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June 2, 2009 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Blind date

Guy #1
So, I turn up at the Garden Bar, push open the doors and get told that theres an audition on. Heading upstairs I find the girls that I’m on a blind date with. That’s right—girls—as in plural. Another guy turns up, and he and I find out that it’s a double blind date. Nice one Jackson.

So, I decide to get to know the girl I like, finding out she’s in my bio class. Anyway, it’s not long before we’re all into the drinks, three of us having a good time. One of the girls was an ice queen, I tell you. After we finished off the bar tab between us (which really did not last with four people, it would with two though) we headed out.

My work called, I’d rang up and said that I couldn’t make it. Somehow they got me to agree to turn up at 9. Anyway, the other guy took us to a bar called Good Luck. While we sampled Sake to decide which one to order, the girls headed to the bathroom. As I understand, the girl I was into who happened to be the outgoing non-cold one, threw up. Wasn’t used to drinking, although she managed to hide it from me and the other bloke. Probably shouldn’t have got her to have the tequila shots… my bad.

Well, they left, and then our sake arrived. We looked at each other and drunk sake. For eleven dollars I got five shots. We were told it was 17 percent but it tasted like more. So that was good value for money. Heading to BK we grabbed a feed to help balance out all the booze we had, and sat and talk about our strange double date. We considered heading out to try and pick up some chicks, but decided that it wasn’t worth the effort. I tell you ladies, you make it hard out there.

Anyway, we split up, he headed home presumably, and I decided to head to work about five hours early. Free coffee and food there you see, and I got to type this up while it is still in my mind. All in all, it wasn’t a great night, but it was still fun. You can’t diss free booze after all. To the ladies we went out with, I hope the alcohol didn’t give you too much of a problem in the morning. Dosivdaniya! (That’s Russian for see you later people. Spelling may not be correct, but hey, am I Russian?)

Guy #2

With a nervous stutter, I called upon the bartend—“Ba… bu… Blind date?”—With that, I was directed toward a trio of two girls one guy, huddled at the far end of the bar. I realised then that this was no ordinary blind date; it was a double blind date.

Both the girls struck me as being quite cute, and the guy, from what I could see, had struck a friendly rapport with the brunette. Her friend, meanwhile, struck me as shy, contempt rather, with nigh a quiet sobriety. That’s right, no free high-priced booze for this one—I mean c’mon, wtf? With her, small talk never flowed into conversation, and our attention (with good reason) drifted to her friend. She on the other hand displayed a social enthusiasm: loud, full of energy and, what’s more, embracing the free booze. It was if I were dating Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, except with hot chicks. Naturally, I was more attracted to the party goer.

With the drink flowing, conversation lingered on dinosaurs and salsa dancing; it became clear we were all here for the same reason—to simply have a good time. In due time the bar tab was polished off, and despite sneaking shots from the bar (while the others weren’t looking) I was nowhere near as drunk as I had hoped. The brunette, however, was intent on letting the entire bar know “this is the first time I’ve been drunk since 4th form!” The quiet one was, admirably, concerned for her intoxicated friend. The suggestion of Rain (would you believe it) came up, I protested, and suggested we go somewhere a little more, let’s say, classy. We went to Good Luck, sat down at a table, and with four cringe-worthy words, the date was over—“I’m going to be sick”—with that, the brunette rushed to the bathroom. The pizza that once blessed our stomachs so fruitfully wasn’t done away with yet. Respectively, her quiet friend took her home.

So here I am—on a blind date—with a guy… sigh. We decided to drown our sorrows in some urine-warm saki, relishing in how messed up things had turned out. At least he engaged in conversation, and what’s more—fluently. We then ate some Burger King, and parted ways.


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