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Things That Go Bump in the Night

I am a guy and wondering what your thoughts are on guys going bare down there – “manscaping” if you will. I tried shaving once but it was bad news, but I’ve heard waxing is better. Should guys do it? Will it make my dick look bigger? Will it make sex better? Where do I get it done and does it hurt?


This is actually something I’ve been asked about a few times. People often seem to be a little insecure about it, although in my experience pretty much everyone (I am no exception) is insecure about something to do with sex or their appearance, and combining the two doesn’t help.

Should guys do it?

Basically, you have the right to total bodily autonomy, and there’s nothing you should or shouldn’t do about hair on your body. It’s okay to do it if your partner prefers it and doing something that will make them happy will make you happy, or if you’re doing it because you like the way it looks or feels, or even just because you’re bored and curious (this has happened to me before). It’s less okay to do it because someone else wants you to when you don’t want to (unless the power-play aspect of this turns you on).

Manscaping can also describe removing or trimming other body hair, and the above information applies here too. The one time I shaved my chest though, the stubble that almost immediately grew back was scratchy and awful. If you’re a hairy dude, it’s not low-maintenance.

Will it make my dick look bigger?

Short answer: yes. It’s surprisingly empowering. Mostly it’s because the hair grows at least a little way along the shaft, and reducing this shows more of the shaft, which makes your dick look bigger. A Design student could probably explain more about perspective or framing or something.

Will it make sex better?

It will not directly make any noticeable difference to the quality of the sex you’re having. One advantage of having less hair is a lower frequency of hairs getting stuck in your/your partner’s mouth during oral, which I personally hate, so for me, this is a good reason. If manscaping, by shaving or trimming (or a combination in different places), makes you feel better about the way your junk looks, then the increased self-confidence could improve other things about your sex life, but this is a secondary effect.

Where do I get it done and does it hurt?

Trimming, with scissors or clippers, will not hurt, obviously. It’s like a haircut for your junk. Just be super-careful around your balls! I’ve never had my junk waxed, but a friend recently got a Brazilian, and he said it was quite painful. As to where? Pearl on Johnston St comes highly recommended. Two people also just told me that getting your butthole waxed actually feels good, and now I’m curious to try that too.

Go forth!


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