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Eye on Exec


You know that feeling when you’ve been sitting in the sauna for too long? That point where the sweat is trickling down your back, you’re on the verge of fainting, thinking to yourself “now would be a good time to leave”, just as the fat man in the towel sitting across from you gets up but snags his towel on something and you see everything. He snatches at it, but it’s too late. You’ve seen everything. That is the closest approximation I can render.

The meeting kicked off with Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Penny Boumelha presenting the university’s draft equity strategy and draft learning and teaching strategy.

Jasmine, Caitlain and Max (with Nate by default) asked questions of Boumelha to ensure that adequate student input would be sought on the two plans.

The plans themselves set up working groups which will address equity and teaching issues. Putting them down on paper with definite goals and strategies to reach those goals. For more info on these flick the president an email.

It was at this point the exec noticed the friend I had bought along. Haimona sat there quietly during the meeting until asked to leave later when the exec moved into committee.

The exec then discussed last meeting’s minutes. Hilarity ensued over formatting and inaccuracies. Sorry, Nate—they looked good to me.

Having just seen Up I was worried that the accumulated hot air would lift the Student Union Building. It was sweltering. How Freemantle survived wearing about three layers of clothing I will never understand. At this point WVP Seamus Brady opened a window, thus winning 10 points and becoming my personal hero but dashing any hopes of lift off.

AVP Max Hardy, who was wearing a snuggily faux-woolen jumper, was pulled up for referring to a certain VBC staffer as “Princess”. On closer examination of his work report he also claimed under the Miscellaneous heading that replying to trolls on the Salient blog was work. Go figure.

My KPIs just went through the roof.

International Officer Luke Cao was pulled up for not explaining acronyms on his work report and offered other formatting tips by Freemantle. She also reminded Cao that he should not be speaking on behalf of students, unless authorised by her or in his capacity as president of the ISC.

Guy Williams got a stern telling off from Freemantle for cracking a joke. Pity, cos it was pretty funny.

“I’ll be open with you guys. We’re going to have a dance production.” —Masha Kupriyenko

Freemantle grilled Masha over the Dance with Me via Revolution in Colour dance production. This was not the last time the Dance with me via Revolution in Colour dance production would come up.

Guy Williams had put down in his work report that he had written 200 words for Salient which was then not published. Since I didn’t have speaking rights I was only able to nod my head when questioned about the executive’s columns in Salient.

Freemantle announced that VUWSA would be opening a part time office down at Te Aro campus so students down there can access VUWSA’s services. w007. She also mentioned we now have a new IT service. l337.

Mature Students Network and International Students’ council budgets for 2009 were passed after some humming and hoing over the amount of money available for grants, which turns out to be around $12,000.

The exec then discussed Masha’s proposal to grant Debsoc $55.26 for a debate about Roger Douglas’ VSM bill. Freemantle took umbridge at one line on the budget:

Secret Hill Merlot ×2 $12.99 $26

DENIED. No cheap wine to gift to guest speakers who have given up their time to talk to a bunch of students. I will be taking my own cask to the debate.

At this point the exec meeting went into committee and someone closed the window. I meditated through the heat. Some schmack was discussed. The word hypocritical reverberated in my mind a few times. In a last gasp effort the meeting closed and I retired to the cold cold Salient office.


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