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This instalment of CBT was brought to you by the shitty individual’s anxiety-response mechanism of choice; that is, worry.

CBT tells us that for some people, worrying is a response to anxiety.

CBT tells us that for some people who experience a lot of anxiety, worrying is comforting.

CBT tells us that people who use worry as a comfort sometimes can try to challenge the value of these thoughts.

I’m studying in the library and there is a loud drilling noise and then my body is just adrenal glands and sickness because worrying is a positive and thorough process which will ensure that you anticipate all dangers around you before they happen. That noise means anything because the world is dangerous. I’m scrolling some blog to calm down my seemingly pre-industrially socialised stomach and my friend texts me. My friend texts me and it looks like bad news. That text means everything. So I’m thinking they are probably annoyed at you for doing something, you know. That text means anything and you should anticipate all upcoming shitty scenarios. I’m walking through the Hub which smells a lot like a lot of bodies and think more please please save me, abolish uncertainty. I’m remembering, though, what I read in a book, a book about worry. I’m remembering that I shouldn’t just stop worrying thoughts, I should challenge the underlying assumptions of these thoughts and their value for me. And my thoughts are like but worry is a blanket and a knife. I’m thinking that Britney Spears went through so much and then sang ‘Unusual You’ and this shows that it is hard to anticipate good things or neutral things from situations you’re unsure of, if you have been scared of them in the past. Because it is hard not to map out scenarios. Because this is protection. So I’m thinking that it would be weird for me to stop using worry to comfort myself and to be okay with some levels of uncertainty. I’m deciding that I will try this, though I am remembering that this is not possible for some who need worry as a knife.  I’m thinking that maybe the assumptions I hold about my world now need to be like: the world is okay. I’m telling my thoughts to say everything is not potentially dangerous and uncertainty is heavy but it’s lighter than sick. I’m telling myself that even though Brit is singing about someone hot in the song I am going to decide to sing to this weird new thought pattern and be like: I could get used to unusual you.

CBT tells us that people who use worry as a comfort sometimes can try to challenge the value of these thoughts.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a talk therapy used to treat disruptive thinking as well as diagnosed mental illnesses. Each CBT client will use it in their own way, and students who think it could help them can visit Student Health.


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