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July 14, 2008 | by  | in Features | [ssba]

Where’s Reya?

While working at Base backpackers over the summer, I met many people with different stories. One of the many people I met, was a lone traveler by the name of Brozzi Lunetta. At first he seemed like just another traveler, working for his accommodation by cleaning. All I knew about him was that he was from Los Angeles. But as we were cleaning the kitchen one day, I got an inside to his story. As a qualified documentary maker, we had a bit of a celebrity amongst us.

He told me about a documentary he had made as part of the search for his daughter, Reya. As soon as I got a hold of that documentary, and watched it, I was amazed. I had never met anyone in my life with such hope. And so I relate this inspiring story, a real life tragedy that still doesn’t have an ending.

He met a Norwegian singer by the name of Camilla Ellefsen starting in her career. The two married, so she could stay in America. This marriage did not last very long at all, and they would have gone their own separate ways, had it not been for the arrival of Reya Lunetta on 19 June 2001.

There was a bond between father and child from the beginning. Between a messy process between the parents, and a custodial battle, Reya was born in a extremely chaotic time. Camilla Ellefsen made it difficult for Brozzi, attempting to get the court to let her leave America with Reya. But not getting her way, tipped her over the edge.

The last day Brozzi saw his daughter, was on the day of her first birthday. They spent the day at the zoo. The next day, his life was ripped apart. Camilla left the country with his beautiful daughter. Brozzi has been looking for his daughter ever since. She recently turned 7, and the search continues.

Brozzi’s journey led him all around the world, lead after lead, but he failed to catch up with his daughter and his ex wife. This could not have been easy for him, yet six years later, he refuses to give up until he finds the daughter he loved so much for such a short time.

Reaching a point in his life where the helplessness was starting to affect him in more ways then one, Brozzi headed down a self-destructive path. I saw this side of him, an alarming anger, frightening and worrying at the same time. I was inspired to meet such a person holding on to such hope, but sooner or later one’s hope begins to wither. So what will happen first? Will Brozzi find his daughter? Or will he give up hope and go home? If that happens, what kind of life can he live after six years of hell?

Brozzi’s story was well known amongst the other travelers. As an experienced yoga instructor, Brozzi gave lessons to a small handful of backpackers, for an apple, or a couple of carrots. Working for his accommodation, he had no income, and no way to support his cause, let alone himself. Wanting to do something, I asked around, and sure enough, one of my friends had a job opening. Soon Brozzi was working as a gardener, still working for accommodation and giving yoga lessons. This was only just enough to feed himself, nowhere near enough to fund the search for his daughter. Just before Christmas, Brozzi headed home to see his family. The trail that lead him to New Zealand had gone cold.

Currently living in Norway, Brozzi still searches for his daughter. He still relies on the kindness of complete strangers, and of friends. Yet broke, and homeless, it’s all he can do to keep looking. So on his behalf, I am asking for your kindness to help this six year search continue. If everyone who attends Victoria University makes a small contribution, Brozzi will have the resources to carry on, and hopefully, reunite with his daughter.

For contributions, head into National Bank, and deposit a donation of your choice into the following account, all funds will be forwarded to Brozzi. 06 0869 0288151 01


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  1. j says:


  2. Gloria Morrison says:


    I think I knew Camilla … did she shave her head … did she sing.

  3. Sarah Rose says:

    Gloria. I just read your comment. yes she shaved her head, and she sung. If I can get hold of you somehow, that would be really cool. If you are able to go into the Salient office and leave a note for me? maybe an email address. This would be really good news for Brozzi.

  4. john mcClain says:

    gloria keep it to your self you do not know these two people. or their history like him sleeping with her sister. stay out of it. its no ones business. jc

  5. Kristi Smithson says:

    I knew camilla back in the day and you have no idea why she did what she did. stay out of it. let him find her let the authorities handle it.. stay out.. its drama that no one needs……. sara

  6. BSK says:

    Sarah you should know that there is maybe an other side also….Maybe she had a good reason to escape….

  7. Owlzy says:

    Hoot! Hoot! Someone is implying abusiveness from a father with no evidence what so ever! Hoot!

  8. Bunnie says:

    she was my dearest friend, i helped with Reija after she was born, Camilla taught me how to be a loving mother. I’ve seen Brozzi in is belligerent state. There is always 3 sides to a story,
    yours, mine and the truth.
    But what I’ve seen to be true, is Brozzi’s side of the story is his fabricated version. I do not doubt a father’s love for his child. but it should begin in utero. though for brozzi it did not. He began with lie’s and deception. She was an Angel, firm in her beliefs as a woman who was learning to strengthen her bounderies and present what she would refer to as ” her Mother Lion Instincts”. She went on a path of protecting her cub, as any woman/mother would for her tribe. Though this kind of firm direction she would give would rub anyone the wrong way if the person receiving her direction was close minded and run by his ego, entitled and lacking in compassion for the fact that any child deserve and has a God given right to be close to her Mother always. She bore Reija and she will raise her. other than that,
    it is not for any of us to say how a mother should raise their daughter when The mother is the kindest soul i have ever been blessed enough to have received love from. Camilla raised me in so many ways, and i miss her everyday. Camilla, if you ever read this, I am waiting for this all to be over. I am waiting to sit once again at a little corner in a little room, sipping tea and smiling with you.

    That is all i will say…the only thing left to to say though is , if you do not have both sides of the story how do know what you believe in.

    goodnight sweet Bunnies~m

  9. Mark says:

    I’d give him a carrot

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