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August 2, 2009 | by  | in News Online Only | [ssba]

Lundy 500 cancelled

The Lundy 500, scheduled for August 29, has been called off after editor Jackson Wood spoke to members of the Lundy family this evening.

Members of Mark and Christine Lundy’s family had earlier contacted Wood to express their feelings over the event.

Wood spoke with three groups of family members tonight to apologise to them for the hurt caused and to tell them the event would be called off.

He also reiterated that the event was not intended to offend the Lundy family but to make a point about failures of the New Zealand justice system.

He acknowledged that their viewpoints were not adequately taken into account before the event was announced on Friday, and that there were other ways for this point to be communicated.

Wood believed family members had appreciated his apology, and understood the point Salient was attempting to make.

An upcoming issue of Salient magazine, released on August 17, had been planned to coincide with the Lundy 500 by taking an in-depth look at the New Zealand justice system. This issue would go ahead as planned.


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Salient is a magazine. Salient is a website. Salient is an institution founded in 1938 to cater to the whim and fancy of students of Victoria University. We are partly funded by VUWSA and partly by gold bullion that was discovered under a pile of old Salients from the 40's. Salient welcomes your participation in debate on all the issues that we present to you, and if you're a student of Victoria University then you're more than welcome to drop in and have tea and scones with the contributors of this little rag in our little hideaway that overlooks Wellington.

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  1. no nuts says:

    Weak minded fools!

  2. Alexander Waters says:

    Following the cancellation of the Lundy 500, I suggest that as part of your protest against justice system flaws, you take a bunch of recent skilled graduates to Australia as part of the “Bain Drain”.

    Failing this, a Hurtin’ for Burton boxing tournament, or Salient staff members could chop off their hair with samurai swords as part of Waxin’ Dixon or worst case, if you really want to avoid offending anyone, simply hold a bake-off for Veitch Quiche.

  3. Alpha Weapon says:

    “…and that there were other ways for this point to be communicated.”

    Really? I’d say that mildly-offensive activities such as these are a good way to get messages across that wouldn’t otherwise be communicated. What else can you do to raise awareness that would get comparable attention in mainstream media? JJW, you should have gone ahead with it; short-term pain, long-term gain.

  4. eh says:


  5. Gareth Keenan says:

    And they probably did oral.

  6. Watchdog1 says:

    I fail to see the point of the activity? I assume you wanted to highlight that it was impossible for LUNDY to complete the trip in the time frame initially maintained by the NZ Police, and buy discrediting this it would show that there was an inherent fault with the justice system?

    The Police as best i can research and physically check online for myself worked their initial time frame for the time/distance based on a Time of Death (TOD) given to them by the forensic specialist who performed the autopsy, to establish TOD he used a system which is based on the breakdown of the contents of the deceased’s stomachs. Even at the time of the autopsy this process of establishing a TOD was internationally regarded as unreliable and not best practice.

    A recent TVNZ documentary covered and highlighted this point and based on what is currently and was at the time of autopsy best practice internationally a revised TOD was given which allowed more than enough time for LUNDY to meet with his hooker (confirmed by phone records) drive at a causal and normal pace to Palmy complete the murders and return to Wellington.

    I would have expected some what more from the supposed leaders of the future when deciding to make a cause than the feeble attempt presented, it seems to me the person in charge was more interested in making the title of his wee event fit nicely into the existing UNDIE catch phrase than having the event prove any real point.

  7. Andrew Martin says:

    saw this on breakfast this morning. thought it was funny paul henry called you guys “arses” for it. doesn’t he work for the network that broadcasts that abhorrent “investigator” programme that dredged up this lundy shit in its season premier? kinda funny.

    but yeh, good to see you came to your senses, jacksonian.

  8. Cass says:

    I thought this was a great idea to protest judicial system failings – and could see the humouros take on “Undie 500” – but i also felt pangs for the victims families and can understand thier hurt

    Look forward to hear what you have to say on 24th August. Stay on thier tails! :-)

  9. Chips says:

    “paul henry called you guys “arses” for it. doesn’t he work for the network that broadcasts that abhorrent “investigator” programme that dredged up this lundy shit in its season premier? kinda funny.”

    And did you see it? It had recreations of the axe chopping them up. It was tacky as shit. There is so much more shame in putting that TV show out than there is in the Lundy 500.

  10. Guy Who Owns Hotel says:



  11. wackram says:

    who’s the wacko jacko now
    this is the pits without a stop sign.
    Honestly how low can you go.

  12. diddums says:

    you guys are a disgrace to the human race. of course you wouldn’t think about how this would affect the families of the victims, that would mean having some insight. Tis no wonder the main stream media thinks student media is pathetic, look at what the salient frequently does….it is a total disgrace, and lets down the entire student population at Vic because of the mindless idiots that run it.

    Get some real people with a brain in salient…….cos there sure as hell aint none there now.

  13. Matt Russell says:

    Jackson Wood, you are the dunce of the class.

  14. Ralph says:

    Ergh why would anyone call themself diddums?

    PS. Matt – Chaff is dunce

  15. diddums2 says:

    yeah those salient dudes are dumbasses. they should get a dream team of supercool types to run it. you know like steve nicol with his wicked insight and wit and dave crampton with his awesome righting skills and joel cosgrove for his political brainyness. yeah man that would be soooo cool. i bet nick archer would cum too and help with his wicked new media stuff.

    i mean who does the salient workers think they are. there so stupid. dumbasses. the editor cant spell and i heard he didnt even finish school. and this stupid lundy thingy. i heard they had riots last year.

  16. God says:

    I endorse the above sentiment.

  17. Mark says:

    Oh, s’no big deal, kids.

    Don’t mind a bit of racing if I say so myself ; )

  18. Smelling the Roses says:

    I’m disappointed, the Lundy 500 would have been great!

  19. Chopper Reid in 'is fuckin' V8 Mate says:

    How ya goin’ alright? Yeh? Alright? Fuckin’ oath, smelly, I was lookin’ forward to the bastard as well mate, gettin ma fuckin V8 down ya skinny wee kiwi fuckin’ highway n blowin’ all you softcocks into the fuckin’ ‘arbor mate, strewth!

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