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The lack of respect in our generation is driving me crazy. Generation Y: seriously, get your shit together. The latest app and dating craze Tinder is a classic example of our lack of respect. Although it is all just a bit of banter, and everyone knows Tinder is just a joke, it really is taking stalking to another level. People are either liked or rejected based on the first photo that crops up, matched with potential members of the opposite sex, and then given the opportunity to chat. For a laugh, my flatmates and I joined up and before I knew it, I got a match saying “OMG marry me!!” Well sure, proposing to me over a dating app will certainly send me down the aisle. What a keeper!

The Facebook page ‘Tinder Chat’ known for “The best yarns on Tinder” recently caught my attention. People share their noteworthy Tinder chats, conversations that are far less than dignified. For example:

“Ey girl. Are you from Iraq?

Cos you should Baghdad ass up”.

“No, I was raised on a chicken farm…

Because I really know how to raise cocks”.

That really is some charming conversation right there. While driving past an Auckland girls’ private school, a male friend of mine in his mid-20s made a rather amusing Facebook status: “Car broke down right outside St Cuth’s College… Only thing to do while I wait for AA… Tindering I believe!” Although his friends joked about him being a “dirty bastard”, it really does make me question today’s interaction with the opposite sex. These days, the focus doesn’t seem to be about our compatibility with someone or their personality, but whether they look hot enough in their photos. No sorry, I don’t want to be sent a picture of your genitals.

Sending snapchats of six-packs or exposed breasts seems to be the key to someone’s heart in today’s culture. Girls are too busy being worried about squatting to get ‘dat ass’ and have a ‘box gap’, and boys are too concerned about shredding (do you even lift bro). Um, what happened to valuing people for their intelligence and integrity? Do those qualities even matter any more? The amount of fake tan that some girls use could probably fill my entire swimming pool. Instagram is overflowing with bathroom selfies of girls in their bras and undies #fitspo #cleaneating #ripped. It’s become the norm. It’s not just a lack of respect for our peers, it’s a lack of respect for ourselves which is the biggest problem here.

There is a massive deprivation of chivalry in males these days. My friend was seeing a guy, but it ended because he didn’t want her to get too attached due to her ‘lack of sexual experience’. After briefly meeting a nice young lad in El Horno on a Saturday night, I got a text from him saying that he wanted to get lost in my eyes, along with a winky face and a few kisses at the end. Righto, is it really my eyes you want to get lost in, or another region of my body? I wish we were in a generation where men wrote letters to you and opened doors for you and gave you their jacket if you were cold. People these days just seem to be getting married on a whim and then divorcing 72 days later (not targeting Kim Kardashian and her $10 million ‘fairytale wedding’ here, of course).

So the next time you think you’ve found ‘The One’ because she liked your profile picture or you reckon you’ve discovered your Prince Charming on Tinder because he claims that his zipper “holds back the Incredible Hulk”, stop to think twice about whether you are actually receiving a decent amount of respect. Just like a match made in Heaven, it may seem like a match made in Tinder, but you might just be another victim of this generation’s less-than-chivalrous attempt at getting laid. But then again, who knows, you may just be someone’s Tinderella.


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