but thats ok if the cranks who sometimes post have really good wit (this usually shows with some of the comments of the week), yeah I will log in if I feel like it…

    I like to pick and choose topics to follow, don’t really bother with some of the threads, the election ones are good… I just log on Salient website daily like I do with Kiwiblog as some of the comments are good, I prefer good analysis so glad the comments are less feral this year in most of the threads…

    Print magazine looking better this quarter, takes a while for kinks to be ironed out, cover this week and last week improvement on previous few… General topics selected for features good (food prices last week hot topic), notice that How to Rip off Winz still gets comments from Winz staff pretending to be general public and Pole Dancing pops up from time to time.

    Karl Marx, yeah you’re right who knows what will happen in November…

  12. Kerry says:

    Nick –
    Second Brunswick’s comment!

    There’s two weeks to end of semester & I’m peeling off for a while post-graduation, so they’ll need someone to argue with Jackson & Conrad (& how are you at spotting major typo’s?), LOL.

    [I’m going to keep doing book reviews, don’t panic Blaise, I’ll just be working on the post-it-in-from-home style – got a few up my sleeve now, including the Narnia book Richard Taylor will be launching in early June at Dymocks in Welli. Bliss! ]

    Is there a faint chance that the Pols blog might start to address the elections about to happen in NZ? Just a wildly optimistic idea…

  13. Jackson Wood says:

    Hey Kerry,
    Fuck you.

  14. Nick – What does Steve do now? People keep asking me, and there is like a ummm like a money fund thing (pool or something) going on his current occupation. Help a brother out.

  15. Nick Archer says:

    Steve is finishing off the Stevie Starr album he put on hold before he works again (this was mentioned in last issue of 06 in the ‘Fuck off James’ news article). It was recorded but waiting for post production.

    Thing is with ex Salient editors they pop up again when you least expect it, the bearded one skipped off to North America, Jonathan Hill (98) popped up at a multi national few years back (not sure where he is now), Braunstein went straight to TV3 (I met her boss last year), Appleton (03) is working at Parliament I think, Max Rashbrooke (02) is on my Facebook I think, well Mike Beggs (99) is and I think he is in Australia, Toby Morris (designer from 02 and like Steve is a musician also i.e. Batrider fame) is in Australia he resurfaced last year in the comics pages through ASPA but hasn’t been seen since. I am looking forward to seeing where Tristan pops up again when he moves on or whether he relocates to Golden Bay or somewhere to live in a caravan to read Nietzsche books as bedtime reading or instead goes 180 degrees and goes all corporate…

    Yeah Kerry, I might pop up next Thursday night before 7pm for a quick read and catch up with Blaise… Pols blog for NZ is a good idea as US primaries winding down and will be quiet unless something weird happens.

  16. Sarita says:

    (There isn’t supposed to be an apostrophe in the plural form of ‘typo’.
    Wow. I really am a geek.)

  17. Kerry says:

    ‘typo’ short for ‘typographic error’, thus the apostrphe is to denote the shortening of the phrase. Not to denote the plural.

    I am geekier than thee, Sarita!
    Plus I can guarantee I spent more of my undergrad degree studying linguistics and grammar than any of the media/english/pols majors in the office!

  18. Nick Archer says:

    Obama just drew a crowd of 75,000 at a rally in Portland, Oregon.

    Honestly can’t see why Hillary is still in the race as the race is now over…

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