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Eye on Exec

Somewhat surprisingly, this reporter was amenable to the prospect of spending her Tuesday evening attending a VUWSA Exec meeting so that you, our trusty readers, could be kept fully abreast of your Executive’s actions, thoughts, feelings, money spending, etc., etc. However, after sitting through over an hour of chat “in committee” (which I am not allowed to report on), it reached 6.07 pm and this reporter had ALMOST LOST HER MIND. My staying power can only be chalked up to the company of Academic-Vice President Jono and Campaigns Officer Nathaniel, who kindly appeased me with pizza. But enough about me, let me get on to our fearless leaders.

Spirits seemed high among the Exec this week, perhaps due to the nearing end of the trimester (and thus the Executive’s terms), or the excitement of the upcoming VUWSA elections.

Due to what President Rick cited as reasons of “commercial sensitivity” and “personal” something something, what I can actually write this week remains limited. So, I made a rap about what your execs are up to (when you read/sing this in your head, go with the tune to Drake’s “Furthest Thing”).

Somewhere between NZUSA and new VUWSA
Somewhere between our conference and their conference
[I am] Somewhere between lethargic and amuse-d
Somewhere between a Budget and referendums

But Maddie’s been at Massey, for some hardship workshop and just workin’ student welfare
While Ellen’s doin’ work groups and celebrating’ reps now
Everyone is thrivin’, so much on their plate now.
Chennoah’s doin’ equity and diversity back from Ireland, maybe got some space now
What they got to say now? Jono will explain how
180 pt Master’s are weird but it’s cool cos
Rory L-I’s got a market, and that energy competition
[He’s got energy, got a lot of energy]
Jacinda’s got the Budget, Toby’s got those Fac’ Games and
Rick is doing “admin” about stuff we cannot name now.
[shout out to Nathaniel for his cred, but this writer’s inability to fit him in the verses]

I been thinkin’ on the low, head bobbin’ on the low
‘Cos I’m tired and this chat is goin’ slow
I’ve been plottin’ on it though, this week’s issue on the go
Learning things from VUWSA like everyone I know.

Some Issues tho


The Exec discussed whether to pay the remaining levy to NZUSA, and what the payment would mean for the upcoming national student conference. Most members agreed there was nothing to gain from “rehashing” the ongoing NZUSA/VUWSA beef.

However, members expressed a preference to put the levy money toward conference costs rather than directly to NZUSA, on the basis that it might guarantee the conference was accessible with the money being used to help people get there. There was one suggestion to offer NZUSA President Rory McCourt some sort of “we’ll pay as long as there’s a conference” demand, presumably made out of cut-out newspaper letters.

The Executive also discussed the upcoming referendum on VUWSA’s membership to NZUSA. It was agreed that the referendum would be tacked on to the end of the VUWSA elections, with a neutrally-worded question.

Members of the Exec also agreed that VUWSA, as an association, would take an “impartial stance” on the referendum, but individual Exec members were free to express their personal view on the NZUSA/VUWSA affiliation.

Fee Setting

Prezzy Rick mentioned that the University Council will set the University’s domestic fees on 28 September at a University Council meeting and expressed his hopes that there would be a student “presence” on the day. Welfare VP Maddie was thanked for compiling the results of VUWSA’s fee survey, and Rick said he was currently collating a “paper” and doing “research” on the issue. [If you put it in inverted commas at least it sounds suspicious and exciting.]

180pt Master’s Programmes

The Exec discussed the stance that VUWSA should take with regards to the University’s proposed 180-point Master’s programmes. VUWSA’s Academic Reps Jono and Ellen plan to develop a clear stance toward the contentious programmes, and proposed focus groups with both undergraduate and postgraduate students as a means of ascertaining the StUDeNt Per$peKtIvE.

Other really important things that Salient was sure to report on:

  • Class reps will have certificates this year and not trophies.
  • The Exec is still up to a bunch of stuff.
  • The Faculty games are coming up.

Perhaps the most entertaining segment of the meeting though was watching the Exec try to schedule an Exec-wide meeting. In a flurry of cross-referencing diaries with meetings, it took a good five minutes for the nine-strong Executive to settle on a time and to peer-pressure a somewhat querulous President into getting out of bed early.

That and Rick forgetting to formally close the meeting.


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