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Other stuff that happened


Women dislike sexist comments

Many amazed

Research conducted by Stephenie Chaudoir and Diane Quinn of the University of Connecticut in the United States has revealed that men who harass women with sexual comments are harming women’s perception of the male gender.

Apparently, these findings were a revelation to some.

The study asked a group of female students to view a video clip and imagine themselves as bystanders to a situation where a man either made a sexist remark toward a women or simply greeted her.

The subjects were then asked to rate their feelings of anger or depression and their desire to move away from or against men.

Astoundingly, the study showed that women were actually more likely to take a sexist remark as an insult to their gender, as well as more likely to feel anger or resentment towards men in general.

Flamenco Fuels Fury


Student journalists slaving over computers to bring you the award-winning magazine you now hold in your hands were left frustrated after flamenco guitarists attempted to serenade them once again.

A group of flamenco enthusiasts gathered under the balcony outside the Salient office in what appears to be a cheesy seduction attempt, or some kind of Romeo and Juliet Spain edition moment.

While some in the office can appreciate the talent involved in the playing, it was the constant repetition of passages that started dreams of other things that guitar strings could be used for. Rising fury was calmed after the guitarists decided to move on.

Salient suggests that a great time to attempt future serenades is on Fridays when we will all be in the office, willing to listen. Yup.

Prostitute gets nailed; unable to perform duties

Boyfriend pissed she can’t make him sandwiches

A prostitute sentenced to community service has been jailed after claiming her broken nails stopped her from completing court orders.

The Taranaki Daily News reported that Tala Jepsen, 19, was sentenced to 60 hours community services for charges relating to her stealing cheques from a man’s chequebook in 2009.

As a result, Jepsen had her fines of $1820 remitted and was sentenced to 21 days in prison for failing to complete her work at Wanganui primary school.

Scientists invent invisibility cloak

Harry Potter can suck it!

A three-dimensional invisibility cloak has been developed by German Muggle Scientists.

The cloak, made up of special lenses that bend light waves, is able to not only make small objects invisible, but hide the bump they would normally create. However, making large objects vanish before our very sights is still light-years away. Ha! Light-years, get it?

Tolga Ergin of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology spoke with Reuters during a telephone interview to explain the impact of the device.

“This is very exciting, because mankind has always thought about being invisible or having invisibility cloaks.”

In your face, J.K. Rowling!


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