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August 13, 2008 | by  | in News | [ssba]

Eye on Exec – 13th August 2008

With the last exec meeting before the mid trimester break – and therefore three weeks until its printed in the mag, I decided to force some accountability on the exec by turning up and watching them with my beady eyes. Here goes…

Tonight’s meeting was in the Union Boardroom – VUWSA appears to be moving up in the world. Literally. The boardroom is a floor above the usual meeting place.

As soon as the meeting began, a matter of urgent business was mooted. The exec moved into committee for matters of personal privacy. I cant report on what was said, or what the matter was about. But I can say that when the exec moved out of committee on this issue, there was tangible tension in the air. And two empty seats at the exec table.

With so much animosity in the air, the exec took a five minute break. When the majority returned the meeting turned to more mundane things. Until Women’s Officer Georgina Dickson arrived – following by Campaigns Officer Sonny Thomas, who demanded she leave the Union boardroom or he’d call campus care.

Administration Vice President Alexander Neilson pointed out that it was unconstitutional for exec members to be coerced out of attending a meeting – so the forum was moved downstairs. Why it didn’t start there is beyond me.

Once we’d all settled in downstairs Dickson let out a stream of expletives calling Thomas a “prick” and an “arsehole” for removing her from the Union bar, after she had accused Thomas of spiking a drink – a joke she had said in an effort to “decrease the tension”.

While this entire hubbub was going on, environment officer Mark Newton had made himself a cup of tea. Upon realising he’d put milk into Green tea he threw it all out the window. But he kept the teabag. What a tidy kiwi.

This comic relief allowed everyone to focus on more boring VUWSA business. Some crazy had written to the university condemning its carbon neutrality as “shameless PR”. President Joel Cosgrove pointed out that carbon neutrality was SRC policy – and offered to inform the complainant.

It had also been brought to the execs attention that UniComm students had gone into mediation with management, with the support of VUWSA. They were demanding $1000 compensation, per student, for the insufferable conditions they are being forced to live in. According to Cosgrove, if they don’t get their way, they are going to protest on the Hall’s open day with banners reading “UniComm this year has been the worst year of my life”. I had a chortle. That’s pretty funny.

Tea throwing environmentalist Newton, also asked VUWSA’s support for a new Gecko Vege garden proposal – supposedly it would be used to grow organic veges for the foodbank. It passed unanimously.

Finally the exec dealt with the issue of the foodbank itself. It’s running out of money big time – and has already given out 487 parcels. Education Officer B, Seamus Brady, showing his ire at milk from the foodbank recently being stolen uttered angrily “it’s like stealing money from World Vision”. Thievery aside, things are looking dire for the foodbank – Gecko better start getting on to growing those potatoes.

And on that earthly note, the meeting ended.


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Conrad is a very grumpy boy. When he was little he had a curl in the middle of his forehead. When he was good, he was moderately good, but when he was mean he was HORRID. He likes guns, bombs and shooting doves. He can often be found reading books about Mussolini and tank warfare. His greatest dream is to invent an eighteen foot high mechanical spider, which has an antimatter lazer attached to its back.

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  1. blogette says:

    fucking hell
    more resignations
    who connie who?

  2. Nate says:

    Fun! Eye on Exec is the reason I get up in the mornings.

    Isn’t Georgina’s surname “Dickson”, though? :)

  3. Im not telling blogette – one of the perks of sitting in, I get all the juicy goss to myself.

  4. TalkingHead says:

    To my knowledge, no one has quit yet have they?

  5. Georgina Dickson says:

    I never accused Sonny Thomas of spiking a drink! I made a joke about him poisoning my drink when I ordered it at the bar, because the meeting was tense and we’d disagreed over something. The later expletives I will not deny, however. Please correct this Conrad!


  6. Gibbon says:

    I don’t have access to a proper dictionary right now, but a quick look at suggests the following:

    21. Informal. a. to add alcoholic liquor to (a drink).
    b. to add (a chemical, poison, or other substance) to: The cocoa was spiked with cyanide.

    21.b’s usage suggests that Conrad has not made a mistake.

    Any further problems?

    PS Conrad, I know you’re not allowed to report on stuff, but could you tell a friend? (eg Ol’ Gibbo?)
    Failing that, can anyone turn up to an Exec meeting and listen?
    Also, I find it worrying that this Exec keeps so much of their dealings private.

  7. Thanks for that Gibbon – sorry Georgina, im not changing it. And even though I think you’re great Gibbon, im still not telling.

  8. Georgina Dickson says:

    Well, the way it’s written- makes it seem like I’m flinging accusations, which was clearly not the case in context… It was obvious that I had no intention of ordering a drink anyway- so he couldn’t have put cyanide in my coco, even if he’d wanted to…
    The stuff we talk about in committee is usually that way for “commercial sensitivity” at the time… and that information almost always gets released after all details of it are confirmed. Other situations usually concern employment relations, which of course is a private matter and I highly doubt students would find much interest in. So, no need to be worried really.

  9. hurfdurf says:

    But you just said above that you did Georgina.

    “I made a joke about him poisoning my drink when I ordered it at the bar,”

    That proves that you did accuse him of poisoning your drink (joke or not) and also that you ordered a drink – which have just denied doing!

    dun dun!

  10. Sonny Thomas says:

    Georgina made a stupid comment, she said it in a very vitriolic tone – I refused her service, and wasn’t going to have her in my work space so i asked her to leave.

    The exec are seemingly factionalised, this is quite sad as unity is how things will be done. But I am guessing that emotions will continue to run high for sometime yet, and for good reason.

  11. Georgina Dickson says:

    Sonny Thomas didn’t refuse me service because I wasn’t there to order anything. He refused service to my FRIEND who wanted to order a drink and who hadn’t said a word. Pretty unreasonable.
    What Mr Thomas did do was exploit his authority as a staff member of the Union to try and intimidate me and stop me (without grounds) from going into the Executive Meeting. This was the work space of the Exec at the time and as Alex rightly pointed out (as did the groans from other long suffering Exec members) was both petty and unconstitutional.

  12. Gibbon says:

    Two things:
    Firstly, weak leadership tends to factionalise a group such as this… just a comment.

    Secondly, did someone insert a constitution chip into Alex Neilson’s brain? How come he knows every single fact about it? It stresses me out.

  13. hurfdurf says:

    Georgina – I think you are lying at the worst, or at least getting confused.

    How can you say “Sonny Thomas didn’t refuse me service because I wasn’t there to order anything.”

    But earlier on you commented “I made a joke about him poisoning my drink when I ordered it at the bar”

    Did you, or did you not order a drink?

  14. Neilson says:


    No chip, that I know of, however I am a basketball referee, rules interpreter and commercial law student so I often need to understand all the effects of the rules.

    secondly around committee stage, as a governance board we are required to deal a lot with matters of negotiation between ourselves and other parties and also as georgie pointed out employment matters which must be confidential under legislation. We do try and keep as much as possible in public and I have to credit Sonny amongst others for challenging us point by point asking if we really need to go into committee. Most committee matters do come out publicly when they can but we do need to keep some things private.


  15. Sonny Thomas says:

    Georgina wasn’t in a rational mood – and she is now being quite silly. I am not entering into anything more with her, she has behaved totally inappropriately and this entire little game she seems to be trying to play is rather sad.

    On the otherhand, I think that these tensions are not insurmountable, and are largely to do with a small group of people who like to personalise everything at every turn, it’s immature, and they lack big picture analysis that organisations like VUWSA need to keep in mind.

    I am glad that the VUWSA elections are happening again soon, and that the Exec can have an injection of new people, and we can reshuffle some of the talent into new roles.

  16. Laura McQuillan says:

    Do you kids REALLY wanna play this out in public??

  17. Gibbon says:

    Top Five Exec Members:
    1. Alex Neilson (does stuff)
    2. Sonny Thomas (challenges Joel)
    3. Rachael Wright (bifurious)
    4. Seamus Brady (disillusioned and despondent)
    5. Katie De Roo (if you say her name with an accent, it sounds like she’s an Australian marsupial)
    999. Joel Cosgrove

  18. Bull Herder says:

    Fuck you all suck. You are the only people that give a fuck about your pathetic little lives that revolve around VUWSA.

    Start handing out joints and i might vote for someone. . .

    But not Sonny, he ate all the pies. Damn shame too, im hungry.

    Vote for the unicorn!

  19. mickysavages says:

    Gibbon I see you are a Young Labour member/supporter with that list!

  20. Georgina Bobina Bananarama says:

    Hmmm, I sense a little projection going on here…
    But still, a vote of thanks from yours truly for succinctly summarising your own behaviour.
    Over and out.

  21. Georgina Bobina Bananarama says:

    And to above- no lyin, just a typo. Replace “I” with, “a friend”. I’m sure the quick witted ones round here would have figured that out already.

  22. Glibbon says:

    Top Exec Members:
    2. Alex Neilson (amateur porn-star, one of the most capable though)
    999,000. Sonny Thomas [CENSORED! Please refer to Salient commenting policy Glibbon]
    1000,000. Rachael Wright [CENSORED! Please refer to Salient commenting policy Glibbon]

  23. Glibbon says:

    BTW, JC is NOT a homophobe, rather, the new breed of student politicians and their whining PC supporters are predominently uninteresting, uninspiring, egotistical nikompoops who need to grow up.

  24. Glibbon says:

    ATTENTION SALIENT: WHY DID YOU CENSOR MY POSTINGS? None of these contravened your immature Salient Internet Policy!!! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO! Why is Salient such a conservative paper?? Never use to be.

  25. Glibbon says:

    August 17th, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    Top Exec Members:
    2. Alex Neilson (amateur porn-star, one of the most capable though)
    999,000. Sonny Thomas (closet queen, Helen Clark’s arsehole licker)
    1000,000. Rachael Wright (2c whore, a confused girl)

    August 17th, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    BTW, JC is NOT a homophobe, rather, the new breed of student politicians and
    their whining PC supporters are predominently uninteresting, uninspiring,
    egotistical nikompoops who need to grow up.

    August 17th, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    a bunch of overly-cautious dullards who all need to be brutally sodomised by

    August 17th, 2008 at 1:29 pm

    Correction; Lil’ Miss Thomas or ‘Lotta Lotta’ – as I prefer to call her is
    Helen’s Chief tongue-penetrator

  26. Glibbon says:

    Conrad, stop censoring my postings….their F.A.G ulous!!! You people have no sense of C.A.M.P

  27. Georgina says:

    Oh dear. Come on people, let’s not get personal…

  28. Super says:

    I am glad that the VUWSA elections are happening again soon, and that the Exec can have an injection of new people, and we can reshuffle some of the talent into new roles.

    Lol Kick sonny off

  29. James says:

    Jesus – the hubris of these guys is revolting. Can one be elected onto the exec without being a pompous egoist. I rather think not.

  30. Rachael says:

    Actually, it’s 200 p/h. And I’m not confused, just fluid.

  31. Im not censoring anyone’s posts. Sigh.

    Your constant spamming of this thread with inane shit has probably set off the automatic spam filter. Look at the time stamps you’ve posted.

  32. Chris says:

    A good question to ask: in what other organisation that turns over a million dollars each year and has over 15,000 members would the sort of behaviour we have seen from the governance body be tolerated?

    The antics of the last five years have been utterly outrageous, even by student politics’ low standard.

    This shit matters. VUWSA deals with over a million dollars of student money. For year upon year now the leadership has been either comical or incompetent, and frequently both.

    VSM can’t come soon enough.

  33. Uther Dean says:

    Don’t feed the troll, Conrad.

  34. But then how will they eat!

  35. Jenna Powell says:

    hehe…has this article been slightly edited since I last read it?

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