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September 13, 2009 | by  | in News Online Only | [ssba]

Salient wins best publication

Last night your friendly neighborhood student magazine Salient scooped up the Fairfax New Zealand award for best student publication at the Aotearoa Student Press Association awards. The judges said Salient is chock full of good reading from start to finish. It is intelligent, irreverent and packed with attitude and personality without being up itself, with good news and features, and endless content.

Salienteers picked up another five first placings:
Robyn Kenealy, first equal for best cartoon.
Rory Harden, best cover.
Sarah Robson, best feature writer.
Nina Fowler, best feature content.
Jessy Edwards, best unpaid news.

We also picked up a number of placings:
Salient/Catch Design 2nd for best website.
Adam Howard, 2nd for best sports writer.
Sarah Robson, 2nd for best education series.
Michael Langdon, 3rd for best column.
Uther Dean, 3rd for best reviewer.
Jackson James Wood, 2nd for best editorial writer.
Rory Harnden, 2nd equal for best design.
Michael Oliver, 2nd for best paid news.

Full results with judges’ comments are below.

Best Website

Third: In Unison.
Second: Salient.
First: Craccum. web editor Patrick Crewdson said Craccum’s homepage was the most visually appealing of the sites and included bonus features which weren’t in the print edition.

Best Headline

Second equal: In Unison, with “Exploiting Excessive Empathy as a Form of Recession Relief in Three Easy Steps (Or: How I made a fake charity, and used it to buy myself some Chicken McNuggets)”, and Gyro, with “Trousers lowered, awareness raised”.

First: Critic, with “Students spitroasted at CoC fight”.

Listener staff reporter Sarah Barnett said it was a great pun that showed Critic knew its audience, and was relevant to its audience without being forced.

Best Cartoonist

Third equal: Michael Leung of Canta and Valentine Watkins of Craccum.

First equal: Robyn Kenealy of Salient and Maria Brett of Critic.

Cartoonist and illustrator Dylan Horrocks said Robyn Kenealy’s cartoons had distinctive personal drawing with a lot of character, and “all kinds of smarts going on just below the surface”.

Editorial cartoonist Jim Hubbard said Maria Brett’s cartoons were an impressive comic book style, with a good use of angle, movement and perspective.

Best Original Photography

Third: Matt Jenkinson of Canta.

Second: Erin Gaffney of In Unison.

First: Clinton Cardozo of Debate.

The judges said Clinton’s concert photos captured the moment, and they liked his use of black and white photography.

Best Sports Writer

Second equal: Adam Howard of Salient and Ian McDonald of In Unison.

First: Brad Kreft of Critic.

NZPA deputy news editor Greg Tourelle said Brad Kreft’s column on the pain of encountering elderly golfers was easily the best entry in the category: “Delightfully dry, it was well written, with the clever pullback from the cynical ageism just at the right time.”

Best Education Series

Third: Helen De Reus and Ben Thomson of Critic.

Second: Sarah Robson of Salient.

First: Joshua Drummond of Nexus.

A judge said Nexus’ coverage of the van Leeuwen affair was an engaging investigation of issues that lie at the core of what a university is, or ought to be. It showed what student media is capable of, with some tenacious digging.

Best Humour Content

Third: Ryan Boyd of Debate.

Second: Jeremy Bryson of Chaff.

First: Joseph Harper of In Unison.

TV personality Jeremy Wells said Jospeh Harper’s piece on the lameness of charity was particularly clever piece on charity and its lameness, an “original idea, well constructed linguistically and graphically.”

Best Reviewer

Third equal: Uther Dean of Salient and Daniel Copeland of Gyro.

Second: Antony Parnell of Nexus.

First: Joseph Harper of In Unison.

Music reviewer and blogger Simon Sweetman said Joseph’s entries stood out amongst the rest. He writes like a reviewer rather than a blogger, with a good level of opinion and information.

Best Columnist

Third: Michael Langdon of Salient.

First equal: Dr Love of Magneto and Liz Willoughby-Martin of Critic.

Public Address news columnist Russell Brown said Dr Love wasn’t the only column this year to adpot a humorous persona, but it was easily the most successful. It’s a good blend of dry wit and useful information about things the reader might actually want to know.

Scoop co-editor Alastair Thompson said Liz’s column is entertaining, charming and occasionally funny as well as being informative and beautifully crafted—a natural columnist with a consistently good product.

Best Cover

Third: Craccum.

Second: Satellite.

First: Salient.

Metro magazine art director Charlie McKay said Salient’s covers could easily live on his coffee table. Salient used typography in an interesting way and had a current visual style.

Best Editorial Writer

Third: Matthew Harnett and Valentine Watkins of Craccum.

Second: Jackson Wood of Salient.

First: Ryan Boyd of Debate.

Dominion Post editor Bernadette Courtney said “Ryan’s editorials are quirky but hit you between the eyes immediately. They made me sit up and take notice and read on and on. Ryan’s writing is tight, imaginative and funny. He has a bright future.”

Best Feature Writer

Third equal: Anthonie Tonnon of Critic and Rosabel Tan of Craccum.

Second: Stacey Knott of In Unison.

First: Sarah Robson of Salient.

Asia New Zealand foundation media adviser Charles Mabbett said Sarah’s articles were of a very high journalistic standard, well-researched and well-written, and she was the most consistent entrant.

Best News Writer (Unpaid)

Third: Stephen Smith of Debate.

Second: Nicholas Mark of In Unison.

First: Jessy Edwards of Salient.

The judges said Jessy’s story on bums bumming around Victoria University showed confident writing, while her other stories had genuine new value and were well-written.

Best News Writer (Paid)

Third: Aimee Gulliver of Critic.

Second: Michael Oliver of Salient.

First: Stacey Knott of In Unison.

Blogger, freelance writer and former Salient news editor Keith Ng said Stacey was the clear-cut winner, and her ability to engage with her subjects made her stories outstanding.

Best Feature Content

Second equal: Joshua Drummond of Nexus and Matt Russell of Chaff.

First: Nina Fowler of Salient.

Investigative journalist Nicky Hager said Nina’s article on the political crisis in Fiji was “a thoughtful and skillful examination of a subject where the mainstream media have spectacularly failed the public … her work is an excellent example of journalism explaining the news.”

Best Design

Second equal: Magneto and Salient.

First: Chaff.

Former Salient designer Chris Elder said Chaff used its larger format well, an interesting and reader-oriented design and excellent technical execution of newsprint to keep everything legible.

Best Small Publication

Third: In Unison.

Second: Gyro.

First: Magneto.

Journalist and media commentator Denis Welch said Magneto was easily the best small publication, for its bold design and high production standards, its good ideas and great attitude. It had the best sense of humour, including some brilliant satire, and it has begun to deliver on its aim of “becoming the most kick-ass student publication in the land.”

Best Publication

Third: Critic.

The judges said it was a very polished publication with consistent and well-written content.

Second: Craccum.

The judges said it had varied coverage, a consistently high standard of writing and interviewing, and was committed to political issues and university matters.

First: Salient.

The judges said Salient is chock full of good reading from start to finish. It is intelligent, irreverent and packed with attitude and personality without being up itself, with good news and features, and endless content.


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  1. Superior Mind says:

    Well I have to say that’s a pretty damn impressive performance right there. Many congratulations!


  2. Matthew_Cunningham says:

    Hear hear!

    And special kudos to Nina Fowler and Sarah Robson – you both totally deserved your respective first placings. Well done on writing some superb features this year.

    Cheers, Matt.

  3. Phoenix says:

    Congrats guys, that’s freaking awesome with a capital ‘awe’!

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