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Help the people in Myanmar and have some fun while your at it!

Myanmar was devastated recently by Cyclone Nargis. At the moment the number
of dead and missing exceeds 130,000 with another two and a half million destitute. World Vision has been on the ground in Myanmar since Nargis hit, and is trying to raise money to help those in need…

So the good folks at Human FM are hosting what promises to be an epic fundraising event in the form of a TWISTER BATTLE!

Bust out those soft soled shoes, limber up your legs, crank that sweat band, (hair in the eyes is a killer on the twister mat), and pit your skills on the mat against the toughest amateur twister crews from all over Wellington. If twister’s not your thing come down and show love to your favourite crew.

Teams of three, $15 per team, with free drinks for competitors.
Prizes for the illest twister crews and the maddest costumes. Register your team
name to secure a spot by emailing, (limited registrations
on the night). Thursday 5 June at 8 Kelburn Parade. Battles start at 7.30.

It’s a fundraiser folks, so come prepared to hook up your Burmese brother.


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  1. Gari says:

    ‘At the moment the number of dead and missing exceeds 130,000 with another two and a half million destitute.’

    Good cause and all, but that’s fucking insensitive.

  2. “Good cause and all, but that’s fucking insensitive.”

    without money, food, a home or possessions:
    The floods left thousands of people destitute.


    Looks fine to me, Gari.

    Great cause too, hopefully there’s a huge turn out.

  3. Gari says:

    come on

    Twister? To help cyclone victims? Surely you/he/she/it could have come up with a better fundraising concept. This one just cites how detached you all are from a real disaster.

  4. Fair enough – I don’t agree, since I think anything that mobilises students for the greater good is worth a shot – here’s a list of links to charities who are taking donations to help their work in Myanmar:

    I donated $20 to UNICEF’s relief effort this afternoon, and I hope you’ve done or at least intend to do something similar, Gari.

  5. Gari says:

    I have actually, Michael Oliver, not that it is your business at all.

    Don’t forget the China earthquake relief programme.

    re mobilising students for a greater good, to me it sounds like mobilising students for a sick joke, but whatever.

    I’m not against the sentiment. Just be more conscietious when you organise something like this!

  6. That’s cool, Gari. Glad to hear it. I’m hoping that with the military now allowing more aid workers into Myanmar that more people will be compelled to donate.

    In regards to the whole Twister thing, I will say this: I do find the idea of free beer and prizes a little bit on the nose, since I’d like to think people would participate in this out of the kindness of their hearts. But oh well…

  7. Joel Carpenter says:

    I am helping organise the Myanmar ‘Twister Battle’ fundraiser so thought I may be able to enlighten you all slightly.

    I agree with you Michael about the prizes and beer, however it’s rather a difficult time of year to get students along to an event with exams on the horizon and it being the end of trimester so any incentives are important to making the event a success, of course alcohol is not going to be the focus of the event. Takaawa Beer who are sponsoring us are also keen supporters of the event, so we could hardly turn down their offer of free beer for the event. With regards to the appropriateness of the event name, my personal thoughts are that fundraisers have to be ‘fun’ otherwise no-one will come to them. There will be a serious part to the evening when a representatives from World Vision will be giving a report on the situation over there. The whole reason we organised this event is that we care immensely about what has happened in Myanmar and want to do something about it.

    I think clever rather then insensitive is a better description.
    Cheers for the feedback though

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