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By-Election manifestos

Due to a combination of my own incompetence and the Te Ao Marama issue this week, the manifestos/information about candidates in the up coming by-election was missed out. Here are the ones of that Salient received.

Vice-President (administration)

Monica Dunkley

No manifesto supplied to Salient.

Max Hardy

Manifesto supplied late to Salient.

Hi, I’m Max Hardy and I am currently in my third year of History, Economics and Law.

I see the Vice-President’s (Administration) job as one that ensures the association is accountable and transparent, that VUWSA keeps to budget, and that the association is aware of it’s strategic role and meets it. It is my intention to do just that.


I would like to do this for VUWSA:

● Focus on increasing efficiency so you get more for your money.

● Extend VUWSA’s transparency and accountability structures through things such as policy, the Strategic and Operational Plan and putting executive work reports online.
● Support Clubs and Representative Groups in accessing and increasing funding and assistance. They are an extremely important aspect of Univeristy life.

Essentially, I want to ensure that you get the best value for your money, that you know where your money is going and that the Association is being run prudently and sustainably.

VUWSA has taken drastically needed steps this year in addressing serious weaknesses that have plagued the Association. I want to work with the Executive, the Association Manger and the staff to ensure this kind of positive change continues to strengthen VUWSA.

Vote Max!

Activities Officer

Guy Williams


I was originally planning on running a hilarious comedy style campaign based on the slogan My Lipgloss is Poppin however I now believe student politics is something that needs to be taken seriously. I also believe that as a newcomer to VUWSA I come free of the petty politicking and ridiculous power struggles that have made me not care about the exec for the past three years.

The strength of my campaign is based on a 2 prong attack strategy:

– The establishment of a Victoria comedy club

– The laying of a wreath on Anzac Day

I also promise that I will not waste the earths precious resources with dirty political propaganda such as pamphlets and posters.

Mathew Martin

Hi, my name is Mat Martin and I am running for Activities Officer this by-election.

matt-martinI am originally from Auckland, and am in second year studying LLB/BA in Politics and Economics. I believe I have the management skills, organisational skills and common sense to do very well in this position. I also have a background in music and the arts, having been in cover bands, concert bands and musicals throughout high school.

There are two things I want to achieve in this role, should you choose to vote for me.

First, I will ensure that my full attention is paid to this portfolio. Looking at other student associations, both in Wellington and across the country, it is obvious that Victoria students are missing out on opportunities to see good live entertainment. Orientation is almost non-existent, good bands come and go without any opportunity to get discounted tickets on campus, and there are plenty of plays, theatre and other such activities which are not sufficiently catered for or advertised around campus. It is my hope that we can improve the range and quality of activities at Vic, through engaging with the wider Wellington community.

Secondly, as a member of the VUWSA Executive, you can be assured that I will not engage in the politics of silliness that have plagued this association in the past. While only playing a minor role, I won’t muck around with silly infighting and childish behaviour, I won’t use your money for extraneous purposes, and I will undertake my role professionally and sensibly.

So, get out there, have a bit of a LOL and a ROFL, and vote Mathew Martin for Activities Officer.

Alexis Luck

No manifesto supplied to Salient.

William Wu

No manifesto supplied to Salient.

Women’s Rights Officer

Caitlin Dunham

Hi, my name is Caitlin Dunham. I am running for the position of Women’s Rights Officer. I am currently in my third year of a Classics and History degree and plan to study honours next year. I am currently secretary of a representative group and active in the Women’s Group. I also co-host the Women’s Show on the VBC Thursday mornings. If elected, I plan to:


* With the incumbent Executive, continue to build on ensuring the accountability of your elected officials, now and in the future;
* Increase awareness of women’s issues on campus and in the wider community;
* Create stronger relationships with off-campus women’s groups (such as Rape Crisis);
* Coordinate a range of fun and inclusive events for the entire Victoria community
* Continue and extend joint projects with Ngai Tauira

If you have any questions, comments or ideas for me, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I look forward to serving the students of Victoria University of Wellington.

Lucy Deane

I have a long history of women’s rights. In fact, my Dad was a women’s rights activist. My mum would have liked to be but she was too busy with domestic duties to be concerned with trivial tittle-tattle such as politics. Also, my dad wouldn’t let her. Wasn’t her place he said.

What do I stand for? Equality, liberty and FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM! Women are cool. Rights are cool. It follows, therefore, that women’s rights should be pretty cool as well. But what would I know, I’m just hypothesising.


To be honest, I got into this position rather unconventially. My flatmate somehow managed to bypass VUWSA and slip a cheeky wee application in without anyone, let alone me, knowing. Still, however, I’m a huge fan of democracy, student politics and velociraptors – so I’m only following through with this because I’m currently away at MGMT and have no way of removing my name from the ballot.

Take me where you will, democracy!

If you want to see me beat down a handful of feminists with no-effort (or support) on my own unauthorized behalf, then vote for me!

That, my friends, is women’s rights!

Tracey Miles

Hi, my name is Tracey Miles and I am running for Women’s Rights Officer. I am a third year studying Politics, International Relations and Religion and I’m from Nelson. I am currently the secretary for Greens@Vic and am an active member of Greens@Vic, VUW Geology Society, Just Action, GECKO and the VUW Women’s Group.

I applaud how much the rights of women on campus have improved since the creation of the Women’s Group and the WRO, but as with everything, it can also be improved. I will be working towards three main goals this semester as WRO:

1) Raising the awareness of the Women’s club and room, letting women know of the services that the university provides such as child care, tampons in the emergency food packages, and group councilling sessions and creating Women orientated study sessions, events such as movie nights and craft circles and lessons on everday activities such as first aid and car maintenance.


2) Domestic violence and sexual assault is still an issue prevalent in our city. I will use my position as WRO to expand the Thursday’s in Black campaign and the Reclaim the Night event. I will work with the Welfare office and the Wellington City Council to expand the Campus Angels, City Safe people who patrol the streets of Wellington and the buses that travel to and from the campuses. Women should not feel threatended by the prospect of walking from campus late at night.

3) Finally, I will work with the Environment Officer to neutralize Victoria’s carbon emmissions. I will focus on the role of women by holding workshops on these issues. These workshops will include child care, environmentally safe cleaning and skin and hair care products, environmentally sustainable clothing and recyclable menstrual products. I will also endeavour to support women from developing countries by passing a motion and hosting a subsequent AGM that Victoria becomes a fair trade university.

Environmental Officer

Zachary Dorner

Severe weather warning: Hurricane Zack is approaching from the north, and is likely to hit Wellington – particularly around the campuses of Victoria University – between 27 and 29 July. Hurricane force winds will blow you away, driving rain will have you begging for mercy, and a storm surge of up to 2m will flood your mind with purified awesome. Due to global warming hurricane Zack contains more power and energy than any other storm on record. This storm will cause you to support Zack as the new VUWSA Environmental Officer.

Kia ora fellow students. I, Zachary Dorner, would like to be your next Environmental Officer. This would make me your go-to environmental activist on campus. If you have any ideas, things that are making you angry or just want someone who cares to listen to your problems (all environment-related of course, except in certain circumstances) then I’m your man.


Ah yes, the environment. “Meh” some of you might say. “I’m worried about shit, but yeah,” I predict others would probably say. However, what I would say is “save the people”. Yes, not save the planet, but the people. It’s you and I that I’m advocating for as an environmentalist – and that means taking action to look after the planet.

So, think of me as an advocate for the people, for students. That means I want to be your friend. I also want to work hard for you. And I don’t want to engage in unnecessary personal battles on VUWSA (who seem to have some sort of reputation or something apparently?), but rather work for what’s really important.

In conclusion: The environment is important. Watch out for Hurricane Zack – remember I warned you. And make sure you vote Zachary Dorner. I’m here for you, friend.

No Confidence

Vote for me. I look good in black.

International Officer

Luke Cao

Hello, my name is Luke, come from China, and I am running for the international officer. I have been in Victoria University for one year and a half. As an international student, I join the clubs and make many friends from different countries. As the general executive of the international students’ council this year, I know what the international students need, and how their feelings.

I am very happy to work for all international students, I hope everyone can enjoy their life in Uni.

Vote for me, thanks!

No confidence

Vote for me. Cummon. You know you wanna.


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  1. Laura McQuillan says:

    In my day, the muppets actually made an effort to promote themselves and get elected.

    It’s worrying that people running for Admin – who effectively keep the association running and keep its finances in check – can’t administrate themselves, and the Activities candidates aren’t even taking part in activities such as writing manifestos.

  2. peteremcc says:

    They probably guessed that Jackson would forget to publish them. :P

  3. Laura McQuillan says:

    You give them too much credit

  4. David Farrar says:

    It will be amusing if Lucy Deane wins.

  5. Jerry Mander says:

    NO confidence in the Admin VP. For fucks sake they can’t even organise themselves to write a small blurb for salient. That is shit. Max Hardy is a pretty useless shit aswell. GO VUSA.

  6. Jackson Wood says:

    Peter: Lol—honest mistake + confusion on my behalf.

    David: Stranger things have happened.

    Jerry: You can’t vote no confidence, there are two people running. Also I’m pretty useless because I can’t remember to publish them!

  7. Jackson Wood says:

    Updated with Matt Martin’s details.

  8. Lucy Deane is one mega babe. She definitely has my vote!!!

  9. Jackson Wood says:

    UPDATE: Max Hardy got his shit together—he’s been at some socialist conference somewhere in the old soviet bloc—and sent in a manifesto.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Good news!
    It turns out you can vote no confidence for Admin VP even though two people are running.

  11. peteremcc says:

    Then the election is invalid as it breaks the VUWSA constitution.


  12. Jackson Wood says:

    I’m pretty sure “Anonymous” is wrong. Will update tomorrow.

    Unless they mean you can vote “no confidence” by not voting at all. In which case they could argue the merits of VSM v CSM v Broken Record Syndrome allllllll day long… v Broken Record Syndrome… v Broken Record… v Broken… *scratch*

    The DJ is fired.

  13. CJH says:

    Surely the Environmental office is a joke right? What a waste of money that is. And people wonder why VUWSA is in trouble. Sheesh.

  14. Felicia Jollygoodfellow says:

    Is it just me or does Guy Williams look like Clayton Weatherston after a haircut and a shave?

  15. Freya Eng says:

    Jackson – Mat’s name is spelled ‘Mathew’. Thenks

  16. Jackson Wood says:

    Freya: Fixed.

    Sorry Mathew with one ‘t’.

  17. Freya Eng says:

    Apparently his mum screwed up his birth certificate. So he’s like Oprah, except he doesn’t have a talk show. Yet.

  18. Jackson Wood says:

    In response to the claims that the election may be unconstitutional… well heck… they may be!

  19. Felicity Baker says:

    VUWSA elections should be taken more seriously. I wish the information on candidates was more available. A friend emailed me the link for this page just now. Because I did not have any idea on what anyone stood for, disappointingly I did not vote this year.

    New VUWSA people PLEASE let us know the election is coming up, and if you intend to stand, give us some reasons to vote for you!

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