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June 2, 2009 | by  | in News | [ssba]

Eye on Exec: Not the Anthropology Society

So, Jessy calls me up and says, “Oh, you’re not gonna believe this, but I, like, killed a guy.” Whether she meant “with kindness” or “bludgeoned all Lundy-like” remains to be seen. We hope for the former, but pray for the latter. Comic violence, thy name is Edwards.

Thanks to Jackson drunkenly stumbling along in search of food and/or shelter, this week’s Exec meeting was recorded in crystal clear digital goodness. Unfortunately, so was the heavenly serenade echoing in from Meeting Room 1. This dominated the entire meeting like some kind of Lynchian soundtrack. It was fitting.

The band kicked into gear: Sue Roberts, the University Librarian, was first on the set list. Roberts talked about the redevelopment of the fourth floor of the library which will sport fancy study areas that will cater to different study styles. So, if you’re the kind of douchebag who likes his academic critique by talking at the top of his lungs, then congrats, you’re in like prom night.

Changes were needed to be made to the previous meeting’s minutes, as there were a number of inaccuracies, including—get this—people’s names. Look, guys, listen. “Tim Wang” T-I-M W-A-N-G. It’s not that har— oh, we nearly walked into that one.

Education Welfare Officer Bobby Latimer was conspicuous with his absence. Salient suspects he was hanging out with his babes. Have you heard? Bobby Latimer’s got a posse—and they’re in two pieces. Prowl.
The pre-release party for VUWSA’s new album Association Manager will be held on 3 June. Mr Wheatly says it won’t make the iPod, whoever it is.

There was much ado about VUWSA-UNITE collective bargaining that took place on 22 May. The negotiations broke down, sadly for everyone, especially Matt McCarten from UNITE, who has to come down to sort this shebang out.

The Exec spent an insane amount of time discussing whether or not to opt in or out of buying outgoing VUWSA Association Coordinator Julie McKiernan a farewell gift. Jackson can’t remember how long it was, but apparently Jesus loves us and we love him too, so sang the voices from Meeting Room 1. PRAISE BE!

Alex rages. He’s so full of rage, and no one can stop him.

The meeting went into committee to discuss an employment issue—


And we’re back. Miss us?

Following that, Women’s Rights Officer Kassie Hartendorp put forth a motion regarding our good friends Joel Cosgrove, Alistair Reith and Ian Anderson, that said “VUWSA condemns the disenrolement of Joel Cosgrove, Alistair Reith, and Ian Anderson, and supports the students’ right to freedom of speech and political expression without fear of reprisal.”

Jasmine and Alex explain both VUWSA and VUW’s disciplinary policies, and made the point that it would be inappropriate for VUWSA to make any statement on the issue, ’cos they’re involved in the process, mang.

At this point, Kassie sighed really fucking loudly…

…but put the motion forward anyway.

Ayes—Kassie, Nathan, Nana, Georgina
Nays—Seamus, Freya, Alex and Jasmine

Jasmine had the deciding vote, and guess what happened then?

It was at this point that Jasmine received a text message from Jackson asking where the Exec meeting was at. Kia ora, Telecom, kia ora.

There had been three requests asking for VUWSA’s legal expenses for 2009: Salient, Joel Cosgrove, and Bobby Latimer. Bobby, being an Execeteer, was granted access to the info, but the Exec needed to talk about the other two. Freya said re: Salient’s request, “It’s not even that important.” NAH-UH. YOU’RE NOT EVEN IMPORTANT, BEY. You. Me. Raptor Safari, Eng. Step up.

Alex didn’t wanna dish out the info because, well, it might have errors in it, hadn’t been beta-tested. Snort. The rest of the Exec seemed to be cool with it for transparency’s sake. This didn’t stop Alex from busting out more acronyms than Aftermath Records. It’s the D-R-E with Notorious B-I-G, and S-N-O-O-P.

The Exec revealed that VUWSA had spent the following on legal expenses over the past five years:
2004: $1,252.59
2005: $1,665.80
2006: $32,397.83
2007: $12, 553.56
2008: $17, 199.25
2009: $14,288.48 to date.

Finally, there was an acknowledgement of Alex’s last meeting. Jasmine joked that Jackson could bring cake. Oh, there will be cake, Jasmine Freemantle. Oh yes. There will be cake*.

*Note: There won’t be any cake. Tricks!


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  1. Hank Scorpio says:

    bahahaha Bobby Latimer

  2. Horation Negroid says:

    This is quantifiabley the best Eye on the exec this year.

  3. Freya says:

    Naw Salient you’re like, not even important, anyway anyway so there. I know you are(n’t), you said you are(n’t), so what am I?

    Will look into that Raptor thing, Jackson. Still vaguely confused by it.

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