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Eye on Exec: The Half-Year Reports

Salient reads the VUWSA half-year reports, gives you the condensed version

Craig Carey
Welfare offIcer

Not entirely sure what the Welfare Officer does… From Craig’s half-year report it sort of looks like they help out the Vice-President (Welfare). Three pages worth of helping, which is a pretty good showing. Craig has helped provide a tax refund service for students, supported students with StudyLink and WINZ issues, sat on the Food and Beverages Committee for Campus Hub, oh and he helped with free flu shot publicity, and Stress-Free Study Week breakfasts. He’s yet to come up with his own welfare initiative, but he hopes to do that this trimester. He’s an execeteer who gets on and does what he’s told. We hope he’s not whipped.

Quotable Quote: “I do everything that I tell people I will do, and on time, without attracting any controversy within the VUWSA executive/ management or wider membership.”

BONUS! $800

Caitlin Dunham
Women’s rIghts offIcer

All feminists should be like Caitlin. She’s approachable, friendly and really passionate about her position. Sure there were a couple of misses during Women’s Fest, but the abortion panel, DIY sanitary pads and feminist pub quiz were all well attended. She’s been active in liaising with groups like ALRANZ and Family Planning, and she got in the paper and got mentioned in parliament. And the women’s issue of Salient this year was fucking awesome. VUWSA is blessed to have such an awesome WRO. And she got a full-on bonus.

Quotable Quote: Under weaknesses—“Highly strung”, “Boisterous”, “Can get too caught up in office politics”.

BONUS! $850

Kurt Sharpe
Acting Queer Officer

For someone filling in the position of Queer Officer, Mr Sharpe has worked his butt off. He’s been involved in organising the Queer Tertiary Students’ Survey, the Queer Mentoring Programme, he’s written his column, worked with UniQ and other queer groups at a national level. He’s also been updating and collecting resources for queer students. Kurt’s obviously an excellent communicator, and in some respects it’s a little disappointing he didn’t stand for the position at the by-election. Tom Reed has got some big shoes to fill.

Quotable Quote: Kurt’s half-year report is so ultra professional there are no note worthy quotes. Sigh. Good work.

BONUS! $650 (the full amount Kurt was eligible for)

Alan Young
Activities Officer

Dear Alan got a mere $125 worth of bonus of the $850 he was eligible for. Reading his half-year report, it’s not hard to see why. A number of planned events and activities were
either canned altogether—an Orientation Treasure Hunt?— or postponed. The VUWSA Poker Series was plagued by location troubles, but here’s hoping VUWSA Dress Up Day
takes off. One bonus point for being brave enough to wear one of those hideous orange ‘Save our Services’ t-shirts on multiple occasions.

Quotable Quote: “The speed dating was successful in bringing students who were interested in having conversations with other when otherwise they might not have had the chance with school work.”

BONUS! $125

Bridie Hood
Campaigns Officer and Acting Vice-President (Education)

Holy shit this girl’s done heaps. And to top it all off, she’s really nice. Bridie has done a whole bunch of stuff (and when I say a whole bunch it means so much I can’t actually fit it in) promoting the class rep system, the faculty delegate system, and she’s poured her heart and soul into the 2010 VUWSA Alternative Student Guide. She’s sat on a whole pile of
boards and committees (seriously, too many to name). She’s handed in her columns on time, and she likes to submit them in weird fonts (humour FTW). You go girl! She says her two weaknesses are institutional knowledge and ye olde self-confidence when dealing with big scary university folk, but with time we’re sure Bridie’s gonna be one super VP.

Quotable Quote: “I am becoming more confident in my position and my knowledge and I will continue to fight the sausage fest.”

BONUS! Not eligible

Seamus Brady
Vice-President (Welfare) and Acting Vice President (Administration)

We’re pretty sure Seamus could do his job with his eyes closed. His half-year report is six pages long. How does one even begin to summarise? Food bank, flu shots, tax advice,
StudyLink, Rep Groups, Stress-Free Study Week (and thanks for the cereal), Campus Angels, Student Finance Hardship Committee, welfare publications, columns, Orientation,
Education (Freedom of Association) Bill, submissions, VUWSA Audit and Finance Committee, VUWSA Alternative Student Guide, SSALAC, VUWSA Trust, Publications Committee,
Performance Management Committee, NZUSA. Oh yeah, and Seamus helped Max heaps. Seamus is a library of information about VUWSA and has a pretty darn good idea
about how stuff works around these parts. VUWSA will be at a loss when Seamus leaves.

Quotable Quote: It was a tie between under strengths, “Down to earth and not a crazy”, and under weaknesses, “I can get caught up in the VUWSA bubble”. We’re pleased you’re not a crazy too, Seamus.

BONUS! Not eligible

Zachary Dorner
Environmental Officer

Zack is another one of those hard-working execeteers who quietly gets on with his work without complaint or controversy. We have a revitalised VUWSA vege garden, thanks to Zack and Gecko, and Zack has regularly kept in contact with clubs. He proposed motions at the IGM and he’s created healthy student debate about environmental issues. Zack has launched the Warm My Flat campaign, and drafted a Sustainability Policy for VUWSA. Zack should also be proud of his efforts in helping organise the Environment Issue of Salient that coincided with Environment Week. Kia ora.

Quotable Quote: So this is actually from Zack’s most recent work report, but it is awesome. “Make sure Environment Issue of Salient goes off without a hitch. Got Sarah too many articles, all on time—Sarah Robson loved me.”

James Sleep
educatIon offIcer

James’ half-year report was not included in the exec packs for the meeting where the reports were to be presented—it was late. Salient requested a copy of James’ half-year report from Prez Max Hardy. We got it, eventually. He’s done a few things—he helped with class reps, the VUWSA Alternative Student Guide, Orientation and Stress-Free Study Week. He organised the Education Action Group. He went to the NZUSA Conference. He was away for three reporting periods. There was also that incident with the column. Sigh. He admits time allocation and setting priorities have been problems—less time overseas perhaps?

Quotable Quote: Point 4 under weaknesses—“…” It is actually just “…”

BONUS! Zilch, zero, nothing

Max Hardy

Max’s half-year report is a whopping 13 pages long. It looks like it’s at 1.5 spacing, but still, it’s really long. If you can churn out that many words Max, it’s surprising you struggle with a 400-word column every week. As much as we mock our dear leader—we mean—president, he’s not doing too bad a job. He’s in touch with the issues affecting students on campus, and in tertiary education more broadly speaking. Max is constantly at meetings (try arranging a regular time to meet—it’s near impossible), and he is constantly talking about new initiatives, new committees, new reviews, new policies, and what he chatted to the Vice-Chancellor about (well, the stuff we’re allowed to know anyway). Consultation on the Student Services Levy, a joint venture between the university and VUWSA, is probably one of the more notable achievements this year, although we are still waiting on the outcome of this. Yup, there’s still stuff to be worked on, particularly in terms of communication and the “public face” of VUWSA, but I guess at least he’s keeping out of trouble (no ‘I heart my penis’ t-shirts), and at least he’s approachable (no comment). It just makes for less interesting news stories.

Quotable Quote: “Salient is within budget and the overall cost of Salient has reduced very substantially from 2009.”

Fraser Pearce and Alice Pan both resigned, so were not obliged to submit half-year reports. We’re a little disappointed we didn’t get to read Fraser’s. Sigh.


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