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August 10, 2009 | by  | in Games | [ssba]

Far Cry 2: Victim of teh Sequel syndrome?

There is a widely accepted rule in gaming circles, that if you download a game, and like it, you should buy it. Let’s just say, I haven’t bought a lot of games recently. To like a game one must enjoy it. To enjoy a game it must be fun. It doesn’t take a degree in Psych to figure out what fun is. There is a part of the brain called fun, and it is stimulated not by high pixel counts and shaders, but gameplay and winning. By achieving something outside the usual realms of reality, the satisfaction of completing of challenging tasks.

This does not mean, however, that you should spend large tracts of your time dev­elop­ing an alter ego or character, such as is provided by MMORPGs. This is simply because such software is not a game, merely a digital reflection of your pitiful lives. Achievement is going 22–0 on CS_Assault. Achievement is clocking Halo 2 on expert. Achievement is success, and success is fun. However, failure seems to breed money. And people these days seem to value money over fun.

Money has led to the worst abomination of gaming since WoW. That is, the ‘sequel’: the attempt to milk the success of a good game by squeezing the same concept again. Far Cry 2, as the name suggest is a sequel. To be honest, when it came out, I was kind of excited. That was in October last year. However, it has recently become affordable, and thus accessible to noobs who didn’t have $100 or access to piratebay originally. Hence the need for some forewarning of what to expect.

The whole game is set in the same map, and you move through from area to area seamlessly without loadscreens. This gives a genuine impression of being free to roam, and that you are not constricted by a linear storyline. Aside from a small period of time at the beginning, you are free to explore this map at will, complete side missions for arms dealers, and generally shoot the place up. As you are in Africa you deal primarily in diamonds to buy weapons. To get diamonds you do not stomp round in the mud with a South African accent pretending to be a journalist, you find them in suitcases left willy nilly over the countryside.

As a merc, you have been contracted to kill the Jackal, an arms dealer. This is your primary objective right up to the point where you find out that you don’t really want to kill the Jackal anymore. This is endemic of the contradictory and try-hard storyline in Far Cry 2. When you play a game that involves shooting people, it seems utterly retarded to try include some moral message.

Despite being trained in the art of killing, you arrived in the country with no knowledge of this little thing called malaria, and are compelled to complete elements of the storyline by falling sick and needing medicine. This is ghey. It can take up to 5 minutes simply to drive to the location of the mission. 10 to 15 minutes to walk. And it’s not like WoW where you can press a button, then spend that time heating up the frozen loneliness which is your dinner. Oh no, you have to be actively driving the whole time. You would think with all this drive time they would give you a variety of views other than in car; alas, this is not the case.

The weapons are pretty cool, and there are many. They also degrade. Consequently firing a RPG can actually lead to it exploding in your hands and the grass around you catching alight. Which is pretty fucking awesome the first time it happens. However, the constant jammage of your rusty AK is frustrating. I mean, it was working fine for the guy firing it until I cut his face off and picked it up, yet when I try to shoot his brother from the gutter, it jams.

All up Far Cry 2 is mediocre. Its pros are its cons. However the worst part is the driving. The time taken driving from A to B in Far Cry 2 is more difficult to comprehend than the time it takes to drive from Wellington to Palmy. It’s just impossible for a person to cover the ground in a time that makes it viable. Let alone enjoyable. Games are like sex, if you’re getting bored before the end, you should question why you purchased it in the first place. Far Cry 2 is fun, just not fun enough.

Save your money, use your bandwidth.


Far Cry 2
Developer: Ubisoft
Genre: FPS
Platform: PC


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  1. S-Kill says:

    The first time I played Far Cry 2 it was great but then my saved game vanished.
    The second time I played Far Cry 2 it was average until my saved game vanished!
    The third time I played it I decided completing it just wasn’t worth the effort.
    Maybe If they made it a little shorter it could have been bearable? Nice eye candy though, guess there’s a lesson about pretty things without substance in there somewhere.

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