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September 24, 2008 | by  | in Online Only | [ssba]

Fear and Loathing on the VUWSA campaign trail – The video evidence

This is footage taken from the candidates debate for the 2008 VUWSA election… for the exec of 2009.

Due to Mr. Cosgrove “temporarily misplacing” (those are  my quotes, based on a paraphasing of what Joel said) the VUWSA video camera I had to film this on the Salient camera. I also forgot the tripod and you can probably hear my annoying laughter throughout the footage. Oh I think I fucked Jordan King’s up somehow it seems to be just a picture but you can still hear the audio. Also apologies to those people who spoke, Conrad, Alistar, Sam, Mareka and Bernard (was there anyone else I’ve forgotten sorry to you too) who I couldn’t film as we only have a 1 GB memory card in the camera and it was nearing maximum capacity.

Also I was drinking at the same time as filming which is why you might get sea sick while watching these videos.

Anyway. We’ll start off with the University Council Representative video.

Firstly Jordan King outlined why he should be council rep.

William Wu decided not to come to the candidates forum, a wise choice on all accounts. First up was the serious candidate Sean Connors.

Then Jasmine Freemantle.

Lastly but not leastly Sonny Thomas.


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  1. Matthew_Cunningham says:

    Who were the people that were shouting, swearing, and carrying on during Sonny’s speech? That was hardly fair. At least Jasmine was allowed to give her speech in peace (unless there was some shouting outside of what was shown in the video). Sonny may be an abrasive bugger at times but whoever was swearing at him during his speech are just plain rude – especially when Jasmine made a point of stressing the need for DEMOCRACY in her speech. You might not agree with what he’s saying but at least have the decency to let him say his piece.

    I notice that Jasmine has changed her rhetoric from “giving away CONTROL of clubs” to “giving away ADMINISTRATION of clubs”. Guess she read my comment from yesterday!

    I will give Jasmine one thing though – she is a fantastic public speaker. Very eloquent and clear – best speaker out of the vids shown here (with the exception of Sean Connors – he has my vote for a VUWSA monarchy!).


  2. Jackson Wood says:

    I believe that was Nick Kelly shouting (now a life member of VUWSA as of today’s AGM). He took point at Sonny’s claim that he had a hand in the change proposal. It is unclear whether he did. Sonny says he has notes of a meeting with Joel, Nick and himself in Joel’s office about the first or 2nd draft. Nick says that he has had no part to play in the change proposal. I guess this is an issue of she says he says which is totally ephemeral to the entire campaign.

  3. Matthew_Cunningham says:

    I thought it might have been him. How on earth are we meant to have any real discourse around the Change Proposal when guys like Nick are viciously condemning it as a “disgusting document”? It’s irresponsible to make comments like that at an open forum – he’s resorting to slander rather than dialogue.

    I had really hoped to get a reply from Jasmine to my comment yesterday about her interpretation of the proposal. If she feels it would involve a loss of student control of student affairs (as her campaign platform states), I would like to know why. Her speech did not provide that.

    Her description of the proposal as a “D-grade first year briefing paper” was a bit below the belt. It seemed like a well-put together document to me. Furthermore, the mere fact that it has been written does not imply that it will definitely be applied in its current form – as I understand it, the whole purpose of opening the document up to public debate was to encourage constructive feedback so as to improve upon it where needed.

  4. Michael Oliver says:

    Sean, I say this with all sincerity, but I hope you win based solely on your performance there.

    “I’m running for… uh… President.”


  5. Nick Kelly says:

    “How on earth are we meant to have any real discourse around the Change Proposal when guys like Nick are viciously condemning it as a “disgusting document”? It’s irresponsible to make comments like that at an open forum – he’s resorting to slander rather than dialogue”

    Slander! Its slander to say that this document which hands over club administration to the uni, wants to contract out Activities, and talks of making 3 staff members redundant, was co-authored by me.
    Sonny Thomas has lied to the student body by saying I was involved with this document.

    Not only is this document poorly researched, but the outcomes it suggests are absolutely wrong in my view and the view of many others.

    Sonny says he has minutes of a meeting between Joel, himself and I where we wrote the Change Proposal document. He hasn’t produced them. He can’t as they don’t exist as this meeting never took place. Sonny is a liar.

    Nick Kelly

  6. To say ‘Sonny is a liar’ is also ‘slander’ or, what we call it in this country, defamation. Good one Bussy.

  7. Chewie says:

    Shock me like an electric eel…

  8. Stephen Whittington says:

    It is not defamation if it is true, or an honestly held opinion.

  9. Laura The McQuillanator says:

    Where’s Nick’s proof that it’s true then?

  10. Matthew_Cunningham says:

    Nick: If it is true that you had nothing to do with writing the proposal, then I can understand why you would be upset, and I sympathise with you. However, to call the proposal a “disgusting document”, and to label Sonny a “fucking liar”, is still slander. You are resorting to name calling over something that is, in the end, a trivial issue. Worse, you blatantly attacked the document by assigning it an inappropriate label that does not even begin to address any of the issues contained within it. That’s not open debate – that’s a propaganda slogan.

    Furthermore, when Sonny claimed that VUWSA goes bankrupt every four years, you interruped him again by yelling out “LEARN YOUR FACTS!”

    Then when he stated that he is all for preserving student control of student interests, you yelled out “NO YOU DON’T!”

    It is fine to have an opinion on student politics, and I can see from your previous posts that you are intelligent enough to look past the bias of being in a relationship with one of the presidential candidates. But when you prevent one of Jasmine’s opponents from talking, you are bellitling her campaign, slandering the opposition, and derailing the democratic process – something that, judging by Jasmine’s speech, is important to her.

    Open forums are called ‘open’ for a reason, Nick.


  11. Clliche says:

    MGMT practically have written the theme song for his election – DEEP!

    All along the western front
    People line up to receive.
    She got the power in her hands
    To shock you like you won’t believe.
    Saw her in the amazon
    With the voltage running through her skin
    Standing there with nothing on
    She’s gonna teach me how to swim

    Ooh girl
    Shock me like an electric eel
    Baby girl
    Turn me on with your electric feel

    Ooh girl
    Shock me like an electric eel
    Baby girl
    Turn me on with your electric feel

  12. mgmt says:

    in fact we had jasmine freemantle in mind when we wrote all of our songs:

    Tinseltown is coming like a giant bleeding heart,
    and I’m so mad, well these kids try to be funny man.
    Well I don’t think it’s happened much,
    so we must destroy your art,
    and you’ll be glad that you stopped sinning,
    and stopped caring about trying to do
    new things are a dream that every single person has,
    and it’s not real.
    well I know I’m not too well equipped,
    But things go by so quickly I can scarcely stop to grasp
    the things I’m feelin now, and I don’t doubt
    that everyone can feel it too.

    Everything is happenin’ so fast
    (Everything is happenin so fast)
    Everything is happenin so fast
    (Everything is happenin so fast)


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