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Eye on Exec: The Holiday Edition

Eye on exec

I didn’t think I’d ever have to attend another exec meeting. How wrong I was. While you were off studying, sitting exams and holidaying, I had the pleasure/misfortune of attending not one, but two exec meetings. Without further ado, all the highlights of two exec meetings rolled into one super duper extra special Eye on Exec.

Meeting One

Max Hardy was, well, tardy—three minutes late. Nevertheless, the entire exec was in attendance—shock horror! Welfare Vice-President Seamus Brady left a bowl of lollies on my extra special media table. I asked if they were poisoned.

The first thing that struck me about the new VUWSA Meeting Room was how warm it was. Which is why I was puzzled to see one Fraser Pearce wearing a scarf AND hat. Indoors. The next logical next step my thought process was to picture the entire VUWSA exec in matching hats and scarves.

It was a “reasonably light fornight” for Tardy. He met with Vice-Chancellor Pat Walsh. They discussed a range of matters including the decision to close admissions for trimester two (there have been some exemptions granted), police on campus and the National Government’s Budget, among others. James Sleep asked lots of questions.

Correct formatting and exec members not doing their required number of hours were frequent talking points during the presentation of work reports. Seriously, how hard is it to follow a template? Fraser, sort it out. Furthermore, wondering out loud if you had sent in the right work report doesn’t look good. Many promises were made by execeteers that they would make up their missed hours over the holidays. Fraser assured us he’d be “working his butt off”. In the midst of all this work report hoo-haa, it was clarified that exec meetings DO count towards the number of hours worked each week.

In other important news, the VUWSA Trust has had its artworks valued, and they are currently investigating the feasibility of early childhood centres on campus. There has been another resignation from the Trust, leaving it a bit of a sausage fest, with no women. Hardy himself said the financial stuff relating to the Trust was “not that interesting”. However, Student Job Search is moving to the Wairarapapa, leaving Vic sans face-to-face SJS service. Interestingly, because of the move, students have lost their jobs. Ironic?

Sadly I had to leave at this point. I had been told it’d be a short meeting, alas, it turns out it wasn’t to be. Luckily for me, I could just read the minutes of the rest of the meeting at the next exec meeting I got to attend.

Meeting Two

This week I was late. Not that I missed much. Given it was the middle of the holidays, people were all over the show. Some people were overseas. Some people were at home. The meeting didn’t start well. Fraser Pearce hadn’t sent around a pile of papers for sports grant applications. In the end, everything was in such a muddle that they were all deferred, with discretion granted to the executive officers for approval.

As usual, work reports were a bit of a fiasco. Fraser Pearce talked heaps during Alan Young’s work report. The much-talked-about poker tournament is still being talked about, but not a lot seems to have happened. Alice Pan got to hang out with the visiting Chinese delegation. Caitlin Dunham got mentioned in parliament. Fraser Pearce—seriously, formatting. Again? Fraser still doesn’t know how many hours he needs to make up. He was meant to have done this for this meeting. Fail. He has been sternly instructed to get his shit sorted for next time. The absent James Sleep’s work report came under close scrutiny. He hasn’t made up the hours he said he’d promise to make up over the break. Oh yeah, and he’s going overseas. Good one.

In presidential news, two VUWSA staff members have resigned—changes ahoy. Half yearly exec reports are due 9 July. There’s an NZUSA change document in the works. A number of associations are recommending structural changes to NZUSA. Salient’s BFF Harriet Gigglygoo (OUSA Prez) really wants change, apparently. Some VUWSA exec members aren’t so keen on some of the proposals. Oh yeah, and the VUWSA Association Manager’s performance review is getting underway, as well as an interim review of the change process.

The moral of the story? Get someone else to go to exec meetings.


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