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May 3, 2010 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

James Sleep, Education Officer

Wanna know something? It almost seems the Vice Chancellor, Pat Walsh, and his fellow members of the University Council (minus Max Hardly, Conrad Reyners, Fleur Fitzsimons and one or two others) don’t give a shit about our education and welfare. Why? They increase our fees every single year by 5%, and international students by much more (My innocent guess is 7%!). Not to mention they increased the Student Services Levy from around $100 to $500, like, what the fuck is with that?

They increase our fees and student levies and then they go and cut the number of lectures and tutorials we have per week. Ever wondered why your lecturer takes your tutorial? OK. Let me admit that it’s a little cynical for me to claim they don’t care and that it’s solely their fault for the rising fees. Why? The National Government led by John Key last year CUT tertiary education funding (instead giving $30million to elite private schools), and are set to cut tertiary education funding again in next month’s Budget, not to mention slowly undermining interest free student loans. Let me paint that picture nice and clear:John Key takes YOUR money which could be used to reduce YOUR fees and increase the standard of YOUR education and living, and instead gives it to the rich kids who you might find yourself sitting next to. The one’s that seem to think it’s a status boost to say they live in Weir House. How is that fair? Well, it’s not fair! That’s why we have the Education Action Group. The EAG brings together students from a range of backgrounds and interests to fight for quality education and living standards. The next meeting is on Thursday 13th May @ 11am in meeting room three in the Student Union Building. Come along!

As your Education Officer I work alongside the Education Vice President and Education Advocacy Organiser to ensure you’re getting the best education possible at VUW and that your life on campus is an enjoyable one.

Therefore, I am so pleased that over 1,300 submissions were received in opposition to Roger Douglas’ anti-student services Bill. Roger Douglas is once again be put into a box, along with his old ideas, and will hopefully soon be shipped off to some far fetched location, ‘cos, well, he is 72 after all.

Good work to those that have contributed to the fight to retain student services!

Feel free to flick me an email if you have any concerns, and be rest assured things going smoothly on the VUWSA front. Regardless of what other might say in this edition of Salient.


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  1. Graeme Sinclair says:

    massive lols Max HARDLY!!!

  2. Graeme Sinclair says:

    Stupid column though. You would have thought a wannabe-politician like Sleep would know it is not prudent to keep bagging Key with his current personal political ratings. I would advice that is is better to attack the National Party rather than the PM specifically. Yep, and attack Weir House kids, even though as a member of the VUWSA exec he is supposedly representing all of them. Fuckwit.

  3. smackdown says:

    this was embarrassing

  4. Michael says:

    Good column!

  5. Chuck says:

    This column was poorly written.

  6. Matt says:

    Very much spot on here. Good to see a proactive member of the the VUWSA exec.

  7. Mao Lover says:

    Jesus! I can’t believe this guy. At every opportunity this want-to-be politician cocks up. He clearly has a poor analysis – an inability to think for himself and relies on outdated lame attacks on John Key.

    If you’re serious about student representation perhaps you could talk about the threats to interest free student loans etc, etc.

  8. Matt says:

    He mentioned it. Maybe you should read the article. Dipshit.

  9. Aspiring Poet Allan says:

    I like to go to Wellington Zoo
    To meet with all the friendly Baboons.
    It turns me on when they give me the moon,
    So I stick my wiener in their hole that poos.

  10. Mao Lover says:

    Hey Matt – is your real name James Matthew Sleep?

    And you really should get your insults right – it’s “Dipstick”, not “Dipshit”. Perhaps you and James Sleep could make a good couple. You could go around and totally destroy the English language.

  11. Josh Wright says:

    Sweet, EAG will be good.

    @Graeme Sinclair: I don’t think he was attacking all Weir House kids, just a light-hearted jab at the stereotype (which is actually kinda perpetuated) of those who brag on about living at Weir House is all. Calm down, buddo.

    @Mao Lover: Grow a backbone!

  12. Dan says:

    Got shown this by someone in my hall (Weir) where this has caused a bit of discussion. It’s obvious that Mr. Sleep intended to be provocative. I say harden the fuck up to those that can’t handle the jandal.

    Sleep’s goal of being provocative has been achieved. He was discussing the EAG afterall. And having read up on the group (for which i wasn’t familiar) I am not surprised he was provocative. I might start going to the meetings now as it’s disgusting that the Govt is taking money from tertiary education and other public initiatives and giving it to those that already have money and opportunities that many people in our community don’t have.

  13. Ha says:

    ^^^^^ James Sleep ^^^^^

  14. jonno says:

    Mao Lover you’re a muppet.

    Dipshit =


  15. Che says:

    Well he obviously got rejected from Weir House

    Just another crazy lefty student politician out to make a name for himself by doing and saying stupid shit to get attention.

    Shame on him tho, even his own fellow student politicians are shunning him.


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