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VUWSA Get Exec Bonuses

VUWSA handed out a total of $4125 in bonuses to six different executive members last week. Applications to a value of $1050 were declined, with a further $850 not assigned due to Fraser Pearce’s resignation late last month.

Members of the executive are entitled to apply for any amount up to $850 for their work in 2010. All exec members eligible, except for James Sleep and Kurt Sharpe, applied for the full amount.

Alan Young’s application for a total of $850 was finalised as $125.

When asked why he believed he deserved $850 by other members of the executive, Young responded that “everyone else” had written down a similar figure. He had no clear response when asked why he failed to put down a figure he thought was representative of his achievements.

In an interview with Salient last year, Young suggested that if he was elected as president he would look at cutting bonuses in order to make VUWSA more cost-effective. He also expressed confusion as to the nature of bonuses, asking his then-presidential opponent Max Hardy for clarification.

“Apparently you have executive bonuses? Is that correct? Like, executive bonuses? Like, do you have executive bonuses? I’ve been told you have executive bonuses.”

James Sleep received no bonus for his work in the first trimester, despite applying for $325. There was some confusion surrounding Sleep’s application, as he submitted his work report late and said he “didn’t expect” to receive a bonus at last week’s exec meeting.

Bonuses are granted for meeting and exceeding performance objectives for the trimester. An upper limit of $200 for the 2010 half of trimester three and $650 for trimester one applies.

Caitlin Dunham, Craig Carey, and Zack Dorner all received their full entitlement. Kurt Sharpe, Acting Queer Officer, received $600 for his first trimester’s work, and a special acknowledgement for taking up the role at such short notice.

Exec Bonus Box
First figure: what they applied for. Second figure: what they received for the last half of the summer trimester and trimester one 2010

Caitlin: $800 $200/600
Craig: $850 $200/650
Kurt: $550 N/A/600
Alan: $850 $125
Fraser: NA
Zack: $850 $200/650
James: $325 $0/0


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Lewis has been playing videogames since his family's PC Direct "workstation" in early 1996. He spends his spare time reading political blogs, working and welcoming complaints and suggestions.

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  1. Seamus says:

    Max (and the VPs) aren’t eligible for bonuses. Craig got $800, and Alice, like Fraser didn’t receive/apply for one as the resigned earlier.

  2. funkin' eh! says:

    Didn’t James Sleep campaign on a platform of not ‘sleeping on the job.’

  3. Sarah Robson says:

    Sorry, don’t know how Max got in there… All amended!

  4. Graeme says:

    When I was on the exec Acting members didn’t get paid.

  5. James Sleep says:

    Dear ‘funkin’ eh!’,

    Indeed, I did campaign on a platform of not ‘sleeping on the job’ as I put it during last year’s campaign.

    Just so you are aware, bonuses are for going above and beyond the call of duty. In my case, as I said in a public forum (the exec meeting), I “do not expect a bonus”, the reason: I do not feel I have put in the same amount of time as other executive members, who have each worked very hard this year for students and get VUWSA back on track under a very competent president.

    If you take the time (which I doubt you do) to look over my executive work reports (available online), you will see that I have consistently worked all of the hours I am required to put into the organisation every week.

    I can assure you there hasn’t been any ‘sleeping on the job’. If you would like, I am more than happy to send you my work reports every fortnight just to keep you in the loop.

    Thanks for your concern and I will continue to fulfil my role and work hard for students.

  6. smackdown says:

    *addresses no-name trolls on the internet*

    *is james sleep*

  7. Ben says:

    James Sleep – ‘bonuses are for going above and beyond the call of duty.’

    VUWSA Constitution – ‘Executive shall authorise such payment as successful fulfilment of the targets set for the Executive Officer in question.’ (Schedule 5, Executive Honoraria, 3.)

    Now I don’t know about you, but to my mind ‘fulfilment’ means simply meeting targets fully and necessitates no additional onus of going ‘above and beyond’. Care to respond, James?

  8. funkin' eh! says:

    Why did you put in an application if you “didn’t expect a bonus”? Tad odd…

  9. Miller says:

    Call of duty I love that game

  10. Ben says:

    ‘If you take the time (which I doubt you do) to look over my executive work reports (available online), you will see that I have consistently worked all of the hours I am required to put into the organisation every week.’

    In fact, I just took James’ advice and went and looked over his executive reports. I encountered a few problems though.

    The first being that aside from the President (who seems to have only his three most recent reports uploaded) and the roles marked ‘Currently Vacant’, James has the least work reports of all Executive members on the website.

    Secondly, the work reports are patchy in their chronology. Work reports 4, 5 and 6 – covering 6 weeks work total – are inexplicably missing. No work reports beyond the one ending 22nd of June (approximately a month and a half ago) are available. Other executive members reports continue throughout this period.

    Finally, James’ last work report indicates that he still has ‘seven hours to make up’. This is in direct contradiction with the last statement in his above quoted sentence.

  11. smackdown says:

    james sleep’s vuwsa work day:

    1) come into vuwsa office

    2) string up hammock

    3) snooze those doozy blues away

    4) go home

  12. Nick C says:

    James why should students be paying you to write your personal submission on the Education (Freedom of Association) Ammendment Bill? It seems like the main thing you did in the first three months judging by your reports.

  13. smackdown says:

    ahaha I love how this has become the James Sleep trash heap.

    came bash on this year’s bobby latimer

  14. James Sleep says:


    You should come along to the Education Action Group meeting tomorrow evening.

    5pm, VUWSA meeting room, ground floor, Student Union Building.

    See you there mate.


  15. James Sleep says:

    Sorry mate,

    Let me just correct that, it’s on Wednesday evening.

  16. SJR says:


  17. mmmmmmmm na says:

    James you are special. VSM pAAAAAaaaah

  18. funkin' eh! says:

    James, why did you put in an application if you “didn’t expect a bonus”?

  19. smackdown says:

    james in flames

  20. Miller says:

    James and Ben gonna fight after school

  21. Roberneck Stein Drigbeston III says:

    I dare say, Master Sleep, your disposition is rather melancholy, is it not? ‘Tis it but the winter’s rain of indignation falling on your shoulders that persist your weary mood? Nay, say unto me, why such failings? Go on, save yourself!

  22. SJR says:

    wen he says “mate” he means “frenemy” lolz

  23. Nick C says:

    A segment from the ‘eye on exec’ article:

    “There was only one member of the exec who said they “didn’t expect a bonus”. It’s hard to see this as a gesture of humility when it’s preceded by 25 minutes of explanation as to why James Sleep’s (late, poorly formatted) half-yearly work report wasn’t up to the standard of other executive members. In James’ 25 minutes, he outlined why it was unfair for him to do four hours of data entry per week, and generally implied that his own failings weren’t a result of his laziness/inability to manage time/lack of understanding of the concept of volunteering, but rather of the executive and the organisation.

    This is ridiculous. You can’t come into a half-yearly meeting of the organisation you’ve been a part of for almost six months and level excuses for why you haven’t done your job—which is, by nature, ambiguous and designed for you to make your own—and expect other people to either fall over you making changes halfway through the year, or even worse, expect them to ignore the fact you’ve failed to meet your targets and goals.”

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