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May 12, 2010 | by  | in News Online Only | [ssba]

Vic closes undergrad admissions

Victoria University will not accept any new domestic admissions in 2010 following a decision made by the University Council today.

The decision was made after student numbers were predicted to reach 110 per cent of the cap funded by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).

The resolution means that no new students, with a few exceptions, will be granted admission to Vic for the rest of 2010.

The decision does not affect international enrolments or current students.

The resolution was passed with only VUWSA President Max Hardy, student representative Conrad Reyners, and former VUWSA President Fleur Fitzsimons voting against it.

Chancellor Ian McKinnon says the change was prompted by a considerable surge in demand and limited resources.

“The University has no further capacity for new domestic undergraduate applicants this year.”

Vice-Chancellor Pat Walsh told Salient the decision was made “with great reluctance”.

“There is no enthusiam for this decision, it was made to meet our legal obligations and to protect the interests of current students and staff.”

Walsh says “all universities are working in an environment where they must manage their enrolments as outlined in their investment plans, which are agreed to with the Tertiary Education Commission”.

“Our enrolment targets have been based on what we can achieve as an institution and to exceed those means we would not be able to cope with the additional call on teaching resources including staff workloads, space and equipment,” he says.

VUWSA President Max Hardy says the Council should not have made the decision based on the information provided.

“We had hoped the Council would see that such an unattractive decision should not have been made without first having all the appropriate information.

“It is a very difficult position for the University to be in, it was not an easy decision, therefore we were under a substantial obligation to consider this issue very carefully.”

Hardy says “the unexpected decision” will be unfair to potential students who will have been acting under an “entirely reasonable expectation that admissions would remain open.”

The University is currently implementing its plan to manage enrolment numbers in 2011 which involves new admission criteria.

The University is encouraging all potential applicants to reapply before 10 December for study in 2011.


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  1. Nickc says:

    Time to abolish fee maxima

  2. Alpha says:

    “There are also implications over how prepared the education system is to cater for the blippers. If they do not emerge from tertiary institutions and training schemes in sufficient numbers, they will not provide the tax base that will pay for retirement pensions, health and education.” (from the linked article, dated 2002)

    Nobody listens to geographers. There was a ‘Baby Blip’ in the early-1990s that is now being felt at university. This is a stupid reaction that will have long-term consequences. An absolute cap is the absolute worst decision to make. Enrollments must increase as the cohort of people in the prime tertiary-education age groups grows over the next few years as it has been over the last couple.

    They’ve been talking about it for years, nothing was done, and this is where we wnd up.

    Kia ora, forward planning, kia ora.

  3. Francine says:

    This isn’t the ideal solution to the issue at hand, and I know how gutted I would have been if this had come into effect last year, as I enrolled to start in July. However, if the university is not equipped to educate an increased number of students, then for the benefit of the education of the students already enrolled the Council is making the right decision. We’ve seen decreased student-educator face time per week and huge cuts in various departments, not to mention resources pushed to the limit (computer queues, anyone?). The university can’t just keep accepting more students without sacrificing the quality of the education everyone will receive.

  4. You need to use the subjunctive here, like this:
    “Hardy says “the unexpected decision” will be unfair to potential students who would have been acting under…”

  5. Alysha says:

    Well this sux, loos like i wont be going to uni yet :(

  6. Vegeta_Mtcook_29 says:

    I once went to uni. But I clocked that on extra hard years ago.

  7. Nick says:

    lol gutted bro

  8. kate says:

    how does this effect the enrolment of current students, in terms of changing adding papers?

    • Angela Mabey says:

      Current students will not be affected and you should have no troubles changing papers.

  9. Tom says:

    Any plan of action/protest/submission to publicly present student opinion?

  10. anonymouse says:

    nope. you got any ideas tom?

  11. smackdown says:

    make more universities it was easy to do in sim city 2000

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