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65 million years ago Velociraptors gave their lives so you and me could drive petrol-fueled combustion engines and drink coke out of hydrocarbon-based plastic bottles. The story of oil is an interesting one—from prehistoric zooplankton being trapped and heated, direct into your gas tank.

This week’s Salient tries to be slightly ‘greener’ than usual. We’ve only printed 3000 copies of the mag in an effort to get you to reuse and recycle. Every Tuesday when I run around campus redistributing Salient, I get disheartened at the many copies strewn on the seats of the overbridge, scattered around the quad and hidden in library shelves.

Salient’s journey to your hands is a long, and unfortunately carbon intensive one. Somewhere along the line trees have been cut down to make the paper this ink is on. There is a recycled component to the paper but it isn’t too high. The next obvious input into Salient is electricity: lighting and heating the office, running the computers and Guy Armstrong’s hydroponics kit. The packaging and delivery of all the alcohol we consume and the screeds and screeds of paper we print out to proof the copy before it is signed, sealed and delivered to the printers—in Tauranga.

Once it is printed and dried APN print chuck it on a truck and ship it the 525 kilometres from Printcorp Tauranga to the Student Union Building. From there we use the VUWSA van to take it down to Pipitea, Te Aro and up to Karori. We also post it to around 100 destinations in New Zealand and Australia.

Thankfully the ideas cost nothing. Like the zooplankton they get trapped in our heads and through a complicated process involving heat, alcohol and stress they transmogrify into words. From here these words hopefully get changed back into ideas when you read them and the cycle continues. Earth’s ecosystem isn’t quite so clean cut. Hopefully if we keep throwing ideas around we might affect some physical change.

Two years ago when we did a SPAM survey we figured out for every one copy we print, three people read it. This is good compared to something like The Listener or The Dominion Post, but we could be going further. When you finish with this Salient put it back into the basket so someone else can read it. If you do throw it out, make sure you chuck it into one of the many recycling bins around the university.

Next time you throw away a Salient, think of the Raptors.


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The editor of this fine rag for 2009.

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  1. D-Wreckz0r says:

    Yeah… So I’m at campus now and all of the Salient dispensaries are empty and thanks to the cleaning staff doing what they are supposed to there are NO COPIES OF SALIENT ANYWHERE!

    That is a less than wonderful fact since I am yet to read a copy (I usually pick it up on Wednesday).

    I too, wander around campus and am never appalled at the number of Salient magazines lying around. Sure at the end of the day there are a few but they are obviously cleaned up each night.

    Here is a big friendly FUCK YOU Jackson Woody.

  2. Jackson Wood says:

    I foresaw whiny little bitches like you. There are a few extra copies in the office. If you would like to drop by and pick one up then I am more than happy to take the big friendly fuck me to my face.

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