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May 21, 2009 | by  | in Online Only | [ssba]

Online issue


Holy smokes Batman, Salient is going totally online next week. Like, totally.

Some of you are going to say “Oh Jackson, that is so totally stupid. I can’t possibly read the internet while I am pretending to learn in my hour long lecture on the mating rituals of South American iguanas.”

To thee I say “Fie! Wi-Fi to be precise.”

The university has done a wonderful job of hot spotting most of the campuses. If you don’t have a laptop then kick one of those douchebags who is checking Facebook on the precious ITS computers off, and get an eyeful of the juicy content that we’ll have up here.

Features will include:
Nina takes a look at faith in New Zealand in general and students specifically.
An interview by Daniel Miles with Shirley Phelps-Roper from the Westboro Baptist Church.
Sarah continues with her education based feature series.
Guy Armstrong is Guy Armstrong.

So when the baskets are empty on Monday morning you will know why. Hopefully you might even check the website…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is ridiculous, the whole point of Salient is as something to read in lectures that is marginally better than the ComPost. If one has a laptop then one can already visit any site on the internet (including Salient) to be distracted from that annoying teaching and learning stuff.
    And most importantly next week’s issue will publish the story about Joel Cosgrove being expelled from Vic. This karmic fulfillment deserves to be chronicled in paper.

  2. A representative sample says:

    Oh Jackson, that is so totally stupid. I can’t possibly read the internet while I am pretending to learn in my hour long lecture on the mating rituals of South American iguanas.

  3. Shitkicker McGee says:

    I love Rory. Not in a gay way.

  4. Andrew Bird says:

    Are you doing this because you need to save money? Of course you’ll deny that… but, it’s just what I heard.

  5. Shitkicker McGee says:

    I heard Salient was bought in a joint venture between Craccum and the Herald

  6. Liam Nub says:

    Ahhh, ‘scuse me. Does this mean I won’t be able to read the old The Salient when I’m getting my fisch and chip order?

  7. Craccum says:

    That’s right, as part of our plans for expansion, Craccum has decided to go ahead with the purchase of the Victoria University Students’ Association newspaper formally known as Salient (we’re thinking maybe ‘Craccum 2’?).

    To cut costs during this expansion, we’re getting rid of the print side of things and concentrating on ‘Salient’s’ already-strong online presence.

    Of course during this time of transition the current editor and staff are welcome to stay on to see out their tenure.

    Iinitial focus group results have been positive, with students expressing interest in more news around the proposed Campus Hub development especially.

  8. Amy says:

    a) dumb – it’s all about the Monday morning lectures, baby

    b) dammit, I was considering a whole Faith and the Student story, and now if we do it we’ll look like we stole it!

  9. Patrick says:

    So the salient is not owned by VUWSA anymore or is this old news.
    I am going to miss it next week in class :'(

  10. Superior Mind says:


  11. Gibbon says:


  12. Paul Danger Brown says:

    I think someone is taking the piss

  13. mikey says:

    In the lsat few years, I would have been sad… what would I have done if I ran out of toilet paper?

    This year Salient got better, so I don’t use it to wipe my butthole.


  14. goku_karori_28 says:

    heh looky looky here

    about time you about time you dumokins at epic FAILient realised that print is a dying medium

    reality exists online. if you’re not a baka fighting the print iruki, you’re a failed specimen

    you’ve stepped into my territory now and this dog don’t play fetch


  15. sparky says:

    So is this the budget re-think that keeps the 4 staff paid, & the pizza flowing on production night;

    …or is it indicative that even this small budgetary consideration will be under threat, too, shortly? Hmmm?

    And this is under a regime where all students pay subs to VUWSA, who pay Salient’s budget – why, what on earth would it be like if the Debsoc crew got their way & student subs went voluntary?

    It makes you think …

  16. Matthew Donaldson says:

    “It makes you think …”

    Not that much.

    Salient’s budget constraints have been well-documented. This seems like an innovative and cost-effective way of producing copy, and a great way of utilising this tremendous online resource.

  17. Mr Magoo says:

    I heard that Craccum, as the new owner of Salient, is going to be selling the covers on all issues for the remainder of the year to make AUSA some money

  18. “dumb” – wow that’s the kind of eloquence you expect from student media. Well done, Bets publication is clearly in the bag,

    “and now if we do it we’ll look like we stole it!” – I wouldn’t worry about that, your whole magazine reads like it was stolen from 06, 07 and 08 Critic.


  19. J.J.Plastic says:

    I doubt it’s about saving money – Salient makes a lot of dosh from selling advertising in the hard copy magazine.

    It’s probably a way to boost website traffic so they can make more money selling advertising there as well. I hope it works, Salient might even manage to survive VSM if they do it well.

  20. Hank Scorpioooo says:

    JJ Plastic salient’s secret accountant spilling the beans pick up the beans now it;’s a huge mess

  21. Pat says:

    Out of intrest, how much does it cost to print a weeks worth of salient.
    It would have been budgeted from the start of the year right? So what happens to the money from what was ment to be next weeks issue?

  22. Hank Scorpioooo says:

    salient’s budget got cut by 6% this yeah so what the fuck do you think happened einstein

  23. Shitkicker McGee says:

    Maybe Salient staff will actually get paid for the hours they work… nawwww

  24. Mikey says:

    *Living under a bridge*

  25. Guy says:

    Hey Mikey, can I chill under the bridge with u? Want some of this hot dog I found in the rubbish?

  26. Your Name says:

    Please tell me the puzzles are still going to be there?

    Albeit they are getting increasingly easier and therefore more boring, they are the only thing that make monday lectures the least bit interesting!

  27. Maybe you’re getting smarter? :P

    I can confirm that puzzles, cartoons and Guy Armstrong’s ramblings will be here this week. We’ve transposed everything Salienty from print to fancy fresh onlineness.

  28. Un-named says:

    Save forestry not forests!
    Use more paper!
    Dont you understand the financial crisis at all?

  29. Mr. Right says:

    Salient is rubbish but it was fairly entertaining to read. Occasionally. When there was nothing else to do or in a boring lecture…Now that it’s online – why on earth should I log on to read it when there are far far better websites I can point my browser to instead…Nic Sando is utterly utterly unfunny as well…

  30. Jackson Wood says:

    Mr. Right. It is just soley online for this issue, and it has been totally online since 2006.

    Don’t worry. The paper copy will be back in your hot and sweaty little hands next week.

  31. James Miller says:

    West side maddafuckaz

    Rep, rep, reppity, rep.

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