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March 26, 2012 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Roxy Heart & Prudence Lovelock

After getting out of a bad relationship last year I recently found a new boyfriend. He’s really great to me; takes me out to lovely dinners and I feel like he really understands me, not
the normal bullshit you get from boys. He’s also an athlete which gives him a smokin’ hot body. There’s one serious problem though: In bed he’s the wrong type of athlete… a sprinter. Perhaps it’s because I’m just really good, but he can’t seem to last more than 90 seconds and that’s a real problem for me because I can’t get the G-spot orgasm I’m used to. It’s seriously affecting our relationship. What can I do to help him last longer in bed?

– Love you long time


Premature (or as Roxy is informed it should be termed, “early”) ejaculation is a problem you need to approach carefully. For many sufferers psychology plays a big role, and if you add even more stress you could make the situation worse. The thing to do is start a conversation. It may be that your man doesn’t even realise that he’s not satisfying you, or it may be something that he’s very neurotic about. Either way you need to tell him without making it into a big deal, that it’s something you want to work together
to solve. It may turn out he has some hang-ups about sex that you need to work through together: the key is to be positive and supportive and help him gain confidence in his sexuality.

From there, a degree of slow and steady exploration will be needed to get to the root of the problem. Try and build his stamina through slow and steady stimulation using your hands and mouth, stopping whenever he comes close to climax and restarting once he’s off the edge. Keep edging him, exploring all his other erogenous zones to keep him excited: his ears, armpits, feet, whatever turns him on. Get him to stimulate you with his fingers, his tongue or maybe a toy so that you also begin to reach your own limits. Then, when you feel that you’re really close to an orgasm, let him enter you vaginally and fuck you until he ejaculates.

A lot of people seem caught up on the idea that pussy and penis is the only “real” sex. In fact Roxy thinks you might be pleasantly surprised at the results achievable if you think outside the… erm… box.

Love, Roxy <3


I had to use the Google to work out what a “G-spot” is, and frankly I was not impressed.

Anyway, the fact that your man can only last 90 seconds seems like a blessing to me. Sex is messy, tedious and only necessary once every nine months. Instead of complaining about it, I think you should use it as an opportunity other aspects of your relationship. Here are a couple of the things I really love to do with my boyfriend that I think you should totally try.

The highlight of our month is getting the whole family together and visiting Uncle Bill’s Wholesale Club in Kilbirnie. You have no idea how magical it is to see a child’s face light up when you tell them they can have any bulk discounted shampoo product they want. My husband often jokes that he finds my buying pallets of washing powder bizarre, but he knows perfectly well that our rapture shelter won’t fill itself and no one wants to greet the heavenly father with pasta stains on their blouse.

Now obviously we don’t do family movie nights because no one produces movies these days that don’t have mountains of sex, violence and depictions of people, but we more than make up for it with theological contemplation night. We play all sorts of games, but one my kids particularly enjoy is called “Where’s God hiding?” The answer, of course, is that even thinking about the question is a sin, but my kids hardly ever lose now that we have the Chest of Shame.

xoxo Prudence.


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