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Editorial—Issue 3, 2016

J: Last night I dreamt about chopping my hair off. I really enjoyed it, but I also remember waking up relieved that I hadn’t done that.

E: I think that you would look kinda cool with your hair chopped off, but also I really like your curls as they are right now.

J: But like, that’s such a vain dream to have. I was dreaming about my appearance. Did you dream last night?

E: Ella’s Dad says it boring to talk about your dreams, because no one cares.

J: Yeah we probably should stop talking about dreams. Sorry Ella’s Dad! We probably shouldn’t have planned for a whole issue to be based around it. I bet Ella’s Dad won’t read it.

E: In terms of other dreams, like life goal dreams, or dreams of the things you wish you had. What do you dream about one day having or one day happening to you?

J: I like the idea of owning one of those vintage Smeg fridges, and travelling. I also want to write, but I don’t think that it has to be my job. For the most part, I’m easy about my future. I kind of feel like it’ll just happen on it’s own. Wbu bb?

E: Hmm. I want to be in a good relationship (please see my dating ad below), to always have cool people around me, and maybe be a journalist (or write in some way). But it’s pretty hard to have any definitive answer.

J: I know what you mean. Did you ever have a ‘dream’ for your future when you were a kid?

E: Yes, I knew I wanted to write things, I knew I wanted to go to University, move out of the town I grew up in, and I wanted to live in a cool apartment, preferably in a big city like NYC (who would pay for this was unclear). Did you?

J: I wanted to write; I spent a lot of time writing stupid stories when I was a kid. But I also wanted to be an actor. I got over that thanks to my first (and only) THEA101 class.

E: I think our little selves would be stoked with what we are both doing now.

E: We’re both unclear about our ‘big dreams’, but do you have any dreams for now, as in in the immediate future?

J: I want to make some killer magazines, and work on my writing, but mostly I really want to go overseas at the end of the year. I don’t really mind where I go tbh, I just want to go. What about you?

E: I want to break some good news stories, see all of us improve in our own writing, and I’m very keen to go to the South Island because I haven’t really seen it properly. Also maintain a semblance of a life outside this job because it demands a lot of our time.

J: Same. Actually same. Even to the South Island.

E: And I want to meet new people, and maybe see more plays.

J: I couldn’t tell you the last play I saw. That’s a real good dream.

E: At first I felt everything I had to say on this topic was pretty bleak and depressing. But when I think about it I guess I do have dreams I just don’t really label them as that because they aren’t ‘big dreams’.

J: I think big dreams are overrated, too. And it’s all relative. I mean my one of my goals is to own a fridge. They don’t have to be big to be a dream.

E: I’m sleepy.

J: Wait one more: if you could edit a magazine (your DREAM magazine) which one would it be?

E: I really like Catalogue magazine, and reading things from the School of Life, I also like hard news so maybe I’d make a mashup of all of those, what about you?

J: The gentlewoman. (you haven’t even finished your answer yet, nor asked me the same question, but I’ve already answered (I’ve also never actually read an issue but it looks bloody great and is solely focused on women, how could I go wrong).

E: I think our dream is to start a magazine together…

J: Thanks for visiting the Emma & Jayne Chatroom.



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