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March 21, 2009 | by  | in Online Only | [ssba]

Pilgrimage to the Lundy house

This weekend I am embarking on a spiritual rally race from Wellington to the heartland of the Manawatu: The Lundy house.

Palmerston North’s Karamea Cresent is famous for one reason only: Mark Lundy brutally murdered his wife and daughter there. But do the facts stack up? Does the proof, no—not only the proof—logic, rationality and common sense, actually point to Lundy being the murderer?

In an effort to understand the massive undertaking that this massive man undertook, I am going to look around and get a feel for the place. Seek out any lurking vibes and truths. Perhaps ride on the mini-trains on the Esplanade, a feat which Lundy can no longer undertake because he is a) incarcerated and b) so fucking fat.

Start your stopwatch now.


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  1. It’s also semi-famous for the Kelvin Grove shops.

  2. Martin Lucky says:

    Stop having a go at Mark.

    Mark is the David Bain of the North Island.

    Once again, the New Zealand legal system has failed us. And once again, a good man is put through a humiliating trial by media. And once again, the gutter press dredges up more deliberate provocation.

    How do you think Mark feels, a good, honest family man like Mark, being in the lock up with your Morgan Fahey’s and , wasting his life away watch youtube videos about the world’s smartest parrots in the prison library, and categorizing those videos from smartest to least smartest parrots, according to a rating system he has developed independently.

    It’s great that Mark’s at least keeping his mind occupied, but I’m worried about him. So are many of the new friends he has made in parrot channels, who, like many people who have met him and continue to meet him, cannot understand why such a man stands accused of murdering his family. Utter bull! Lies!

    This man, this good, caring family man, should be let out and left alone to grieve beside his poor butchered family’s graves, and to get on with his life – to go out and do something for the good of the world like he has done before, several times over. He could do anything this man. I know him and he is a man capable of anything. Greatness! And let’s not forget: great love.

    We need to let the poor guy out. All the evidence is there at!

    And by the way, Mark is a LOT skinnier these days, so you can stop your snide comments about his weight and haircut also which is now closely and tastefully cropped.

    Petition your local MPs. Action! Get behind Lundy, students! I thought you were all about youthful desire for truth and justice you uni students?

    If you don’t do anything – that belief in your own goodness will be revealed to be a big fat lie! Where where you? goes the refrain in a popular religious song that comes to mind. Where where you?

    When Jesus judges those that judged Mark, can you stand proud as a defender of truth or justice or will you have another mark cast against you – no, not ‘Mark’ but a mark like a tic or a cross – that will prevent your emigration to the promised land?

  3. Liam Nub says:

    Oh, I think that Lundy’s an alright bloke. Bit cuddly round the puku, but who isn’t?

  4. I got a creme egg at the Kelvin Grove shops once!

  5. Gohan_Aro_01 says:

    HAH. I could drive that distance in under 68 minutes in my black, 1970 Dodge Charger. I don’t just live life by the quarter mile baby. Nothing else matters: not the mortgage, not the store, not my team and all their bullshit. For those 68 minutes or less, I’m free.

  6. Kerry says:

    Used to travel Palmie to Lower Hutt, in a Ford Escort, and going via Haywards Hill and the Opiki-Shannon bypass, never got home later than the SH1 traffic. If you do it at the right time of night, not on a Sunday evening, you can blitz that road.

    Of course, the odd regular used to overcook it,and end up in the ditch at Arapaepae Rd, (past Levin) where the bypass turns back towards SH1; most common spot for Rescue & Fire Services call-outs.

    There’s plenty of good evidence for Lundy’s incarceration.
    The comparison with the Bain case doesn’t stack up, unless you want to put the axe in the child’s hands (which still doesn’t work,logically!); there’s no ‘smoking gun’, no other person with motive, no other fingerprints or tampered evidence.
    Just a murdered woman and child, and a mendacious husband with an axe.

  7. little colin says:

    just another manic lundy

  8. aram Joukadjian says:

    Definetly a shonkey N.Z. Legal System , never a mention of any of Mark,s, real personality, just all negative comments
    1/how fast he drove . having been to NZ 14 times everybody thinks they are F! drivers.
    a so called witness who alledges saw Mark dressed as a woman Running away from the murder seen Mark was a big man who gave up Cabinet making because of his Knees , mate he had trouble walking around the Block let alone run.
    The fragments of paint pointed out to be Marks ask any Rover scout in N.Z. he will tell you they are Eastmen Rover crew colours
    It was alledged at the funeral he faked his tears and not being able to walk i was one of the people assigned to help him thru the funeral my back was out of place for weeks.
    nobody asked me if it fake just some expert
    what about his own freinds who turned on him especially that Judas Policeman who he knows who he is a so called freind.
    Christine body was alledgelly found Naked in Bed about 7 to 8 pm according to the experts,ever known a mother who goes to bed at that time? if she was ill why would she go to bed naked? mothers are the toughest beast on earth, when it comes to protecting their children, sick kids and parents dont eat Mcdonalds enough for now

  9. Something Big is Coming says:


    Something BIG is coming.

  10. T says:

    Mark is the David Bain of the North Island.

    I thought Lundy only killed two people?

  11. Hank Scorpio says:

    Lundy killed bulimia

  12. Mother Fucking mother fucker says:

    I killed lundy with my mother fucking fat cock that fucks mothers, mother fucker.

  13. Tito Jackson says:

    Hey—HEY! I’m still alive!

  14. amanda smith says:

    my cousins used to live karamea cres.nice street. and those kelvin grove shops and fish and chipps.mmmmmmm.

  15. Gibbon says:

    number 666

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